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Best teams out there? Quite a few I've seen

Hey everyone! I’m still very new to this game and I’m still enjoying every bit of it. I’ve come a long way since I last posted and have learned A LOT reading through the content here and through playing. I’ve run into a few good teams in PVP and have “copied” some of them to try out and have fun with. It got me thinking. I bet there has been some good theory crafting out there. Would anyone like to throw out some of your favorite, annoying or even dream teams you’ve put together or come across? I myself recently put together the “Key Team”? Cedric, Skeleton Key, Egg Thief and Leprechaun. Lots of fun! I also put together the Divine Ishbala, Qilin, Moon Rabbit and, since I don’t have the rope dart weapon, I used Lion and Tiger. Another fun one. Looking forward to hearing from you!


This one is good if you have mountain crusher already.

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Beetrix starts at 50% thanks to Silenus. There’s not much that is faster for class leveling against easy opponents. Class doesn’t matter at all, obviously, and the weapon should just be one that doesn’t block Beetrix.

Beetrix rocks.

The common principle of team building now is this: take one good damager (Queen Beetrix, King Gobtruffle, Phoenicia, Aquaticus etc.), maybe two, add some mana generators - with full mana and without - and fight.

Here’s a classic.
Powerful, dependable and fun.
I am level 1604 and this team still has a place in my active list :grinning:

(also useful for levelling all classes)

you can try beast team:

Forest guardian
Warden class Hero with green weapon + other color (i personaly use wild hunter to hit for that x3 true damage)
Moon Rabbit

All troops start with 50% mana, Moon Rabbit starts empowered.
Each match 4/5 gives bonus attack and life to all troops (willow), hunter mark on enemy(warden), dispell all buffs from enemy (warden)
Willow is immune to entangle.

Weak spots:
Freezee is the biggest issue, especialy if forest guardian gets frozen -> team looses it’s tempo.