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Like I said with the last one and council of chiefs, any guild event that requires more than an average of shop tier IV guild-wide is bad on its face. This is more than double the cost of what it should be. I’m hoping that this is an error, and it will get fixed, but if not they can have their stupid major growth orbs. The ones who get anything else, myself included, don’t need them, and everyone we’re playing so hard to get caught up with us will get crapped on.

Beyond that, the troop options look like a newb struck rich with event keys and got their first two legendary troops. If it weren’t for potions and these temporary medals, it would be unplayable for a whole lot of people.

3 out of 4 attempts at this “World Event” structure have been bad at the start.


I like: no random scoring, it’s much more apparent.

I dislike: the troop selection, weapon selection, and the heavy spend required


I hate to say it, but I find my old sliding puzzle more interesting than this event.

The restrictions destroys all the fun for me. The only way restriction would have worked in most of the restriction based events would be if we regulary got some troop buffs/changes to actually make the selection of teams more interesting. But sadly, troop buffs doesnt exist.


Yeah – if there’s one thing that was improved upon from the last one, I’d say it’s this.

1-3 points for the non-Manticore Cub/Elemaugrim battles is enough to make slightly varied scores, but trivial enough that players get basically the same score for the same effort/performance.


After the last World Event, where we got an “Oops! We made a math error”, and requirements for reward tiers were adjusted downwards, it’s disappointing to see another event where everyone in a guild is expected to spend over 1,000 gems to complete the rewards.

Clearly, this is the route that the devs want to go, but if that’s the case, they should adjust the rewards to make the requirement to spend to complete them more worthwhile.

Furthermore, even though you’re expected to spend more deeply in the shop, the shop tiers actually have less value than in most other events. It’s great that there is a new troop that you can get from the shop, but the event doesn’t offer a new weapon. It may be that the inclusion of Tokens of Song is expected to offset not receiving a weapon at Tier 3 or 4, but let’s face it, tokens (even Epic-level tokens) are farmable. Getting more Medals of Seasons at the end of the event really isn’t worth that much. Getting a new weapon in most events is something that makes buying to at least Tier 4 attractive.

As far as the gameplay, every World Event is essentially the same. Some of the specific rules change, but the impression I get is that it’s really just tweaking things from the previous World Event. It’s still a pretty boring grind.

Unless the devs can give more of a reason to participate in World Events, either by making the rewards better, or by making it so fewer tiers are required to finish, there really isn’t much reason to invest in it. I think that over time, more and more guilds are going to actually stop requiring participation in World Events, even if they used to require participation in all events. The devs haven’t made it worthwhile.

Also, I have to say that the whole Tier 6 or 7 thing, coupled with previous backtracking over “math errors” and the very defensive “we’re not going to tell you exactly how it works” statements all seem kind of disingenuous to me. World Events are the snake oil of Gems of War, as far as I’m concerned.


They’re basically ‘Epic Tasking’ the events, to put things further away from the reach of newcomers/mid players, for this company’s philosophy is regrettably not ‘players feel like giving us money because they are having fun’, it’s ‘pay to reduce grind’: and if new/mid players keep getting easy rewards from Guilds, they have less grind to face.

Not LGoH’s power creep, but on the same side of the spectrum morally.

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like: the medals, another Leonis troop
dislike: yeah, the gems thing.
my guild is capping Tier buying at IV, happily accepting another medal and what we can get from what rewards we can get for those gems, and saving the rest of our gems for next week’s ToD, where the final reward is actually attainable.

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I dont mind the troop selection, yeah they suck and all, but its troops I dont usually use, so Im happy to play with them for a bit.

Not a fan at all of the cost to finish it, again.


Guild leaders can’t set a guild req for something that has no constant.

The points are all over the place, and this event costs way too much.
We got an LT nerf, we got a Gem nerf, we got a Gem & Event key nerf. How can we afford this event?
It’s not sustainable nor can I with a clear concience ask my guild to do this.
Our guild does not plan to finish this event nor any other event that costs too much.


The event is still a tedious chore to complete, the further you go, the less rewarding it becomes for the effort you spend. The weapon and troop “selection” is laughable. The rewards are a joke. 12k gold to finish stage 12. Do you think 12k means anything to a guild that finish all the stages? Give us an imperial deed or some writs… some sort of incentive to finish this garbage.

Other than that I don’t like it.


Why are you all still crying about this? It is what it is. The devs don’t want you to be happy. Laugh at them by spending Nada. It’s RNG and always will be. Analysing spending due to an OCD completion philosophy is a waste of effort, gems and emotional energy. Wake up to the new regime.

So the other aspect I can think of that’s been improved is the battle selection, even if only minorly.

  1. The selection refreshes after beating Elemaugrim (I haven’t not beaten him, so can’t say what happens otherwise…)

  2. I haven’t yet been forced to play an Ultra-Rare battle, and Matron Dragotani (Leg) is well into the 200s.

I’m thinking they’re okay with letting players choose battles like this since the variations in scoring for the non-Elemaugrim battles is low, while 'Maugrim shows up at regular intervals with the bulk of the score keeping things fairly even.

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You voted that you like the new event. What do you like about it?

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I like that it’s a non brainer. It is designed to rip you off. So I laugh, go tier 4 and move on. I don’t see any point in contesting grand larceny with the people who run this game. Enjoyment left the building with elvis. So why get wound up about the new grab grab grab philosophy?

I am never, ever, EVER going to like random scoring.

GW is how “random” scoring should work. 90% of my score is things I know I need to do: use the right colors, don’t let a troop die, etc. The other 10% are rules like “do damage efficiently” that are very difficult to do intentionally, so they may as well be random. I am happy if 90% of my score is based on my skill, and a 10% tip is based on randomness.

But in this case, 100% of the score is based on randomness. I can’t even do anything to influence more of the difficult, higher-scoring levels.

It’s like Candy Land in terms of game design, and that takes a little bit of explanation. Let’s compare Candy Land to Snakes and Ladders to Monopoly.

In Candy Land, the number of squares you move is determined entirely by the deck shuffle. So except for very rare scenarios where the deck needs a 2nd shuffle, the shuffle decides the winner and the game is only a ritual performed after the shuffle. You make no choices in Candy Land, the deck determines your fate. That’s not quite World Events.

Snakes and Ladders is a little different. You don’t get to make choices, but the game isn’t determined by one solitary event. The spinner/dice are random and determine your fate. Whereas every game of Candy Land with the same shuffle plays out the same way, no one Snakes and Ladders game is the same as another with a different turn. Still, there are no choices, so it’s a game of luck.

Monopoly has layers. Sure, your moves are at the mercy of both dice and the shuffles of the two card decks. But every time you land on an unowned square you can choose to buy the property. And every turn in jail you can choose to pay to get out or try to roll doubles. And even on squares like Income Tax you can choose to pay a flat fee or calculate a percentage. And you can always choose to offer trades to other players. So it’s true that any two groups of players can start from almost any Monopoly game state and end up with a completely different end state due to choices made by players.

World events are just Snakes and Ladders. We have a “choice” every turn, but nobody who cares makes the “wrong” choice and the “right” choice is always obvious. Gamers hate this scenario because it devalues our skill.

We want more events like Monopoly. Randomness is fine, but we want every turn to involve conscious decisions that affect the final outcome. Some decisions in Monopoly are easy, like “do I buy the 4th railroad?”. Some decisions are hard, like “Is it worth offering my opponent their third railroad to get a monopoly on the light-blue properties?” Gamers really like it when those kinds of decisions affect the outcome, especially when there isn’t enough information to know your choice was “the best”. There are games where that decision is vital, and games where it isn’t. Only experience helps a gamer understand. That’s the thrill.

I wish GoW was more like Monopoly and less like Snakes and Ladders. There isn’t anything thrilling about World Events, other than every round is a slot machine.