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Need ideas for teams

I NEED good team set ups and have no clue what works and what doesn’t work well.

All suggestions are wanted.:smiley:

Thanks for the help!




One of my old favourites has always been:

Dark Elven Banner (Purple/Green)
Green Seer

Works better at lower levels than higher, but still pretty solid when I take it out from time to time.

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Assuming that there’s a lot of leeway here, and not knowing what you have available to you in your roster, including leveling and traits…

I kinda like my +25 Yellow Mastery team of:

Dust Devil

Silverglade Banner

Fully traited:

You get three Air Links from Herdmaster, Zephyros and Dust Devil, allowing for bonus mana when matching yellow gems.

Herdmaster in first slot gives you the Leader bonus (+3 to all Skills), along with the nominal +2 Life for the Centaur Bond.

Zephyros gets +2 Life for Giant Bond, and +2 more for being an Elemental, courtesy Dust Devil’s Elemental Bond trait.

Ranger will get +2 Life for Wargare Bond, and Air Spirit will grant you an additional +4 Magic, one for each yellow ally.

Dust Devil gets +2 Life for Elemental Bond, and you really can’t go wrong with Empowered.

And, you kind of have all the colors covered, with the exception of Red, thus the Silverglade Banner (-1 Red Mana).

Also, three troops can hit all enemies with damage, however minimal.

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What is your play style?

Do you like to do more Explosions for damage or do you enjoy board-control (Spawn gems and Transform the colors to get Extra Turns). There are other play styles too, everybody has their own.

Do you like playing with all the newest cards or do you have a less diverse roster?

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Personally I use border explosion for mana, and use spells that hit all enemies. Border control is great to because of looping and it can take care of a 9000 team if used right. Also, I do not care about what the age of a card is I will use it.

Give me all ideas I do not care what they are.

You might find something useful here:

Good Luck!!


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