About those wisps

Now I dont yell nerf too much. The current meta is ok-ish. There are strong teams and some are annoying, but wisps beat it all. I mean:

Red link
Do damage on multiple troops
Jumble board
Extra turn
Cant be targeted
All that for 9 mana of which the majority is filled


With 1 match they can both fill up and start a loop from which you never recover. I had a couple battles where I saw my starting board and could say it’s over.

Apopsion/troll/ even goblins you can work around. But this? It’s RNG at it’s finest. IMHO one of the 4 in this combo should be ditched: charm/extra turn/jumble/fast. The rest of it’s backpack can stay. It would remain solid card but removes the random autolose button

Thoughts anyone?


They have magic link, not fire link. Mercy can severely mitigate their strong starting position. Freeze helps, as does converting out the colors they use (these teams rarely cover all colors), but both require a semi-favorable start. They still can get off a devastating chain that is impossible to recover from after one match, but it is far less likely if there are no purple gems on the board for them to get 7-10 mana off a single 3 match. As long as their chain stops before your essential troops start getting killed off, the situation is reversible.

I’ll say what I said in the spoiler and release thread - they should have never had charm and kept empowered. Their purpose always should have been to help mitigate bad starting positions at the cost of using up a valuable troop slot, not put an entire team at death’s door as long as they can jumble into getting either one of their colors.


Yeah they are definitely too cheap for their power - 9 mana for a double hit and extra turn. But they’re still not too hard to deal with. Freeze fixes them easily. And also once you’ve lost 2 troops they become impotent due to no targets - easily picked off.

If anything needs a nerf it’s Famine. I’d rather see Famine at the top of the nerf list over Wisp.


It’s fine using Mercy remove purples, however even then they’re just a single red match away from charging both as well without links or banner help.

This also concentrates more of the colours that help charge the waiting Krystenax (in most cases) with +4 of blues and greens.

It’s a bloody silly troop, and as others have also stated, it is watching the AI take what appears to be infinite turns while damaging all troops is the real issue for me.

That is the difference between the old meta of mana drain, which I had no trouble with, as you could still play yourself back into the game. :grin:


Right, they still can chain you to death. But with purples off the table, they are less likely to get that alignment that lets them cast two more times and start killing you before you can do anything. Most wisp configurations don’t even use yellow. Two casts is rarely lethal, four casts almost always is. I’d rather eat two and a krystenax and then have full control to wipe them out than four wisp casts and be down a troop that is a crucial part of my chain. I’m not saying its not stupid and you’ll still get chained to death occasionally, but its the closest thing we have to a “counter” right now.

Famine has been nerfed twice! You want it useless! Kraken and all other devours are pretty tough right now until they fix impervious!


I agree famine has been nerfed enough he’s fine.


Come on really? Krakens are pathetic, they’re nothing - only kids play Krakens. You can’t tell me that a troop (ie: Famine) which wipes an entire team’s mana then one-shots a troop just to rub it in isn’t over over powered? At least change it’s color profile so it clashes somewhat with Psion. Psion/Famine combo is cancer.

Oh boy, here we go again.


We’re here to nerf the wisps because they above and beyond way too op, and no one uses them for offence anyways. I would suggest they either take out charm and give them empowered or take out magic link and fast and give some version of agile and purple heart or something relatively useless.

Extra turn, dispel, and jumble the board seem like a balanced combo while using unique mechanics so I would like to see that stay intact.

I was one of the biggest Famine complainers around here before his nerf and I think he is fine the way he is now.


Yeah well. I’m saving up to soulforge Famine. Then ill run Famine on defense forever. AND YOU’LL ALL BE SORRY !!!

lol, I doubt anyone will notice your Famine. :balloon::clown_face:


The famine nerf’s were never needed in the first place. It was the result of a certain guild using there guild power. Lol, constantly backing each other up on here. For a while the “Nerf Pack” was running wild on here.
Unfortunately the devs noticed there constant whining


Thanks to those sharing their experience on dealing with Wisp. However,all those make little sense in Guild War,for us goaling at the 7500 level.All the efforts point to higher scores,and most of our teams designed to beat the opposite faster and with little damage taken. Well,after meeting with the team of two wisps,queen mab and crystal dragon ,which is really common these days, I just pray for fewer 4,5-match during the first two skills of wisps.What could I do with my dying team with frezee,that will be hard time trying to win this game,not to mention obtaining high scores.
The biggest despair is that,all my plans and designs go nothing before their unreasonable power.They are so fast,even the fastest,and with no risks as we ourselves have using wisps,no other goals besides worsening the game experience.

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Psion I beat easily! That must be why people are not using it as much!

Well I must say I posted with GW in mind :wink:

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i like the 2 counters to wisp - freeze them or mercy - neither work on GW days if colour wrong

Freeze them how? Mab? vs wisp x2 I’m guaranteed not to get a 4/5 move turn 1 then they loop & everyone is dead or at deaths door.Lost numerous times turn 1 to wisps. Even surviving with 2 troops is still not viable as they are un-targetable so they just refill (normally 1 turn) & fill the other 2 troops

Way OP troop

Famine is a mythic and should be powerful. These are ur? I’ve seen them on YouTube and they look ridiculous for what they are and cost. I thought all that was wrong with famine was his mana cost, 20 was below retardation. 22 was ridiculous, 24 is almost right. Lol. Sorry death buddy, I don’t quite agree with you 100% :relaxed::wink:

Place the War Sphinx and Wisp nearby. These cards are very similar, but you just can not imagine a situation where the choice will be made in favor of the Sphinx. So look-out imbalance.

Recently, several cards have been added, which play without passing the turn (many still impressed by the week of goblins). This led to an enormous number of defeats, in no way dependent on the player. Just RNG. And this is not cool :confused: