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Campaigns Schedule Changes (and a few other suggestions)

Mondays are exciting enough.
Weekends are exciting enough.
Tuesdays already has a 72 hour event scheduled within a 24 hour restriction.
Wednesdays and Thursdays are the grumpy cat version of GoW.

Please keep Campaign windows as 7 days. But change them to start a new week on Wednesdays (Thursdays in Australia land.)

I understand the event concerns. But they are mainly due to the Mythic Troops Tasks. My fix for that would be to include at least 3 Mythic Troops in those tasks as any time. 2 from the event kingdom and 1 of it’s troop type. Current system is too punishing for those who are behind. The Campaigns aren’t designed to take 7 days and that’s great. Having 5/7 days line up with the World Event should be sufficient.

Avid forum members are already aware of my thoughts about the Treasure Map tasks. I’ll add a recent experience from this week and leave it at.It made me sick to my stomach to see a fawrmily member struggling with them. Saying it took them hours to complete. They are great at Gems of War actual game mechanics. They just suck at maps. Almost as if it’s entirely 2 different skill points.

Campaign tasks should automatically turn to the next one when a task is completed.
I understand that the “extra clicks” are to slow hardcore players down. But you do so by frustrating a much larger number of your player base. As contentious as view points can be. I believe we can all agree that the less hurdles (especially in a video game) that we have to overcome is a good thing.

It took us literal years to convince y’all that Classes assigned to teams is a good thing. Please don’t let it be years to convince y’all to let us assign medals to teams as well. Lock the medals to a minimum of having 3 before you can Enhance troops with them. And make it clear that a player can’t go below 3 per medal type. Similar to what you do now with players being only able to disenchant copies of a unique troop. That should eliminate any fears on that subject.
(Anu actually never needs more than 1 copy. But I believe the devs are worried about medals disappearing from teams due to them being used to Enhance troops. It wouldn’t be wise, but a player could use 3 Anu medals on a team.)

TL:DR - Sorry no bite size breakdown. If you care…read it all. If you don’t care… Have a nice day. :grinning:


It’s completely possible to make the medals which are assigned to any team to be not available to be used for upgrading. They could just be gray or have a lockpad over them, they could even make so you could see the Teams’ names over the locked medals so you know exactly where said medals are being used.

In a sense it’s a very simple and logical thing to do in the code IF THEY WOULD HAVE PLANNED IT FROM THE VERY START. But knowing the type of code they use in GoW… They didn’t. So it’s actually problematic to change the code, as in having to rebuild it entirely I think…

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Nothing almost about it. It takes time to adjust between the modes, because the treasure matches spawn new treasures. I have friends who have played 4+ years who have yet to get the 2 vault achievement.

I never liked explore. I’d rather get x2 Hero Class xp than another Cedric, er, Orpheus token. But I can suffer thru an explore to complete a task. Asking somebody to do 60+ turns in a treasure mode is a bit different.

It’d be like asking me to do 8 rounds in Arena. Hmm, do I choose the Peasant, Quasit, or Dwarf Miner?

This game used to be ‘play what you like, forget the rest’. I got my traitstones from the glory shop with glory earned from pvp. Then Medals happened. And now, Campaigns. I skipped Snot stones in weeks that were explore only. Can’t skip a week in campaign tho.

Sorry for the rant. Plus 1 for the Team Medals, plus 1 for the Maps suck (I kept clicking on Cedric’s Vault x3, I forgot what opened the other). I dunno if starting Campaign on a Wed would fix anything tho, but plus 1 like overall.


I’ve always despised the fact medals can’t be assigned to a team. Even more so now that world events are coinciding with Guild Wars. I agree 100% this needs to be a priority fix.
That aside, I’m not sure why you would want to start campaigns mid-week in the first place. How does that help players who are behind? Or is it because Wednesdays and Thursdays are boring? Those are off days where I can spend all my time doing what’s fun for me: Medal and gold farming. :slight_smile:

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I think this is a big part of the issue in general, used to be we could all reach similar goals through different methods, now the game dictates what you need to play and when you need to play it, especially if your in any type of competitive guild.

Agreed that medals should be attached to teams, especially with the World Event weekly. If they could maybe do a separate medal pick for World Events (much like teams in pet rescues) that doesn’t affect any other type of game play, that would work too.

As far as what day the campaign starts, I have this weird gaming anxiety that demands it all gets done on day 1. For those who are able to space it out, it’s probably not an issue like it has the potential to be for me depending on the tasks given, and specifics of other events for the day/week.