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First Impressions of Campaigns?

Now that we can actually play them, what do people think?

I’m pretty meh on the re-hash of weekly tasks, myself, so far.

Disappointed it’s so easy to complete all the tasks, actually — not even done with my Monday playing, and already I have to wait for next week to have more to do? Aside from the silver tasks, of course — but the time gate is an artificial and annoying obstacle.

Speaking of annoying: redeeming completed tasks is atrocious. Seriously. Having to go to collect each individual thing is terrible UI, made worse by the fact that getting to that portion of the screen is clunky to begin with. And the “Overview” has to be passed each time? Come on — it’s a useless screen I never need to see, as far as I can tell, so it shouldn’t be an additional impediment (click) on the way to completing the tasks. Just so, so bad. My quick-fix solution for consoles at least is to map RS click-in (doesn’t currently do anything, right?) from the World Map to go directly to Campaign Rewards/Tasks.

Also annoyed at the tax-tasks, but people have already explained why this is bad. No need to beat the dead horse.

** Deep Breath **

I’ve set purple daemons as my PVP defense, so that’s cool, at least. Hopefully others do the same — not that it’s hard to complete the Gold Tasks anyway, but. Little community cooperation is nice to see.

Also realized, for anyone wanting to save time, might be a good idea to keep Explore runs at 4/4 fights to allow for one battle to complete the task. Same for delves—keep ’em one boss battle away from completion, and you can get that done (and a nice amount of Monday seals) in no time.

Gl, hf, everyone. I look forward to hearing from The Horde


Yeah this bit definitely needs some tweaking. I thought about having the Campaign Tab that is currently on the left of the screen, be up by the chat icon at the top of the screen and have it overlay ontop of your battle screens etc. Added extra QoL fix would be to show progress in the 3 tasks too eg 7/44 - 0/3 - 0/1 without needing to exit wherever you are and head back to the Campaign Tab > Campaign Tasks

Also a partially completed Arena Run too :wink:


Easy tasks, I like it easy. I also like the new type of tasks like “create troop” or “open chest”.

But oh boy… really… who created the user interface? I mean, come on, something like this just is not allowed to happen. This is so obviously bad, why did this ever pass testing? It might be the best bowl of soup ever cooked, but if you serve it with a gigantic dead black fly on top, I’m not going to eat it. The UI currently is the fly on top of the campaign soup.

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My campaign score:

Creativity: 0/10
Fun: 0/10
Regurgitation of the previously rejected content 10/10
Spending more resources than the value of rewards: 10/10
Fiddling around awkward interface to collect long forgotten rewards: 10/10
Level of annoyance: 10/10
Greed: 10/10
The size of devs’ entitlement: 10/10

Average score 3 or something… Maybe 6… No, 8! Eee… definitely 10!


Don’t forget that you need to collect the task before you can start the next one. I completed the Daemon killing one at some point, collected it, and it started the next one about killing purple enemies, and any purple enemies I killed in-between completing the daemon one and starting the next one didn’t register.

That is, you could finish a task, forget to collect it, “complete” the next task, then when it starts, have zero progress, because it doesn’t track your progress until you collect the reward.


First impression is: annoying.

I want to see some indication at battle end that I did something for a task.

If task is completed, I want to collect the task at the battle end screen. Then I want to see what the next task is.


My commentary is identical to the beta (summarized below):

  1. Having to go back to the campaign screen to collect stars is ineffficient - stars could collect automatically (at least)
  2. Not being able to complete in any order is dumb and somewhat punitive in some cases - 2 days of dungeon events, as the first one? C’mon!
  3. No status on the world screen, must click into the campaign to see where you are at and what is left
  4. Tab names are odd as to their purpose
  5. Rewards … ugh. 1 epic ingot? 5 major traitstones? Ugh. Elite Pass + - gold keys. UGGGGHHH!

On the other hand:

  1. Lessened the goals for gold stars - yay! (However, irrelevant for active users)
  2. Gold stars (daemons, purple) tie in nicely to world event - yay!

Another thought, seeing what people have posted in other threads:

Anyone else feel like the Silver Tasks seem harder to get through than the Gold this week? Like, significantly so?

Seems weird.


I agree with the comments about the UI and notification needing to be improved. I also don’t get why tasks don’t automatically transistion to the next one once you complete it. It’s not as if you are grinding tasks like people do in explore for medals.

As for the easy difficulty level of the tasks, I don’t mind it. Remember, the tasks are fixed for everyone so they have to be mindful of the newer or lower level players. I guess they could have made tasks differ based on a players level but that seems like more work for the devs.

I legitimately might ignore Campaigns altogether. Unless I get super needy for a few extra temporary stats, there’s no point for me.

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But the tasks do not seem to be fixed for everybody…
I got 2 gold tasks - first to kill x demons, the second to kill x purple troops. Some of my Guildies got the Kill Abysnia one…

That’s a silver task. they spent gems to get past the 6 dungeon task.

As Lorien says, your Guildies were talking about the silver Kill 3 Abynissia task. If you are interested in seeing the full list of this weeks task (which are the same for all players) here’s a link.

(The tasks are just under the Guide)

Shoutout to everyone who said “Stop complaining, those rewards aren’t finalized yet!!”


My first Silver task is to complete 6 Dungeons, so I have to wait until tomorrow to even complete it and the remaining Silver tasks. 9/10 bronze tasks are done (need to do a delve, and I’ll do that tomorrow on Delve Tuesday). All Gold tasks are done.

A positive thing about Campaigns - it clearly established the week’s event kingdom.

What can be improved - All tasks could be triggered upon completion at the same time. If I kill 3 Abynissias and that completes x number of daemons too, I wish the app knows I completed two tasks at a time even though both of them were of same tier (both gold, or both silver, and hence don’t appear simultaneously now). All 16 tasks shall be made active.


Showing all 16 task from the beginning should be possible, so we dont have to repeat limited actions after we already done them for the day.


This task system ignores about 20 years of progress as far as making quests more fun for players in RPGs. It’s inferior even to the weekly task system that was removed in 4.4.

Here is how the task system would work in 2020.

Have the goal be to earn 100 stars. Then have a laundry list of different ways to earn stars. For example.

Contribute 200k to your guild tasks 5 stars
Win 10 ranked pvp fights 3 stars
Win 10 battles using a all maugrim woods team. 10 stars
Complete arena without losing a battle. 10 stars
Play 20 turns in treasure hunt 1 star
Kill a world event boss. 3 stars
Kill a mythic boss in Explore. 2 stars
Complete a delve. 1 star

Some would be repeatable, some you can do once. Some you can do multiple times but the target number would increase (10 fights, 50 fights, 250 fights).

This would allow players to complete tasks while still doing the content they already enjoy.


That’s kinda the point though. They want players to do things they’re not already doing.

While on a sort of grammatical technical level there is a middle ground, you’re all but saying they want players to do things they don’t enjoy. That doesn’t sound like good game design.