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The omission of Guild Wars

Having read the forums I’m sure there’s a fair few here who’ll disagree with me on this but I must say it’s been a long, long time since I’ve enjoyed GoW as much as I have in the past week and a half. This is with no small thanks to Guild Wars being once every three weeks.

I’m not going to pretend Raid and Invasion are perfect because they could both do with some work in order to improve, but they’re a damn sight better than Guild Wars.

Normally on a Monday I smash through some PvP to meet my guild’s gold and trophy requirements and then the remaining seals I do while finishing my GWs battles. By this I mean after Monday, I’d hardly touch the game. Once I do the 5 GWs battles I have absolutely no desire to play for the rest of the day.

The last two weeks I’ve maxed my Seals by Wednesday at the latest and that’s only taken so long because I work nearly 60 hrs a week.

The Gnomes have cause much controversy, which I have not held back on. But I can’t deny it’s caused me to explore much more than I used to and made it more bearable by dangling that added fruit in front of me.

From a very cynical individual, thank you for this update.


I missed raids last week due to being away on holiday but I’m enjoying invasion so far. I agree the new modes need tweaking still but they are refreshing and beats doing the same thing each week :+1:


I wanna beat @Ashasekayi to the gif contest. Lets see.


Then I honestly think you will enjoy raids too. I found both to be equally fun. And yeah, a fresh breath break from Guild Wars. :blue_heart:


I hope I do, I like the idea of challenging yourself by type (invasion) and kingdoms (raids), the latter probably being more difficult. I know there are people knocking them but you can’t please everyone, variety is a good thing surely in my opinion :+1:


Now just bring on my mega treasure hunts and I’ll be a happy camper. Referring to this weeks Facebook contest.

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I feel like I have been on vacation myself these past two weeks. I used to believe I enjoyed Guild Wars but it has been a very relaxing time. I didn’t realise how stressed I was before. Hopefully the novelty of these new modes won’t wear off too quickly.

Normally on Monday our Guild would be discussing defensive builds for GW and our Paragon/Champion/Heralds would be stressing over this. Every day throughout the week discussing attack builds. After daily battles, chat would have its share of complaining, excuses, bragging, apologies etc.

The last two weeks however, after we share a few working builds on Day 1, it is pretty much silent for the rest of the week in guild chat. We fill the vacuum with talk about other games. Great update!


I liked GW when it first came out. I spent a lot of time on it, but the stress of the daily battles wore off the appeal pretty quickly. By update time, I hated it. And now, having had a chance to take a break from it and knowing it won’t be here every week, I’m looking forward to it coming back.


Raids suck, everything else it at least good. Would like to see GW every other week.
The Gnome issue has been discussed well enough. No need to talk about it anymore.


Thanks for this post, @AngryMidget. It pretty much describes my feeling as well.

Two weeks between Guild Wars is a good balance in my opinion. I actually look forward to playing it now that it isn’t in my face every week.

Asha shakes her fist at @Eika for stealing her meme glory.


This is pretty much the opposite of how i feel. Without gw there’s very little incentive for me to play for any length, and the only reason to log in steadily is to collect tribute as if i wanted i could do all raid/invasion battles at once at the end of the week. It’s rare that i don’t have more than enough of my guild’s gold req on deck for reset, have all seals done monday, and reach tier one by mid afternoon (almost hitting trophy req but i always go way over), and without gw i have no real motivation to play at all except to be on to collect tribute to recoup gems spent on raid/invasion. There’s no fine tuning my colored teams or being excited because i found a mythic i was missing and working him to to a mono team. Yes those things still happen eventually but without a use for over a week (in the case of the last one i got) there’s no urgency so it’s not quite as special. It’s ok cool i got insert troop here now i’ll put him on the shelf with the rest of them. I really wanted this new mythic specifically for blue day, i couldn’t even go all out trying for him because of the cost of raid/invasion and not getting resources from gw. With raid/invasion i can’t even have fun testing the teams in pvp to see if they’re viable, and that eliminates a big chunk of my gameplay. No one’s asking each other to test defense teams, there isn’t even that much talk about attack teams. Again this week, it’s here’s what works, and two or three people change a troop that’s that. And none of the teams are of any use outside of these modes because of how the new specialty troops are designed. Invasions aren’t as bad as raids, but neither but neither offer enjoyable rewarding gameplay that carries over into other aspects like gw does. I miss wanting to play, i miss feeling like the gems i put in are worth it, i miss gw, i can’t wait til next week, and once it’s over, unless there are big changes to tier costs and rewards, i’ll be anxiously awaiting the return of gw and the end of the two week snoozefest.


I agree with this but would qualify that I dislike the Raid Boss event, I feel like instant kill that cannot be stopped is cheap and BS to use. I felt the same way back in the day in Everquest when they came out with the Plane of Fear and one of the bosses in there had a death touch or something, insta-dead. Its lazy programming and very uninspiring. I like the invasions LOTS more then the raid boss.

Agree 100%

Also agree…

I am starting to worry that I agree with @AngryMidget all too much…:slight_smile:


The thing I liked least about Guild Wars was the total time obligation combined with mechanics that got very stale over time. In this regard, I think Raids and Invasions (mostly raids, but invasions with a bad troop type have potential to be bad too) are even worse. I’m already not looking forward to the next raid if it pans out how I think it is going to. Also, while many still find them novel now, these will get old, just like Guild Wars did, leaving us with just different, just as stale, even more time consuming weekly box to check.

One thing I especially don’t miss about Guild Wars in the slightest, though, is setting my defense teams for the week. I really wish there were some dedicated team slots for a specific color’s defense like we have for Raid/Invasions attack teams.