Bunny blessed rope darts

Someone please help me understand the logic of this existing in the game. How do you design a team that is almost guaranteed to win if you don’t beat it the first turn?

Is it just, use spirit fox and play 3 on 3 from now on? Or something? I dunno, the game design of this game baffles the shit out of me.

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Possibly become more familiar with the Class options. For example:

Frostmage - can freeze opponents
Sunspear - can entangle the first troop
Thief - can keep hero stealthy
Titan/Sentinel - can give barrier.

Other classes can also do some of these, and some troops have similar traits.

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Freeze is your answer and use an empowered troop yourself. The team is dangerous yes but not unbeatable.

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Moon Rabbit blesses the entangle off.
Moon Rabbit also blesses the freeze off if the freeze hits first slot. Qilin will bless 2 random troops as well if Moon Rabbit gets a good cast off.

Being stealthy does nothing against against the AI going nuts with skull hits.

Titan barrier on brown doesn’t help against Rope Dart pulling your other troop before getting destroyed. It will help if it decides to spam skulls first, but only for one hit before any other 4/5 matches will start to destroy your hero too.

The fact people have to suggest “use an empowered troop yourself” seems like bad game design, but that’s just me.


Or nerfs everthing, or make other wepons and troops viable, dont forget How useless dragon eye is now.