Nerf some Troops, Hero Class and Weapons!


Arachnaean Weaver`s Trait: Creeping Doom 75% to 70-50%.

Hero Class:

Orbweaver`s Trait: Familiar 50% to 35% the same as Bandits. I mean with Stealthy is this to OP.


Rope Dart You know… its broken.
Life and Death in Combo with Orbweaver and Stealthy to OP.


The Meta Team now is:
Grave Seer
Life and Death
Arachnean Weaver
King Avelorn

and i have about over 150 wins more than lose for 1 Week. This is a good idea to nerf this.


Anything in this game that happens >= 50% is cursed.


So you actually mean Nerf everything that I lose to/everything that annoys me/everything I don’t own, right?

I actually hope more people will roll the AW/L&D team in pvp. Easy wins for my lineup.
Even rope dart/ishbaala/qilin/rabbit meta teams are easy after you get used to their playstyle.


Yes the Rope Dart not Really the problem but the other with 50% Spider. You now every times over 5 min per Battle hmm.


Over on reddit and in Discord we’ve got Keylime making pretty good videos. If you’re having trouble with Life and Death, there’s a new one specifically about teams designed to counter it. I’ve tried out both and they are indeed pretty good. Better permutations might exist, but it can’t hurt to see what the base strategy looks like.

Over here on the forums you just get the same people posting over and over that they’ve got some secret sauce team that wins 100% of the time.


I wish folk would just stop demanding nerfs for things that they struggle with. Get creative and enjoy the challenge. After all, the nerfmongers ended up castrating dragon eye; are they wanting more of the same for rope dart? Please!



The game’s better with Dragon’s Eye as-is. As usual, the same people who lean on the same crutches are upset that the crutches will be taken away. I’m sorry you can’t think of any teams other than Rope Dart or Life and Death, but you survived Dragon’s Eye so I’m sure you’ll find something else to netdeck when they nerf these.

Funny how you can invert that whole “only worthless n00bs want nerfs” dialogue, right? Maybe the real villain’s the people who think there are only two worthwhile teams.

Now that we have that out of the way, can the grown-ups talk about game balance?


The problem, once again, is with troops/weapons that do too many things.

Dragon Eye transformed a troop and exploded the board, plus all the hero traits and stuff.

L&D does true dmg. And gain Life. And curse. Plus all affixes. The extra hero bonus, like barriers or stealth or spiders is a problem.

Same with dart. The extra-turn is just dumb on it.

We are at a point where too many things happen for 1 action.
Match 4 brown and get mana, explose stuff, extra turn, a barrier, freeze , bless, kill the last troop, entangle the first, summon a storm, get a pizza delivered, feed a cat, pass Go and collect 200$


Huge if true. @Saltypatra?


also, what’s on the pizza? we need answers.

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nerf gems of war pizza plz


Instead of nerfing weapons, they should just buff all the other ones to reach the same level. I propose they add an additional effect to all weapons not mentioned in this thread. Barrier all other allies with Mountain Crusher, curse all enemies with Essence of Evil, take extra turn with Orb of Winter, 10% instakill chance with Dragonator 8000, mana drain all enemies with Daemonnomicon and so on. Let’s do it!


It’s nothing to do with crutches, it’s about giving newer low level players a weapon they can make progress with in tougher game modes like delve and doom. It’s not about pandering to the complainants when their pvp W/L ration triggers a narcissistic breakdown.


Then again, why stop at adding so many first turn win opportunities? Let’s add some effects that win matches before even starting them! Mountain Crusher could generate 1 win each hour, Essence of Evil 2 wins each hour, Orb of Winter 3 wins each hour, Dragonator 8000 4 wins each hour, Daemonomicon 5 wins each hour and so on. There isn’t any inherent limit to that approach, we could have an even better weapon each week! Everybody (except some weird players actually wanting to match gems) would be happy, right?


Those weapons need to be nerfed and others need to be buffed. Its obvious to the point that they must know.

I mean, we’ve got Secrets of the Crypt doing some of the same things as L&D but it straight up just doesn’t do as many things. Regardless of whether the things L&D does are better, which is also the case.


I personally think your all getting upset over nothing , stop taking it all so seriously , it is just a game and guess what you can you those teams in defence too, and to put it midly there is nothing wrong with weaver he doesnt need to be nerfed . There are alot of classes and talent trees widely made available to counter alot these days. Just Enjoy the game. Think about other strategies. Theres enough troops and classes/ talent trees out there to do so.


No no nerfing anything just find a better team to fight it


Posts to nerf things be like:

“I say good sir, I have prepared an essay wherein I will lay out seven treatises that show the weapon ‘Rope Dart’ exceeds the power level that is sensible for a single weapon.”

Replies to calls for nerfs be like:

“hello i am american human and i here to say people who want nerf things bad believe me when i say they are terrible peopel and probably want just be given free gold please no nerf life and death i never win match before it release and if it nerf i will quit my vip 100 account so there”


If devs have nerfed the Backup talent they should nerf the other summon talents… And Familiar trait…

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