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Some interesting and enjoyable teams

Hello everyone. I enjoy variety and exploring aspect of this game, so i want to start this topick for share and see some interesting teams. If you think you create or can create interesting or enjoyable or even meme teams, hey, it’s your time to shine. Let’s the party started.
1 Lord Ember, Divinia, Draakulis, The Widow Queen. Thats a lot of aoe damage.
2 Gorgotha, Azura, Sister of shadow, Baba Yaga. Just some arcane staff.
3 Gorgotha, Azura, Nyx, Plague. No real wincon, exept remove your opponent stats to the oblivion.
3 Finley, Bronzelock pistol, Bonnie Rose, Cedric Sparklesack. I guess a lot of you guys try similar staff, but someone not. And now we have a hero rework to, why not try it again.


I’m having a great time with:

  • The Dragon Soul, Giant Spider, Glaycion, Pharos Ra - Old Gods’ Banner

With a good starting layout you can charge up TDS in 3 moves max. His first cast will usually charge up the Spider who will recharge TDS’ mana with its spell.
One more cycle and Glaycion is ready to go. Once Ra is full, enough souls have been collected that he can one-shot anyone left.
Incredibly powerful team that can take down all the bosses and even all-divine Ubastet teams as long as you get the upper hand and kill the cat first.
Only issue with it is it’s unpredictable… against power teams, if you don’t get board control first you’re toast. But because of that, this team is fast so it’s great in PvP.

Oh yeah - there’s a terrific bonus to using this team - you rack up souls while doing PvP. Pretty sweet. And if you want to increase the soul farm rate from 100 to 120 while still having a similar team, you could swap Glaycion for Keeper of Souls. Works just as well, but not quite as fun for me personally.


Nice team! Maybe i can have some fun with that to, seems worthy to try.

Fire Lizard, Summers Fury, Flame Troll and stone Giant

Lady Anariel, Sol Zara, Queen Titania, Enchantress.

Venoxia, Draak, Crimson Bat :bat:, and Astral Spirit.


Why not Abyssal banner: +2 purple, +1 red, -1 yellow

Great question - I used that banner for awhile and it works great too.

But for me the answer is: Giant Spider’s first trait is Magic Link which increases the amount of mana you get from purple matches. Two purple matches will fill up TDS if the Spider is on the team, but it takes four matches with red. Ideally when I start a battle with this team I’m looking only for purple matches.
So I use the all-purple banner because I want the RNG to focus solely on that.

It honestly might make no difference at all - just superstition on my part probably. lol

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So I’ve been playing around with my team more this morning and I have to say that Keeper of Souls is a better choice than Glaycion. I hate to admit it bc i think Glaycion is awesome and I love the doomskulls. But KoS fully charges in 3/4 the time that G does and that extra bit of speed makes all the difference in the world in getting fast board control with this team - especially important when fighting the Ishbaala - Ubastet - Infernus combos.

So yeah my fav team is: TDS - Giant Spider - KoS - Pharos Ra

Abyssal banner gives all the advantage of the Old God’s banner, plus an extra red in case there is no purple.
Here’s a variant I tried just now that seems a bit quicker:
Dragonguard hero, using Dragon’s Eye
Pharos Ra
Dragon Banner.

Start by filling divinia- one or 2 matches does it. If hero is sufficiently leveled, you start with a red storm. If enemy has Ubastet, try to cast Divinia a few times so you don’t lose 2 troops right away. Divinia and then TDS fill everyone pretty quick, and hero can change nasty enemies into baby dragons in a pinch!
Also good (better?) w/Worldbreaker in place of Pharos Ra for a full dragon team, but getting all those souls is great.

Other advantages: Divinia cleanses the team and is mana drain resistant. So you can sometimes come back from a famine cast.

20180713192408_1 :eyes:


Sneak strategy for make rng slightly favors you :wink:

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What is mg?

sorry not rng but RNG

oops- my eyes are getting bad, ha ha :laughing:

I had a grand old time using Skeleton, Wight, Keeper of Souls and Prismatic Orb during the Necromancer class event yesterday. I never would have thought to have even put that team together, but it worked 10x better than I expected against all the different captains and their teams.

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That team totally has potential.
I’m going to play around with it.
The only thing I’m not loving is Dragon’s Eye - I have a love-hate relationship with that weapon.
I love it because if you’ve whittled the opponent down to one or two troop and you’re up against some mythic that keeps gaining life every turn you can eliminate them and replace them with the baby dragon.
But I hate it because it’s pretty useless until that point. If you use it too early against a really strong team you’re more likely than not just going to create a mythic dragon to fight against… and since it heals the new dragon up to 100%, it negates all the AoE damage you may have done already which is super frustrating.

I wonder if Mang might be a better choice instead. You still get the benefits of the brown weapon from Dragonguard but also will charge up with the red storm / Divinia’s spell.

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I wouldn’t use Mang here due to blocking Divinia from getting the crucial reds. Mountain Crusher is a good alternative though. Mostly I don’t cast hero here and just use him for his passive traits and tanking. But I actually prefer to cast dragon’s eye early (before I’ve done much AoE dmage) against a tough team. In my experience, the dragon is much easier to deal with than whatever it replaced.

Ye dragon eye is double-edged sword. it can be so good or completely annihilate you. Hight risk, hight reword.

Yep Mang is not the right weapon.
To get it to work you need to put Divinia first in the lineup and she’s not strong enough to last there. Mountain Crusher hmmmm. That would fill up Ra right away.
Black Manacles could be interesting too.

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I believe you guys have more then just that.
This kind of fun to. Watching how skulls literally destroy evething.
Snowy owl, king Bloodhamer, Ishbaala, forest guardian.

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Seems like low lvl teams, but still kind of fun. Exept the last one, that requires heavy troops . No so sure what crimson bat doing there, feels like people love her.