Enjoying Trials

I recently came back to the game after a short break, and just gotta say- I’m really enjoying the new kingdom trials! I didn’t expect to like them after reading the update and many of the comments that followed. I really love playing with troops that I would never or rarely use otherwise. It adds a level of variety and depth to the game that wasn’t there before. Are the trials hella challenging? Yes, yes they are. But that’s part of the fun for me.

I just wanted to add my two cents- thanks for the cool new feature!

You’re in a minority with enjoying them as they are… I personally miss some of the unique team compositions that we saw in Challenges, but at least some of the teams are actually fun. The main criticism is that they feel designed “on paper” with no actual gameplay testing to verify if they are viable at various levels (e.g. up to at least Tier 8). For sure, the weekly Epic Trials are what’s drawing the majority of complaints, because most of the featured mechanics just don’t scale for level, and the super high statistics of super high cpu levels is often just too much for several given teams to stand any chance against.

This being said, I did need an extra 4 kills for the daily kill quota so I ran Silverglade Tier 8 – which is approximately the point where the player vs. cpu teams stop feeling (statistically) equal. The enemy team being led by The Silver Maiden was quite annoying, but on the other hand you have 3 DPS Troops (Enchantress, Arcanus, Krystenax) so it wasn’t much of an issue at this tier.


Epic Trials though :laughing:

While the teams could use work in several of the cases, as an late to end game player, I enjoy epic trials as something new to do. Further, the starry pets further encourage kingdom team building, and unblock some kingdom levels for people in midgame.

As a new account though, they feel similar to before. Undoable after the first few, something you remember and find again a year later after playing for awhile.


I enjoy them, I like a good challenge.
Starry pets are a nice bonus!

It just sucks when the team you are given has no way to scale against the enemy or possible winning strategy.