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Do you like the new World Event? Poll

  • Yes
  • No

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I find it more tedious that the Boss Raid and that was a dull grind :frowning:

At least with the Tower there’s some variety.


Reserving judgment until I see whether rewards are as hard to unlock as we all think. Leaning towards no, though—even though what I don’t like is the variance in reward payout. The rest is fine, if uninspiring.

Even if the rewards were as reachable as for other guild-wide events then I’d still answer ‘No’ on the basis that the scoring mechnism is not comparable from one player to the next making guild and overall leaderboards redundant as a comparison tool.

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All the negatives of Class trial with extra steps. They can just let this one die. I’d rather have a week with no event than this travesty.


I like the idea of the world event. I dislike some portions of the implementation. So I am at a… :man_shrugging:


Yeah, ima abstain – my main contentions are with the lack of communication and transparency around all of this. I feel incredibly disrespected, and uncertain about their intentions for the future of the game.

They’ve obviously also pushed the bar a lot higher, which I don’t think I like or agree with, even if it’s their prerogative (more or less).

I still like the core idea, but I can’t say I’m enjoying how they’ve released it.


i think this needs clarification. i put No as an overall answer but many of these things can be easily fixed.

What i dont like:

  • Points gained from battles are essentially random. we dont need more RNG, especially when gaining points for actions.
  • Each week the rewards levels and point totals will be essentially random. As a GM this is a pain in the ass and only serves to make work for nothing.
  • the Gems required in order to complete this first event per player is SIGNIFICANTLY more for the rewards than any event we have had previously. its more gems than players make in a week, not including all of the other events we will spend on (pets/bounty/factions). because of this… there is little incentive to even play the event at all. making it dead content.
  • Random way rooms level up, again putting RNG into the points we gain for a certain amount of work. There is no reason for it. if i do X battles at X difficulty give me X points
  • kinda a different topic: but moving Invasion to a GUILD based weekend event is very bad for guilds IMO. it should be a individual event.

What i do like

  • layout and world map is cool, basically all the graphics are fine.
  • some choice in who you get to fight, even if one has more rewards than another. a min/maxer will always choose the appropriate room anyway, but this could make it easier or more entertaining for everyone else.
  • having one base event for the devs to maintain that is configurable to any troop type/color/kingdom. i hope this means less bugs if less modes to maintain upon.

I think the little zoom-in on the event map when you first enter it is cool, and the council of chiefs event icon looks alright. Those, and the customisable nature of the event are the main things it has going for it, I think :stuck_out_tongue:.

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really the main issues with the world event have little to do with the actual new mode. more of how the details were chosen to be implemented. give this mode in the exact way it is now to any of our beta testers and they could have calculated in a hour that the cost and variability is too much and would not be liked by the player base. GoW has to move forward with it’s vision and plan/ but the rewards are sooo out of balance with the economy… whats the point of playing it at all?

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If it weren’t for the extortion part, i might’ve said yes, or would be so indifferent as to not respond. Greedy motives cancel any good about it. It’s just the orc invasion with weapon restrictions and different enemies.

I would trust an Indian scammer rummaging through my computer before I trust their RNG algorithm.

With that said this whole event revolves around their rng. Therefore I give a hard no as to whether I like the event or not.

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Do I like the new World Event compared to what? GW is my favorite event, so in that case, no.

ToD is ok. I despise Raid and Invasions. I only just started this one, so I’m not at the bored by the repetition stage yet.

Two positive things I see:

  1. No Event Troop to buy to Mythic.
  2. Council of Chiefs only happens once every 5 years. Allegedly.

ohhhh finally some “yes” votes…it was about time Australia working hours start. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How to fix the new event.

  1. Adjust rewards so if everyone in a guild purchases tier 4, they will complete all 12 stages.
  2. Introduce a new troop that will greatly help in later stages of the event.
  3. Make the scoring consistent so everyone spending the same resources and winning every battle winds up with the same score.
  4. Have an enemy event troop that is totally different than other troops in the game. Even something totally bizarre… like a building.

Not this, please (exactly the same as Raid/Invasion).



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I am not a fan of any of the events anymore, so I downgraded myself to a casual guild, so I can just skip the ones I like the least.

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Sorry for meme-bomb, I couldn’t resist this one.

About the new event though… mixed feelings.

  • something new


  • not what I needed

Overall verdict: :-1:
Nope, it’s still not what I needed.

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@Graeme there should have been an “indifferent” or “neither yes or no” option. For some of us it’s not black or white and several have already stated they didn’t vote because of that or chose an answer but are actually on the fence. :man_shrugging:

I think more of the polls people feel the need to post should add that 3rd option to get the full (or closer to a full) picture.