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A few words of criticism to devs

So I have seen lots of topics here and most of them are totally sensless, none said about the true problem which is: when are we going to have guild wars every week instead of those stupid, boring and senseless boss raid/tower invasion… ok it was fun to play 2-3 times (since I’m back to the game after 3 years), but now I wouldn’t play it if it’s not for my guild even if devs pay me for playing real money, seriosuly, not touching it even with a stick, it’s so boring. Not to mention the fact, that boss raid since lvl ~150 is diffrently scripted or something and you must be afraid of every “safe” move that you make, while playing ANYthing else is just nice and relaxing as this game should be. It would be ok to have those boss raids/tower invasions just as bounty for those who wants to try, but forcing people to play that shieeeeet is cruel. I’m sure SOME (VERY VERY little people are enjoying this, but are you heading for minority or majority?). Let it stay, but just working as bounty.

Well, I believe this game is made for patient people who want to relax, but devs made some awesome job with guild wars and made that aspect really exciting (can you notice the diffrence between GW week and other weeks, in this matter 100% of my high ranked guild agrees).

Another problem is now: 1 Hour pet events - it was totally great when it was first introduced, my guild made special discord channel just for that and we strengthened our bonds since them, but BAM you made it really really rare now, if my guild activate pet event just 2-3 times a week that’s all, you have broken this event… make it a little more occuring, we need higher chance for pet gnomes. With current chance and 33(?) of different pets I don’t expect to get this stupid achievement even in 2019… While it was huge fun to get notification from discord that we are summoned to the game by pet events. That worked totally awesome at beginning, now… well, you destroyed it. Congratz…

And now my personal opinions - I’m back to the game after 3 year and seriously, I was shocked how many things has changed, at first I wanted to stop playing because I was overwhelmed by new things and it took me like 50 hours to get used, I wonder how many new player you are getting recently, my guess is that by adding often new small updates, you are losing the feeling of balance in this game, so by adding lots of small things, your new players feel discouraged to play, you probably see it in your own statistics. I wish you the best, as I love match 3 games and yours is one of the best, but yeah… I wonder how long you will keep going

Well, I wanted to write something more, but those 2 things are the most important from my point of view right now, so I will end here.

Overall I love this game and I’m going to keep playing it, just trying to make it better, I’m regularly following global and guild chat and these are NOT JUST MINE opinions, I think 3/4 of people I was talking with think that way (Actually I would risk to say 95%…). Cheers.


Soon TM, @Saltypatra will thank you for your feedback and explain that Gems of War needs to keep the lights on. These modes are a way to do that.

Luckily, I have found a work around. Just don’t play them and continue enjoying the aspects of the game that don’t make you rage.


Thanks for reply, to clarify It doesn’t make me rage, it just makes me bored (I wish, only me), but the way you created it - it forces me to play it just for the guild. And I have no idea why you made AI so much luckier and wiser in boss raid and tower invasion, you know I play match 3 games since like 10 years, so I know what move is the best for me and neutral for AI, while every safe move in this mode ends in awesome cascades for AI.

“These modes are a way to do that.”
This is just a lie, GW week makes that much better and this is not just my subjective opinion. I can support what I wrote here in every moment by the whole guild of mine - 30 people. Tell them not to “rage”. It won’t be even hard now with discord.


i always love the keep the lights on comment its pretty sad anyone believes statements like this xD so i must have imagined the game existing perfectly fine for 3yrs before these modes came out then? lmao


The events would not be nearly as bad if it was not such a huge time commitment to get them all done. I usually get tier 6, but the time I have to spend to use all the sigils is too much.

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Obviously not, I remember some huge changes back in 3 years ago, I liked some of them and I didn’t like some of them, I was playing in time when there was huge change where simple lucky cascades of skulls could wipe out the whole team (now troop doesn’t disappear till the gems are still falling). That changed the whole game and it works till now

It was also the time when treasure hunt was introduced and it works as badly as it used to - none plays it, I have personally 400 treasure maps without trying even to get them. Make it real treasure hunt - 1000 gold every 15 turns, I guarantee everyone will play them and soon everyone’s stock of maps will be 0.

You know, if you think about what I wrote, you will understand that I haven’t written it just for me, but just to make the game better for everyone. GW every week is something which already lasted (from my informations) and people miss it. Same with pet event. Those are checked solutions.

I’d just like to say I am not a developer and have no association to them. My comment was a reference to SaltyPatra, which is a developer, and her phrase “Soontm” which she uses when it comes to disclosing info on updates and such.

But, honestly, many people have said the same thing as you about the events and many more people agreed, while some still enjoy them. The best way to play is the way you want, so I’m sticking with that.

But, I play less now than a few months ago. And in about 6 months, I am pretty sure I will quit to pursue other interests. I have stated my case many times and the developers have to do what they have to do, and the events, gems sinks, that is what they are doing. So I too have to do what I have to do, and in this case, stop beating my head against a wall.


ah, “support” in your name was rather misleading :slight_smile:

I still like all the new events (even if this weeks is a pain in the a**) and I never, ever want to go back to GW every week. I actually dread the weeks GW comes around haha, but I still do it. Like @Doordash_Support said, nobody is making you play the new modes, just like no one is making me play Guild Wars. We either choose to do it, or we don’t. Now, if your guild is making you do the new events, then that is where you have to decide if it is worth staying or going.

People are going to like the new stuff, and people are going to hate it. That is just the way it is. As far as pet events, you might have just hit a bout of bad luck. We got literally maybe 2-3 pets the first week (not including Wednesdays), but so far this week we are already at 20+. Yes, it is all over the board, but it def keeps me playing PVP hoping to get one.

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heh, I’m 100% honest now - this is the first time someone said not to like GW week, that what made me think what I wrote, let’s see if your opinion is alone, if it’s not - I will stay silent for the rest of my adventure with this game :slight_smile: But for now (guild+global chat) it’s like 90:1

I will state I like GW a lot better then the other useless modes, Raid Boss is boring, frustrating and that the boss has an instant kill ability is just plain lazy and bad design. Invasions are not much better but at least you can defend against their attacks. Bounties, thankfully they are solo so I don’t let the whole guild down when I don’t do many of them.

However, when GW was every week I hated it, I only like it now that the Devs have shown us how they can come up with even worse content.


Yes, I can’t insist (I actually can’t insist on anything) to make it every week event, maybe it would be better just to make it “personal event” just like bounty works, if someone doesn’t like it he doesn’t play it. But, by making rewards dependent on scores of the whole guild - it forces people to play it since it’s cooperative.


Liking GW depends heavily on where you are. When I was in a more casual guild, it was just a PVP match with no consequence. Now, GW is a stressful time in guild chat because every micro detail needs to be managed to ensure a rise in placing or solidifying ourselves at the top.

My solution to this was to avoid GW and switch to a more casual guild within the same guild family, as I can’t take a luck based match 3 game seriously for competition. But, for those that do, GW is more stressful than the Raid and Invasion event.

If you don’t like raid or invasion search for a guild that does not require it. Or one with low mins. GW week search for a competitive guild if that’s what u like. Most top guilds like top 10 are going to have some requirement in all modes. Guild Wars I like best too but glad it’s not every week due to the stress factor. The weeks we are not doing GWs is relaxing for me.

I loathe GW week. I am in a top ranked guild. GW is the most stressful, aggravating, make-me-want-to-quit week there is. The pressure to win is unbelievable and takes any possible fun out of this mode for me.

That is not to say that I like raid/invasion weeks any better. Random one shot kill needs to die a painful lingering death.


I much prefer the Raid and Invasion modes to GuildWars. Have said openly here many a time.


Im going to sort of agree with you. GW is a lot more fun for me, raid is the worst, and invasion only slightly better. Raid to me is just boring and time consuming. For all that trouble at least GW you still get trophies which help people to get their requirements. I still think GW every other week, and both raid and invasion alternating with it would be the best overall… I only do raid for the rest of the guild. Its hard to make all 30 members to want to go through it.


I totally agree with you, and I also play Raid and tower only on behalve of my guild. And indeed where are the good old days GW was on every week…

I am not a big fan of Raid or Invasion I don’t mind playing them, I just do the best I can which is all our guild expects.
I do like the challenge of GW plus as was mentioned, the trophies and gold you receive from it.
I think having Raids and Invasion battles reward gold and trophies for battles would increase the interest in playing these modes. As they are so similar I agree with the comment both here and in other threads that they should not be back to back but alternate every other week with GW

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Hate GWs. Would be overjoyed if it was removed, even if they didn’t replace it with a different mode. Just chop it off like the tumor it is.

As for the other modes they’re just sort of there as far as I’m concerned. I play them because it’s required within my guild.
Raids unfortunately are just a case of build a team around Mang and the god slayer troop (if that’s what it’s called), so it can get tedious quickly.

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