Feedback on the new Explore

Let me be clear, this is not feedback on the medals. I haven’t gotten far enough yet to really make a judgment call on that so there will NOT be any feedback on that in this post. This is feedback on the Explore system itself, so let’s get started:

What I like:
First of all, I really liked the introduction to the new Explore. It explains very clearly how it works. Another thing that I like is how you can tell what you can expect rewards-wise from the difficulty that you set.

What I don’t like:
Unlocking difficulties. Never liked that in any game. Thank God you don’t need to do that for every kingdom individually… Once is bad enough… But my main complaint with the new Explore is this: All the clicking to go from match to match. It prevents you from getting into a flow.

So I understand having to pick the difficulty at the start. But then why do I have click a seperate button to get to starting the match? No point in that. Then let’s say you win. You first have to click the “Continue” button. This throws you all the way back to the Explore interface? Why? I already said continue… Please add a button there that says leave that just throws you back to the map on the rewards screen and have continue let me go straight to the next battle. It is not like you get to choose anything else. Same goes for going to the boss and mythic battles. Let clicking continue just take me straight there. This interrupts the flow way too much. There is no information on the Explore menu that you do not see in the “To Battle” screen. Please restore flow to Explore. It is just annoying the way it functions now with having to click things where I have no other options to click.


I’d add that the difficulty shouldn’t be compulsive to select before each run.

Should well select it once, and keep all future runs (on that kingdom) on the selected difficulty, till we change it manually, lose, or switch kingdoms.
That must-select difficulty is the most time consuming of all small delays.


Yes, good point!

I also think there’s too much clinking. What about farming quite mindlessly with my soulfarm team while I watch Friends on Netflix on another screen? It’s not so comfy anymore, I get distracted from watching my series because of the clicking.

Other things that bother me:

  • Warlord difficulty still has an effect and nobody told me, I had no clue I have to set that on pvp casual. It should be set in the explore screen too, like before.
  • When I lose a battle I get asked whether I want to quit explore on that difficulty… I don’t like how it’s implied, like I could accidentally click yes and my progress is lost? ;_; I’m for no questioning at all (is just more to click every time) and a general cancel button somewhere in a corner no-one can accidentally click on. Or better, it resets when choosing a different difficulty, no button, no asking… maybe just a warning when changing difficulties.
  • With WL and the diff level, I’d like higher soul rewards. The difference between a normal team and a team built to farm souls is too great (~15 to ~480 in my case). I want to have fun with other teams too and still feel a progress even when not so great as with a special team. I’d be ok with 160 souls.

I love that I now have the chance on a 100% for arcane stone. Lately I had such bad luck with that in explore that I even used an orb to unlock a trait that was missing 1 arcane stone -.-

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I totally agree


Explore’s been ruined for me. They better not touch Arena, that’s the only mode I see myself playing.

yeah everything being ruined

This is working right now…sort of. Explore sticks to the last difficulty you completed in that particular kingdom; however, it still requires to go to difficulty selector and click on continue button. Mildly annoying.
Feels like too much non-battle clicking in general.

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My only real problem with the new explore is that it still only gives 1 Champion XP per fight.
It should increase depending on the difficulty.

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Here is a comment I generally agree with:

(I don’t like that Explores are worth 1 XP each, but I agree with Lyrian that there seems to be a clear system and intent behind the assignments.)

You can do an easy explore in 20 seconds. Difficulty 12 takes double or triple that. No reason not to scale the xp with the difficulty. 10-12 could easily give 2xp without breaking the game.

Also we can play pvp infinitely for 2xp and those battles are quicker than diff 12 explore.

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Except that there’s a weekly class event shop that’s probably being underutilized. And while I personally agree with you, and the case for it was definitely presented on beta for this, I very strongly doubt that things that tend to render in-game shops more irrelevant have practically any chance of implementation.

And PvP hasn’t been revamped yet. I said in another thread that the 2cxp in PvP had a significant chance of not surviving the eventual revamp to be brought in-line with the logic that’s being quoted.

In fact, if the the eternally long-awaited PvP revamp is finally coming in 4.7 as the last major game mode to be converted/revamped, this would be an excellent question to ask at next week’s quarterly dev Q&A session. I’m sure we all would love to hear Nihmain’s and Sirrian’s thoughts on the matter.

The new explore gives 1xp because the old explore gave 1xp. It’s nothing more complicated than that. They didn’t give it a moment’s thought.


Can the explore be reset?

I am doing explore on level 1, because I want to quickly get some kills for a weapon.

Is there a way to opt out of doing the boss battle, so I can go back to it and do it on a higher level?

I don’t feel I should be forced to do that battle, there should be way I can opt out of it?

Retreat from the battle

Do high level explore in another kingdom and its boss battle. When your mythstones drop below 100 you can reset your low level explore

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I guess I will have to watch that. Still should be able to not do the boss battle, if I don’t want to do it.

Retreating means I lose the mythstones.

How come the new medals aren’t troops? Makes about as much sense as treasures being troops. :roll_eyes:

Just give them all identical spells and traits. Easy.

Didnt understand you question earlier. So you are saying you want to do a high lvl boss battle, without doing high lvl Explore battle? Isn’t that sound like you want the prize without the hard work? Earn the boss fight I guess?