Nerf some Troops, Hero Class and Weapons!

There are several teams out there that can beat these metas may not be your fav team your using but, your not always gonna be able to use that on team in a battle


Remove Rope Dart`s Extra Turn effect
and reduce Familar from 50% to 35% and we are all happy

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The Weapons (Rope Dart) and the high % are tooo strong.
that’s just how it is.
The difference from Bandit from 50 to 35% and the spider not the same?:thinking:
I’m getting the teams out of the way. never play for every the same over 10 mins.
Everybody has it and it takes time

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ALL happy??? Really??? You really think that ALL will be happy if the changes you suggest are made??? You a sure you live on the same planet??? If one person is happy another is bound to be unhappy, there will always be something that doesn’t pleases somebody so ALL happy is an utopia. So instead of complaining start learning to be happy with what is there. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You probably do not understand the balance

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Really? You think? I’m playing this game for approx. 5 years so I think I’ve seen enough of it to know something about it :thinking:

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People just need to accept troops and weapons for what they are, on the day they are released. Way too much “nerf this, buff that”, “give me this, change that”. If players spent as much time actually building teams to combat the challenge instead of screaming “nerf”, these threads would be far less frequent.


I tell you what.

If they put Fizzbang, Kraken, Wisp, Divine Protector, Ubastet, every Troll, Dragon’s Eye, Divine Ishbaala, Zuul’goth, and Scorpius back to exactly how they were when they released, I think Rope Dart should stay the same. Note that means Fizzbang is going to be an automatic 1000 stats, Zuul’goth will be single cast, etc.

Or maybe there’s a more constructive opinion than “every troop and weapon is perfect the moment it releases and should never be adjusted so shut up even though I haven’t argued about the virtues of this one weapon”.

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Nobody said that every troop or weapon is perfect but maybe there is a master plan that never quite comes to fruition because the “nerf” batty boys throw a hissy and the devs yield to the protests. I’ve not played anything like as long as you; that’s clear, but in the time I’ve played, only ubastet has really earned the OP label. I don’t agree with your opinion on dragon eye at all but that’s cool. All the nerf monkeys can just keep banging on at the devs as far as I am concerned; i will just accept what happens no matter what. I have better uses for my time.

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I want to agree with you, but I can’t. These empowered converters are way too out of control now.

Just my thoughts, I don’t think any match that’s meant to be competitive should end on the AI’s first turn. I also don’t think it should end on the AI’s second turn either, but that’s a little looser on expectations.

It’s always bothered me how we can win on the first turn with a lucky board state, empowered troop and some looping. This is what I dislike about Gems of War versus Puzzle Quest.


19 blue starting board…by AI ofc!

I gave up on that track a few months ago.

How old is Rope Dart? What’s the master plan you expect to be revealed? How long does your optimism last?

Also: what do you believe was the master plan for Fizzbang? Do you really think she needed to be released to understand how broken she was?

The game’s designed by dartboard. Sometimes the darts land in stupid places.

Oh my optimism is very much historic lol. I totally agree with @TheIdleOne and the rest of us who have expressed concerns about the deluge of empowered troops (and that includes you rabbit). Did anybody in dev world listen? Of course not, and they are now alive and kicking in factions just to compound the misery of a game that becomes less about skill with almost every weekly troop set that gets unleashed. The potions ring the cash register into a frenzy and there’s no way that the publishers will allow the ‘promised’ dev rework on factions now. So that’s about the extent of my optimism. The devs don’t listen to us when we offer a lucid articulate concern so maybe a blatant demand for a nerf is the better approach. Thanks for reminding me @TheIdleOne…empowerment is naff. I’ve given up on decent gow game design. I’ve also given up on storms, which seem to have disappeared and alarmingly initiates a set up board which is noticeably devoid of storm mana. What’s all that about? Noticeably different since Sunday. …of course the skull storms are still frenetic, even though nobody even has them as a perk. Game gets worse and worse. Optimism is for failed pessimists.

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Here we can see i attack the Hero and he summon 2 Spiders WTF
And for example when he burns or Poison he lose 3 btw 1 Life or Armor = 3 Spiders for free. :rage:
Best Option to destroy this Team is with Stun wow but when he is blessed and then?

Want to think more along the line’s of other mythic’s nevermind Arach. Besides namely few of them need a BUFF hard! Like yano Abynissia and her 22 mana cost for the summon and explode of certain colour gems, and weakest traits known to man and beast… probably daemon’s too, but non-the-less alot of troops and weapons need a good looking at as majority of them are just silly and over used or just add other things to the mix but I vastly agree on Rope Dart OP ness due to the extra turn because yano… but hopefully in time we see some changes to majority of the troops as need more variety FAST! Same op troops all over PvP is just BOR-ING!


Yesssss… give in to the cynicism XD

I actually see more variety in pvp than ever because several meta teams are strong at same time. I remember when we used to have 1 Meta and everyone ran it. A few weeks ago everyone was running rope. Some still are but there is Yao EoE and Life death teams out there.

I agree. there seems to be quite a bit (comparatively) of different teams in PvP right now. It’s kinda nice.

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Dispel works (and is easier to use than applying Curse)!

I think this is a bug, was noted elsewhere recently (As usual working as intended prolly).