Raids...4 1/2 months old.. Getting less fun each week


Raids and Invasions are just horrible, they could have made those modes much better…even if just adding pvp points would help.


Raids & Invasions are terrible. And they fill your roster with troops that are worthless after one week. At least with bounty & class events you don’t hurt your guild if you take a pass on it. Raids are the worst. Unenjoyable, repetitive, boring. Drop it ASAP.


It appears that all these new are specifically drain us of our either earned or bought gems in a matter of minutes. It’s definitely how we want to spend our gems, because we apparently don’t need to get chests anymore.


I’m just commenting to show my support for the idea of raids and invasions being boring and detracting from the enjoyment of the game.


Back in the days when they announced Raids, I thought they said ‘a boss that the whole guild has to work together to defeat’.
That sounds more like a troop with 10,000 something HP or similar, where we all have to try and wiggle his health down across the week, as a community. Not each to their own with increasing difficulty in separate matches.
Only thing we do, is accumulate points for useless orbs of growth.


Agreed. I thought this EXACT concept as well.

Every single guild based game that I’ve played that has a raid has ALWAYS had it consist of ONE big baddy that EVERYONE is working towards defeating. I’ve played some games where the boss is isolated for each group, and I’ve played games where everyone on the server/in the game are working toward fighting the same boss, trying to score the last hit for a “kill reward”, trying to accrue the most damage for a “most damage reward”, and even trying to score the most hits.

I don’t feel that these raid/invasions are very good instruments to extend the life of the game, or if they were, not going to be much longer. They are also not at ALL good at bringing guilds together or promoting teamwork.

I just don’t like them at all. They feel more like a chore than anything. At least with Guild Wars I can compete with others, which is fun.


Raids suck all around for me. Like you said as GM its hard to find a balance. I personally would be happy to just skip them, but there are some in the guild that do them for rewards. Its not fair for them to spend all their gems and time and get rewards for the whole guild that doesnt do hardly any. So again back to making it a requirement. And that takes the fun out of the week for me. I do it for the guild, and try to have everyone do as much as they can stomach to get top tier reward. Invasion seems a little better in my opinion. Fighting the same Zuul Goth crap every raid seems to be part of the problem. I dont like class events, but at least i can skip it without hurting rest of my guild.

Unlike GW that got better after a while, raid has been getting worse for me.


This is a fallacy, if people spent the time invested into these crappy modes in PvP the rewards to the guild, through gold and tasks would be far above the piecemeal shite dealt as ‘rewards’ in these horrible time and gem (potentially) sinks.


Not entirely…

…the Raid rewards drop orbs, and the final stage a greater orb, which have a (small) chance to be genuinely transformational and useful… for many end-game players, the stream of rewards from legendary tasks is little use really - we already have more keys, souls, traitstones etc than we need…

I’m not necessarily defending the current effort vs reward structure in Raids - but I can see that for some, the time investment (if the whole guild does it) gives mostly rubbish with a tiny chance of something good, while the same time investment in pvp gives just rubbish…


Here is the crux - more keys just gives you more of what orbs give you, aside from Zuul’Goth crafting and Guild seals.

  • Orb of Growth - A surrogate for Souls
  • Orb of Wisdom - A surrogate for Traitstones
  • Orb of Ascension - A surrogate for extra copies of troops
  • Orb of Clans - More Guid Seals

Keys actually give you all these already.


I’ve used orbs and all it has saved me is time, so there is that I guess.


Not quite the same because of the impact of the Ascension orbs. Landing one of those gets you an upgrade equivalent to zillions of keys if targeting legendaries etc that you didn’t max on release.

They’re both inefficient - I’m just suggesting some might feel the dice roll of Raid reward has a (tiny) chance to achieve way more impact than any equivalent time spent on legendary tasks…

… oh and the slim hope of crafting a useless trophy ZG by 2024…


I enjoy them as a kind of solitaire or poker game. You can rarely play safely to win, so its about making the play with the best odds. (They still start to wear out their welcome when troops that can one-shot yours appear…)


So you enjoy the first 200 levels before troops that do 80 damage but need 8 Mana to fill appear?


You forgot the Orb of Clans, the “BEST ORB EVAH!1oneshift+one”

It’s the one i hate the most, even tough i must admit that it provides a nice boost on the seals for me and my guild during the weeks with an exclusive Mythic (the only time we work to get the 40K seals).


At my level, some of my troops can be one-shotted by 45-50 true damage.


So you enjoy the first 100 levels then? Lol


Imagine if raids would allow you to use YOUR OWN team, with no restrictions. Change the required amount of damage to acquire rewards accordingly to balance out the lift of team restrictions, and possibly even go so far as to make ONE boss for the entire guild to work over. Do all that, you’d probably have a MUCH more successful raid event as far as the fun factor and teamwork aspect go. Here’s the one reason NONE of this will happen: Where would the money be made?

I can’t say I blame them, honestly, as they need to generate some form of monetary gain, otherwise they’re going hungry that night. However, there MUST be a workaround to this dilemma. I see a few players defending the raids and invasions, and they are completely entitled to there own opinions, as we all should be. But, so far, almost everyone I’ve seen or spoken to has stated that they dread the events. These two events make up 2/3rds of the events, and depending on how you look at it, they take up roughy 75% of each month’s events (given the odd months that 2 GW pop up).

My point is that there is no reason to keep downplaying these events and treating them like they are just something we can keep gritting our teeth through because that’s just how it is. These events take up a large majority of the game’s playable content, and now almost all of the guild related content. I can keep stomaching the events, and on the bright side it gives me a break to prepare and test GW teams in the off-GW weeks, but why can’t we have that nice downtime AS WELL as some fun events to go along with it? At this point, the dev’s have got to know the general distaste the majority of their users have with the new (now old, really) weekly events.


I’m so happy to see another guild that only works to get the 40k seals on Mythic week. It really makes absolutely no sense to push for that on any other week…saving up those pesky clan orbs for the weeks that count has actually helped us quite a bit, so I can’t complain too much!


I agree with some of that, but as long as there are some in guild that really want to do it i am going to do my part


Raids start out fine, and having 1 boss to deal with instead of 4 can really make it more pleasant. But there’s a lot of variance in how hard they can get. Sometimes, you have a troop like Poison Master who scales exploding with Magic. Pretty soon you’re facing a better-than-Ragnagord in a mode where letting the opponent get 20+ mana means you lose at least one troop. This is only sometimes true. Raids without scaling exploders/generators tend to be more well-received.

Invasions don’t have that variance. While eventually the towers can do enough true damage to one-shot troops, none of them can explode or convert gems in a scaling fashion, so if you play aggressively you can realistically say, “I won’t let that tower use its ability.”


You can only effectively use half of a Godslayer. The skull damage trait is irrelevant. ZG sits at the back of the troops, it’s very unrealistic to expect you will kill 3 minions before dealing with ZG. I don’t think I need 2 hands to count the number of times my Godslayer’s done skull damage to the boss. Every. Single. Raid. Goes:

  1. Fill godslayer and Mang/Manglike.
  2. Hit ZG with the Manglike.
  3. Hit ZG with Godslayer.

This isn’t true in Invasions. Once you reach 4x towers, the skull damage trait is extremely relevant. Often, a Siegebreaker’s skull damage is stronger than its ability. I think it’s likely I’ve done more damage with these troops than any other kind, and sometimes I don’t even use a Manglike weapon on my Invasion teams.

The part that matters to devs, I think (@Cyrup @Saltypatra):

I don’t want to spend gems ascending/traiting Godslayers, because the skull damage doesn’t matter and for a large portion of a Raid my Mang hero does more damage than this expensive troop. But I desperately want to max out my Siegebreakers because they ALWAYS outperform my other options until I reach ridiculous levels, at which point I want multiples.

So guess which mode I spend more gems on?