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This week has been the most fun I’ve had in 2.5 months

No obnoxious tasks to do, no arenas, no treasure maps, and no boring world event! It is truly refreshing.


Interesting take since the Campaign is completely optional. And the tasks are just tasks related to the game. But hey, enjoy your 7 day break I guess.


I suppose gimping yourself for guild wars is technically an option. But let’s not pretend like players ever actually use full kingdom teams, or that it is fun or interesting to complete games with them.

Personally I setup a pure kingdom team each week* and go ranked pvp with it, until i hit tier1.
Sometimes i even set it up as my defense… just to breake the boredoom of repeatedly using same teams…

*not every kingdom is viable and fun, somethimes I do a one-type team: full dwarves, full daemons etc.

I literally never post here, only read. But you have inspired me to stop lurking. I too am enjoying the week. However, I actually like the campaign. Is it rip roaring “fun?” Not strictly speaking. But it’s arguably more fun than doing all of the things with no extra reward. Plus the l like having goals. I find the campaign be just a nice add.

I truly feel you on the world events, however. I completely understand why they switched to these. I do. But I would agree that so far they are much less engaging than the old events. Its pretty much the same event each week with different scoring. So meh. I like to assume with time and feedback, they will improve.


The thing is, every part of the game is completely optional, but that doesn’t stop some players (including myself) from complaining about grind.

And I do agree that the campaigns feel kind of grind-y. I’ll finish the campaign tasks within a couple of hours of that week’s campaign starting, just because I’m eager to get it over and done with. And it definitely feels like a chore that needs doing.

When the campaigns were introduced, I’d hoped (and they were hyped) to see the tasks be accomplished organically as you played the game. It doesn’t feel that way though, primarily, I think, because additional tasks are locked until the prior tasks are completed. It can’t feel organic if you have to stop what you’re doing and kill a couple of Kurandaras (or whatever) before you can get to the next thing. Or fight eight Arena battles. Or get over 60 turns on a Treasure Map.

I think it would be a little less annoying if all of the tasks were unlocked at once. You’d still have to do that treasure map, but it could wait until later in the week. And you could complete 6 delves between Monday and Tuesday without having to worry about all of the other things that couldn’t progress until you did.

Just spitballing, really.


There are 2 problems with these:

  1. tasks are valid through whole camapaign = if one wouldn’t do any tasks in let’s say 9 weeks, on week 10 they would have 100 tasks running simultaniously… not mentioning, displaying them would require some extra ui.
  2. some tasks between weeks are similiar -> kill x of tresure gnomes, do arena etc., some players would wait for week 10 to complete them all at one go -> 4 arena task, with 1 arena run

but, one improvement that could possibly be added to campaigns:
autocollect of finished tasks, that way you wouldn’t lose progress in following tasks by not collecting stars when they are up… that would make it, a bit more the way it was described “complete tasks while playing and doing your regular stuff”