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Advice on my best teams available (My full troop list)

Hey everyone. Despite being hero level 353, I still feel fairly new to the game. I feel like I have amassed an adequate enough collection of troops to make some great teams. I could use some guidance and advice from some better, more experienced players to help me figure out what I’ve got, and what I need to work on. If someone could help me make some amazing teams for PVP, Guild Wars def/off, Raid Bossing and other event stuff using my current collection, I would be extremely grateful. I’ll organize it in order of base rarity from mythic to ultra-rare, and include current rarity and number of copies. Please assume I am willing to fully level and trait any and all of these troops, including any needed Hero classes. Thanks so much for your help!

My current teams:
All-Purpose Main Team (PVP/Guild Wars/Dungeons/Most Events) - Great Maw/Infernal King/Sheggra/Mercy
Safety Net Team - Cockatrice/Drag Monk/Azura/Hobgoblin
Soul Farming - Warlock/Warlock/Valk/Warlock
Traitstone Farming - Hero w/ Black Manacles/Rowanne/Fire Bomb/Fire Bomb


Yasmine’s Chosen M 1


Cedric Sparklesack L 2
Chief Stronghorn L 1
Crimson Bat L 1
Dark Monolith L 2
DRACOS 1337 L 1
Emperor Khorvash L 1
Garuda L 1
Gog and Gud L 1
Infernal King L 3
King Mikhail L 1
Kraken L 3
Leviathan L 1
Psion L 1
Scylla L 1
Sheggra L 1
The Great Maw L 1
Umberwolf L 1
Willow L 1


Alastair E 1
Amira L 2
Anointed One E 1
Arcanus E 1
Asha E 1
Atlanta E 2
Avina E 4
Azura E 1
Baba Yaga E 1
Barghast E 3
Bonnie Rose E 1
Brian the Lucky E 1
Captain Skullbeard E 1
Carmella E 1
Couatl E 1
Dark Song E 1
Desdaemona E 2
Dimetraxia E 1
Dokkalfar E 2
Elwyn E 1
Emperina E 2
Faunessa E 1
Fel’Dras E 1
Fenrir E 2
Ferit L 2
Finley E 2
Flame Troll E 1
Forest Troll E 3
Gelatinous Cube L 2
Gemhammer E 2
Ghiralee E 1
Grand Inquisitor E 2
Hellcat E 1
Herald of Chaos E 5
Herne E 1
Ice Golem E 1
Ice Troll E 2
Ice Witch E 1
Ifrit E 1
Igneus E 1
Keghammer E 2
Lady Anariel E 1
Lady Ironbeard E 2
Lady Sapphira E 1
Lil’ Johnny Bronze E 2
Luther E 3
Marid E 2
Marilith E 1
Mercy E 1
Mongo E 1
Morterra E 1
Morthani’s Will E 1
Necrezza E 1
Nobend Brothers E 1
Old Man Oakroot E 1
Penglong E 1
Pride E 1
Prince Ethorias E 1
Princess Elspeth E 1
Princess Fizzbang E 1
Pyggra E 1
Raven E 2
Rock Troll E 1
Rowanne E 5
Scarlett E 2
Senita E 1
Ser Cygnea E 2
Shocktopus E 1
Sir Wulfric E 3
Skrymir the Lofty E 2
Snow-Hunter E 1
Sparkgrinder E 1
Spinnerette E 1
Strygik E 1
Sunweaver E 1
Sylvasi E 1
Tal’Rae E 2
Tassarion E 1
Tau E 4
Tezca E 1
The Silvermaiden E 1
Tomb Spider E 2
Tyri E 1
Valor E 1
Venbarak E 2
Visk E 2
Vor’Karn E 1
Waverider E 1
Werewolf E 1
Wild Fang E 1
Xiong Mao E 1
Yaga’s Hut E 1


Ancient Golem UR 4
Ancient Horror UR 5
Anubite Warrior E 1
Apothecary E 1
Archdruid UR 4
Astral Spirit UR 4
Berserker UR 3
Bishop E 1
Black Beast UR 2
Blade Dancer UR 2
Blast Cannon UR 5
Bone Daemon UR 3
Bone Naga E 2
Bonebinder UR 4
Cat Sith UR 4
Chimera UR 5
Claw Dancer UR 5
Clockwork Knight UR 5
Coral Golem UR 4
Corrupt Sorceress UR 3
Corrupted Urska UR 2
Cu Sith UR 1
Dark Priestess UR 3
Desert Mantis E 2
Diviner UR 3
Dragon Knight UR 4
Dragon Turtle UR 1
Dragonian Monk UR 5
Dragonian Rogue UR 4
Dragonmoth E 1
Drake Rider UR 3
Druid UR 5
Dwarven Hunter UR 3
Dwarven Slayer UR 2
Enchantress UR 1
Falconer UR 4
Fire Giant UR 5
Flame Cannon UR 1
Flesh Golem E 1
Florian UR 3
Frost Lizard E 5
Giant Spider UR 5
Gluttony E 4
Goblin Rocket UR 4
Gorbil UR 5
Gorgon UR 3
Grave Knight UR 3
Hellspawn UR 2
Herdmaster UR 3
High Paladin UR 2
Hind UR 5
Hobgoblin UR 4
Ice Goblin UR 5
Incubus E 1
Jaguar Warrior E 1
Knight Coronet UR 4
Lamia UR 3
Lamprey E 1
Lava Elemental E 1
Manticore E 1
Marsh Raptor E 1
Merchant Prince UR 1
Merlion UR 2
Mimic UR 5
Minogor E 2
Mosasaurus UR 1
Mummified King UR 2
Naga Queen E 1
Nyx UR 3
Obsidian Golem UR 4
Orc Veteran UR 4
Owl Rider UR 4
Rakshanin E 2
Rock Spirit E 2
Royal Engineer UR 4
Runesmith UR 3
Sacred Guardian UR 5
Sacrificial Priest E 1
Sand Shark UR 2
Satyr Musician UR 4
Settite Warrior E 1
Shadowblade UR 5
Sharkey UR 1
Sister of Shadows UR 2
Snake Charmer E 6
Snow Guardian UR 2
Spearmaster UR 4
Spider Queen E 1
Spirit Fox E 3
Spiritdancer UR 2
Spiritmane UR 2
Stone GIant E 1
Sunbird UR 3
Sylph UR 2
Thorn Knight UR 5
Tuskar UR 3
Twisted Hero E 2
Unicorn UR 4
Urska Savage E 2
Urska Wanderer UR 4
Vanguard UR 3
Vargouille E 2
Vodyanoi UR 4
Void Portal E 1
Wandering Monk UR 3
War Cleric UR 4
War Sphinx UR 2
Warg UR 4
Watcher UR 2
Wayfinder E 1
Winged Bison E 1
Winter Wolf UR 2
Wisp UR 3
Wyvern E 1
Yeti UR 4

  1. Your Explore team should, ideally, include Sunbird. Try Sunbird instead of hero, at the very top (Firebombs must come after Sunbird or they steal the Mana).

  2. You really should do something with Yasmine, she’s awesome. You also already have Forest Troll, so that’s a great start. Question: Do you have the guild guardians? With Forest Troll/Loyalty/Yasmine’s Chosen you have a good lineup of three as long as they are traited.
    Fourth space is, at the moment, harder as you don’t have Green Seer or Queen Aurora. Do you have any hero weapons that could help fill Yasmine faster (a transform weapon, a weapon causing a leafstorm…)

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Dude. Sync your account to gowdb.com and never have to type that out again. o.O


Done lol. I didn’t know there was a site like that, but that makes these types of posts much easier to write xD. Any suggestions for my dilemma?

I was originally running a sunbird instead. My reasoning for this is that while the damage per cast is almost identical, the hero give far more survivability as a tank for rowanne. Each Black Manacles cast has 20% chance to devour something, and also, sunbird casts after the initial one have their damage gimped dramatically because of the hp scaling difference after the resurrection. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems better to use manacles from what I’ve tested.

As for Yasmine, man I would LOVE to have her in my main team xD. The issue is I haven’t found a team built with her that can hold a candle to my current main team lineup, which I think has extremely high synergy and consistency with the Great Maw/Mercy combo and the other 2 for skull generation to force skull trading with a souped up Maw. I already got her full traited and leveled, I just can’t find a better option to my current lineup. That’s why I want suggestions from better players.

I do have the guild guardians. They are all Ultra-rare IIRC.

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This is one of my teams with Yasmine’s Choosen, and i see you are missing only Magnus. You could try other builds around the core of Yasmine. C + Forest Troll + Florian. The best investiment in traits for a better performance would be investing in Forest Troll. If you like to use your hero, you could use Sunspear or other class with the Forest Talent Tree which Entangles the first enemies at the start of battle, this helps.

Maybe there is a chance to acquire Magnus next week, thanks to the Delve Event -> IF <- the shop tiers come with troops from the main kingdom + some Faction troops AND IF you can/will invest some gems in this event.

If you manage to get Magnus he works only if fully traited to put a lot of debuffs on the enemies in your multiple matches from Y.C, FT and Florian spawning of gems.

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Huh, I never tried Yasmine with Florian because of the color blockage. Had no idea this worked well; I gotta try that.

But if this is the case, a lineup of Forest Troll/Florian/Yasmine/Loyalty might be worth a try. Loyalty is there for her trait (which is expensive to get, I know) and as an emergency gem changer; she’s not a reliable looper, so in this lineup, I would put her behind Yasmine so that Yasmine is at least not green-blocked.

Thing with Yasmine is that to me, she’s basically the mythic in the game who can really represent what the game is or at least once was for me. There’s mythics like Infernus who are so self-sufficient that they can sit in absolutely every team (because, for example, Infernus explodes gems and also makes a storm to fill himself back up without help). Yasmine isn’t like that; Yasmine requires you to make a team dedicated to her and really use all four troop slots for synergy. But in a really, really good team, Yasmine will teach even Goblins a bit about extra turns. She is really crazy strong and while getting the right team is a bit finicky with limited options, she is, if in a good team, very, very easy to use. That’s why I absolutely love her and even if I use other mythics like Infernus for ease as well because I am cheap, I would say that she is my favourite mythic in the game.

As for Magnus, Razzagor’s advice is sound. I personally don’t like Magnus because I’m not someone who likes playing a status effect style, but that doesn’t change the fact that Magnus is really good. He’s one of these troops you can stick in a team just for their trait, just like Loyalty or Queen Mab (which you hopefully get one day because she’s also really good).

That said, your main team is one of the (former, but still good) meta teams, so I’m not suprised it works really well for you. Yasmine might actually - depending on your kingdom stats - be a bit slower to use, actually, but that doesn’t make her worse in my eyes. :slight_smile:

If your hero is still so much better than Sunbird, then your kingdoms are likely not at level 10 yet. That’s okay then. Sunbird will eventually overpower the hero immensely when it comes to pure explore speed, especially once you get Forest Guardian, which will save you the use of a Fire Bomb since Sunbird will start with half Mana then. You’ll get there!

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Even if Florian blocks two manas for Yasmine’s C. she produces Green, which allows Yasmine to loop herself in this build because Forest Troll also doesn’t uses it and can double the green gems. I forgot to mention this is a build i use for GW, that’s why it’s named All Brown 2.

A Spring Imp could work on the last spot just waiting for overflowing mana to add some damage and Entangle all enemies, which boosts YC, but for safety to not take too much damage, which is important for GW, a Salad Dragon (Sylvanimora) could work just fine in the last spot too.

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Ok, so I actually just pulled green seer a bit ago. Which team do yall think is better all around?

1)Forest Troll/Loyalty/YC/Green Seer
2)Forest Troll/Florian/YC/Loyalty

Hard to tell which ones better at a glance.

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I personally vote for Green Seer because of Board control and because she uses yellow (unless I suddenly remember totally wrong) and no one else does, so you have one more color you can use.
But you can also trust Razzagor’s advice; Florian will likely work well, too.

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Or Princess Elspeth, Bombot, Bombot, Troglodyte with Brown++ banner

PE zaps Troglodyte and you have good odds for filling one or both Bombots and a 4 match. Explode them, next game. Takes 15-30 seconds :+1:

Just test it out to get a feeling of what you prefer. :slight_smile:

Green Seer
Giant Spider

Still a strong looping team :+1:

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Infernal King

Classic team, works very well, doesn’t need much in the way of leveling up or traits in order to function (with the exception of Mercy’s traits). Still as strong as it used to be.

I basically stopped reading through your troops after I reached Mercy.

Otherwise you could do something with Khorvash + Crimson Bat, maybe with Valkyrie if you have her (you probably have her).

You shouldnt have missed the more important part. OP is already using the maw team as their main :grin: