Rope dart is outta control

Please tone down rope dart. Destroy armor,entangle,pull to front,and extra turn. Does 1 troop need all this. All I see is rope dart teams. Honestly I am tired of it. Something has gotta give. Am I the only 1 who hates seeing this same team over and over and over again?


Its tough if you don’t get a shot in but there are plenty of teams that can whip a rope dart team around. If you get stuck just retreat.
Yes having everyone copy defenses is lame but it was the skeleton key and dragons eye and jar of eyes before this. I’m guessing the plaguelord weapon will be more in play. And the old mountain crushers are always gonna be there

Rope Dart is pretty brutal. But I also get sick of seeing Dragon Eye, Mountain Crusher, Guardian Crown, Jar of Eyes…you get the point. And honestly I’d rather deal with Rope Dart than with any team designed to win by wasting as much time as possible.

I don’t begrudge any player their weapon choice for PVP defense, but I do wish the designers would consider what they’re subjecting their players to now and then :wink:


Nerf Rope Dart now! :laughing:

If enough people constantly complain about it here, it will probably be nerfed SoonTM/in a few months.

Then the crusade will move on to Essence of Evil or whatever else becomes meta/annoying.

History repeats itself.


I think this came out shortly after Dragon’s Eye was nerfed and it’s more toxic than it ever was. I believe if they removed the extra turn from it, it would still be quite powerful without being completely broken.

If they nerfed dragon eye i think is Fair Nerf rope dart, dragon eye anyone have acess, rope dart no

And they didnt nerfed dragon eye they make useless, Will be better If reduces to 40 or 35% of chance to into a powered dragon.

Or nerfs everthing, flammifer, dawnbringer or nerfs nothing, nerfs only Destroy the game

Im just sick of seeing that setup. 50-60 % of my pvp matches. New players wont stay on gems long because you people cant come up with nothing original. And yes rope dart can be beat but Im sick of seeing it.

It was released at the end of November last year just at the peak when Dragon Eye became the meta.

Funny enough no one really paid attention to the Rope Dart until the Dragon Eye became unusable.

I beat rope dart all the time. I am not not going to share my team but it is very beatable. Actually in guild war the team did not do as well as the previous guild war

One reason I’m thankful for the VIP perk of free scouting. If I see a team has Rope Dart, I fight someone else. It simply isn’t worth the effort.


New player here and I have no idea what you’re talking about. :smile:
Could it be that some setups (such as Rope Dart - whatever this is) don’t turn up for Newbies because their Level isn’t high enough to run into it?

I agree and have been chatting on my guild’s discord about Rope Dart.
It can single handedly win a match by neutralizing the strongest, most important opponent. The extra turn makes it OP imo. The ability to neuter the top opponent and maintain board control gives it a significant advantage.
I would suggest to simply remove the extra turn from the weapon upgrades.

However, careful. Dragon Eye got nerfed and is now pretty useless imo. You can now easily set up to defend Dragon Eye. They should of kept it at “random enemy” rather than last enemy, to at least keep the possibility that it could still mess up an offensive team or strategy significantly.

It probably would be ok but since this lastest update it seems my battles are from a small pool of players who all use rope dart .No way should i have 6 defense wins or losses in a row from the same player. I had 5 wins in a row from one player. I do not waste gems on skipping battles so Im forced to deal with it. Also I agree they killed dragon eye. A random troop would have made sense.

I only want to argue against a Rope Dart nerf because it makes the PvP grind, which is twice as long for me as many other players due to PvP scoring, much faster.

But it’s not like there aren’t other fast teams. It’s probably best to over-nerf Rope Dart and let me keep the unfair things I’ve gained by using it. It’s not like any newbie who missed it is going to get a chance to re-get Rope Dart any time soon.

So much nerf, so little time…

Waiting for that moment when someone will ask for a nerf to mountain crusher or to fortress gates as well🤣

Jokes aside. Rope dart is easily beatable. Learn to play the actual game instead of learning to play the nerfcrusade game.


I don’t know where you see a problem? Maybe you are just the unlucky guy who constantly encounters a team with Rope Dart but I have to meat the first team like that and I’m not playing since yesterday….:thinking:
There are a few guildmembers who have the ropedart and when I test my teams against them I have never lost a game up until now. :slightly_smiling_face:

To be honest the AI doesn’t react the same when you test your defense that way

The AI is dumber than ever


I feel the ones taking offense to my post are the ones using this team or are not original enough to build a unique defense team and copied this nonsense team.