Request: Mana steal counter and/or immunity

Could we please get a counter for mana steal?

The current psion/ragnagord/famine meta is so overpowered, it’s not even funny.
And once ragna starts casting (which is fast) you have no chance in hell of ever getting back in the fight, as you will be constantly drained of all mana.

Something that overpowered (totally sucking all mana of all cards), NEEDS a counter.

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Yo mick you know you’re my brotha from anotha but i have to disagree.

Far as i know mana shield is getting the ability to block mana drain next update.

Second, i have yet to encounter a team i couldn’t beat with a 95% win rate.

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Still, gameplay wise it doesn’t make sense… Even the horrible mab with her freeze has a counter with cards that are immune to frozen.

So why not add a trait, for cards with immunity to mana drain?

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as far as mana shield, or any other trait, does it - im fine
but i do believe at least that one trait is needed to counter/defend from mana drain

More whinging here.

This team is certainly not overpowered during the last event I went 100 and 7 using mainly a Silent One/double Sylvanimora/Infernus team. Even with Psion’s alert, I had no trouble.

As was noted in another thread, something is certainly off with either:

  • Your team building strategy
  • Your choices made during the game

In response to your core point, having some troops that have mana drain resistance would be useful and has been stated it may be on the cards. However, in your case, unless you address the other issues I think you have, it would provide minimal relief…



Don’t see much whining, and I did read it again.
Maybe thinks get blurry, from up there on your high horse.

The post is about a counter to it, let’s stick to that.


Re-read my last paragraph.

Also, if it is really about ‘counters’ get rid of all the fluff and filler in the OP…

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I agree though. Should be a way to counter everything. Makes the game “more fair”

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You honestly have to stop bothering people on the forum.

If it’s not your official role to tell people how to post, then either get that title from the gems of war team, or just stfu, unless you have something to contribute.

And in those cases, stick to what you have to contribute, and leave your fluf at home.
You know… do as you preach…

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Neither is it yours.

I wrote what my initial thoughts were and I replied to your entire post, whilst posting nothing that wasn’t unrelated to anything mentioned your OP.

The points I made are relevant.

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Yet you start with that.
And you derailed this whole post, as is exactly like you want, or you would not post so confrontational.

But just keep thinking of yourself as this holy unity, who makes the world a better place.
At least you’ll be a good guy in your head.

Yeah, what else would you call your post?

complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way.
“stop whingeing and get on with it!”

This isn’t the first time you have created a thread such as this.

Anyways, I addressed what I thought of your call for mana drain immunity. Sure, add them into the pool but they won’t be a game changer. Especially, seeing how little the new traits get farmed out across the troop roster.

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There was a post about a month ago that troops that can’t be mana drained are in the pipeline. I remember it was a Sirrian post, but not from what thread. I’ll see if I can seach for it, because I wanted Alter to also provide mana drain protection, along with the silence protection.

It’s somewhere in this thread. I hope that is part of what you are hoping for.


It was in a Nimhain’s Lair post from May, when discussing the first round of Famine nerfs.

EDIT: Beat me to it.

Imho, what’s not funny are the posts on OP teams.

So you lost a game, get over it, you’re not meant to be unbeatable.


IMO Mana drain is best countered by itself and silence a well timed Manticore or spirit fox can be a difference maker even Cockatrice works well on Famine