Raids...4 1/2 months old.. Getting less fun each week

As I grind through this weeks Raid. I can’t help but wonder. Are the raids designed to be enjoyable or profitable? And are they failing in both regards?
Follow up question… Am I asking too much to desire both?
Invasions are sooo much better than Raids. Guild Wars has its issues, but still light years ahead in the fun factor.
I was one of the first to Require the new game modes for 2 of my guilds. But I’m seriously thinking about dropping those requirements. Cause I’m requiring people to not enjoy the game as much as they should. But since the rewards are for the guild, it’s not fair to have people sacrifice their time and others benefit from it. I’ll do my best to figure out a good balance. But the devs can help me, and other guild members, by frankly playing every part of the Raids… So they can know how much it sucks. No better term for it.

If you’re a fan of the Raids. Please speak up. Cause I have yet to meet a player who is.


Raids are awful. The tedium is one thing, but the problem is where that tedium comes from, and it comes from the decision to artificially increase the difficulty of the fights. The AI doesn’t get smarter, but it levels every troop to disproportionately high levels.

I guess the devs forgot the money people put in to get Mythic troops, only to see them be absolutely worthless against the artificial AI that has twice their stats. But I guess instead, they want everybody to buy the troops for the event to stand a chance. Not to mention the energy system.

In short, Raids are trashy, lazy, money grubbing events. Invasions are more tolerable (sometimes), but are largely the same and I avoid them as well.


Boss raid is boring.
Invasion are kinda ok.
I wouldn’t mind getting rid of Boss raid and just have 2 week rotation between Invasion and GW


I for one absolutely hate them as I think it is unfair that we have to choose troops from a specific kingdom when the raid teams can have whatever troops they want… at least have the raid boss along with the same kingdom troops like the rest of us and that is the reason I am unwilling to spend any money or gems on going all the way up through the shop tiers to get extra sigils :slightly_smiling_face:


I feel the problem with guild events is the reward system too… for how many gems you need to spend and also the tedious grind is just not worth it. The chaos orb chances are atrocious as well. I really don’t look at it as a money grubbing event as you can do so without spending money but just as a waste of time. The whole boss level scaling is also incredibly flawed. I would find much more enjoyment on something a little bit more guild/team oriented where you collectively go against one big boss and gather as much damage as possible. Along with guild related rewards. The other issue with these events is that it is indirectly a guild event. To individually grind to try and get rewards not worth the effort instead of competing against other guilds also leaves it with no competition but more of a chore than anything. This is a game that should be played and to incorporate guild events should be a lot more guild competitive as well.

The event system itself is flawed, but a step towards being competitive in more of a collective guild competition with a much better reward system would atleast be in the right step in my opinion. There is no real competition in this game and these guild events could change much more of that. Guild events should be the end game to this, what we build and farm all the ingredients to max our troops. There is no real end game competition and that’s what is lacking.


Sorry if I said the same thing 5 times over lol… lack of sleep is getting to me :sleeping:

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I don’t like the raid boss, because it’s boring, infuriating most of the time, and my gems are better spent on the invasion. I literally only do the raid boss for the orbs of chaos. If given the option, I’d swap it out for another week of guild wars.


The main problem with raid is the boss with invurnerable trait. Literally very little strategy involved apart from brute force, mindless loop. Hence the less enjoyable it becomes. I think only mana burn can have any effect on the boss.

The problem is compounded as well due to kingdom restriction… That might or might not have troops that synergise with each other. Slowing things down with the need for a Mang-like weapon doesn’t equates to fun.


Rewards Suggestion - Replace the orb of chaos (At least one of them) with Orbs of Accession


Magius narrowed down the problems perfectly.

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In order:

The latter. But not for us.
Yes to the former, probably yes to the latter.
And probably.


I’m fine with the Raids. I like the variety… beats playing 80% pvp vs the same two divine defences…

I guess these modes must be profitable and successful for the devs, as they keep doing more of them… remember that the voices and play styles we hear here on the forum are only a miniscule part of the player-base…


There to seems to be an influx of gem sales since the modes started. Prior to them they were only once a year I think. There’s been 3 now since the start of Raids/Invasions.


On paper they seemed enjoyable when I read about them. Invasions turn out to be more enjoyable because when you have 4x boss targets having a “boss killer” is a much more apparent advantage.

It’s certainly profitable though. Take a look at the loserboard. I’m not going to begin to figure out how many sigils it took to get 111k damage at boss level 500, but that’s at least 5x the damage of people I know who don’t tend to buy past Tier V.

IMO the real problem is how demoralizing it can be. I had a huge string of bad luck and ZG really punishes that. There’s nothing fun about spending a few hundred gems, ascending your Godslayer, then losing it on turn 1 because the opponent got 10 cascades. It isn’t fun in PvP, and it’s especially frustrating in a mode where at least some of my games cost resources to play at all.

In not-sigil modes, bad luck’s just bad luck. It’s a blip on your resources/hour haul and you push through it. In competitive modes, bad luck amounts to actual, permanent losses you can only buy back. I get why people were so ticked the modes use sigils at all, though I respect it’s hard to have any kind of “challenge” mode without them.


I enjoy both Raids and Invasion a lot, but I agree that the rewards are lackluster.


There are one or two people in my guilds that say they enjoy them. They probably also enjoy smashing themselves in the head with a hammer.


Out of all the event modes, I dislike raid the most. It is a huge time sink that doesn’t have rewards that scale with the rising time commitment.


Raids would be much more enjoyable without the 40ish fluff fights startup that feel like a pure chore. I get players of all levels need to be able to get some fights in, but it would be great if one could skip some of those at higher player levels…


My main problem with Raids is the jinx trait on Zuul Goth, combined with the choice of kingdom only troops, that most of the time have no mana generation, makes is a struggle to get your troops filled and the opposing team cascading their way within 3-5 turns.


Agreed. We also can’t forget that all Zuul Goths that we face in there are going to be able to use its ability repeatedly, and has the ease of charging up because of cascades and their preset team members.
We are stuck with a one-shot version of Zuul Goth that pales in comparison to RB Zuul Goths.