Queen Beetrix Teamz

Hey everyone! Pretty new to the forum, not so new to the game. Maybe some of you will recognize my user name from global, maybe not. Anyways, my question: I would love to see/hear about your favorite Bee teams. I have a couple, but i’m going for efficiency & speed. This is a team i would be using for explore 12. All suggestions for inspo are welcomed! :grin:

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Welcome to the forums.

Below is my Beetrix’ Band. Might not be suitable for speedy E12, though. (I don’t use Beetrix for D12 explores since I have Zuul’Goth.)

I enjoy an “exploding storms” style of play, where I use gem exploders and random storms.


Merlantis banner. 3 Nysha medals.
Titan talents: Chaos Storm, Counterattack, Thunder Fist, Storm Aura, Rock Solid, Lightning Strike, Fortitude

Good luck.

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  • Mountain Crusher
  • Venoxia
  • Queen Beetrix
  • Leprechaun

Monk class…this can loop exp 12…


any class
slime banner
RoG or EoE(for submerge teams)
double bee
sycorax or forest troll

works ok for class leveling

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I should’ve checked responses sooner!! I didn’t expect anyone to reply! & this is crazy, this is what i ended up coming up with! I can’t believe i’m just now finding this website :sweat_smile:

I wish i had Sycorax. I used to look at him & not think he or they were very useful, but as my knowledge of the game progresses, he’s a super good troop to have for filling those heavy hitters.

I love divinia. I’m gonna give this one a spin as well! Thank you! :grin:

sycorax is great he is like all the trolls rolled into one. the downside is the high mana cost… i like him with HKI in delves. you can get a nice loop rolling if the board plays nice

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For sure! Next time he rolls around in Soul-Forge & i have enough diamonds, i’m gonna grab him!

Queen Beetrix
Essence of Evil

Ocularen banner

One of the better 3T PvP grind teams. Over 90% winrate with any class and with the better classes can get over 95% winrate. Counters most META defences with Rabbit/Mercy/Lamashtu/Grave Seer etc…

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Good to know! *Always looking to better my pvp team :grin:

Here’s just one of mine:

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dear god… set you annimation speed to 4x

“Dear god”, don’t worry about “animation speed”.