Mana shield also prevents mana drain

Mana drain is a really powerful effect at the moment. Why not tweak the ‘mana shield’ trait (that provides immunity to mana burn) to also make those troops immune to having their mana drained?

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It’s going to work that way, “eventually”. Don’t have a dev quote handy but that came up months ago and the devs liked it…it just hasn’t been a high priority.

The last thing this game needs is another immunity trait or immunity trait rework. At the moment there is far too much of immunity in this game, so my suggestion would be to rather take away some of those.


There isn’t too many psion counters so I would like to see more troops who can handle him well in the 1st slot.

Any troop that can’t be mana drained also can’t do anything interesting with its spell. Board transformers, spawners, or exploders should always be drainable because their spells can turn the tide of a battle single-handedly: everyone who has ever faced Valkyrie/Justice/Mab can attest to this. The only troop I would want to see with immunity to mana draining would have a simple damage spell, possibly boosted by something that doesn’t change the board during the spell’s resolution (number of goblins, number of reds, etc.).


Siphon needs to be changed to “drain opponent’s mana” not “steal opponent’s mana” which allows it to drain 7 mana off every enemy the turn after.


The only problem with that is impervious troops would also have mana drain immunity, it would completely wipe out the mana drain mechanic. While that is arguably a good thing I don’t think the devs would like that. They could just instead change all mana drain abilities to something else instead.


Funny how I was thinking this …

Devs should change that for sure. I don’t mind being drained for x amount of mana, but having all your mana being taken is ridiculous. Take for example cockatrice - drains ALL your mana, entangles your troop and then creates ITS OWN color, which often leads to another turn because it has cost of only 10 mana so it fills almost immediately. Rinse and repeat. Psion drains from ALL enemies. I mean, mana drain is powerful as it is, it should work only on one enemy at the time. And it shouldn’t be coupled with few other debilitating effects. Spider queen drains all mana, webs and reduces armor, plus poisoning with skulls. Psion drains mana, steals mana, bypasses armor with damage and, just for a good measure, is immune to silence. How many additional traits does mana stealer need?
Luckily, most of those are not powerful enough stat-wise to be used in the end game, but when you do have an end-game troop like psion, just a combination of all the traits coupled with mana steal is terrifying.

Psion’s spell and traits don’t bother me. The fact that it skydrops perfectly aligned skull matches out of nowhere for itself EVERY STINKING TIME does.


It’s because the AI actually cheats to an extent, but the devs will NEVER admit to anything like that. They have to maintain the illusion that it’s “fair” or that the AI “puts itself on an even playing field as you level up”. Yeah, that’s why it’s impossible to beat goblins with anything outside of loop spam. Alch/Hellcat/2x Gob Rocket is the MOST reliable team against them, and that’s sad.

Jeez. Your uploads must be slow :thinking:

I’m assuming you wrote that post two years ago and it’s only just appeared.