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Make event fights scale faster

And hand out less sigils.
Of course , balance this with an adjustement of the reward table so we get the same rewards.

The goal is to have us get pummeled faster, so that we can do something else.

This week I learned that I don’t like Khetar troops, that Khetar troops have no synergy, that agility is annoying, and that Boss fights are very very very long and repetitive.

Doing a very long match with troops I don’t like is not cool when I could be doing PvP with troops I like.

Bounty comes tomorrow. So that’s 2 things I will do that are repetitive and use troops I don’t like.

I don’t have too, but I want the rewards.
Could it be fun to reach the rewards and not tedious?

Or just increase the kingdoms allowed for raid to maybe four instead of one, and troop types allowed for invasion to two or three instead of one. That would put these modes more on par with GW (~1/6 troops available) for troop limitation/flexibility.

Don’t even get me started on Bounty - that mode should be about killing specific troops, not using specific troops. Similar to the gnome events, which are, you know, actually fun and not a tiresome slog.


Increasing the kingdom allowed still means fighting the exact same Boss 50+ times during the week.

Players are complaining about the Meta being repetitive in PvP and we get events based on repeating the same fight over and over and over?

I don’t know, feels wierd.

Higher stats don’t end the match much faster in my experience. I spend a lot of time staring at endless cascades or waiting for ZG to finish taking 8 free turns before executing my last troop.

Personally, I’d rather the ability to choose any boss level I’ve already defeated.


Good idea. This way I can pick a good « time VS points » ratio. Like Bounty.
+1 for you!

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