Do you like the new World Event (Festival of the Sun)? Poll

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Ok, since I posted a previous poll about the first World Event, I was interested to see how opinion has changed since then. That was all :smile:

and if we hate ourselves so much that we only like GW? :smiley:


I’d vote “Better than CoC, but still nowhere near my favorite”

I think these are moving in the right direction. Here’s to hoping that they continue to tweak, and that said tweaks are good.

If that happens, in a month or two I’d probably be able to give a firm “Yes”

(and I do think it’s worth noting that it’s much quieter this World Event — people in general don’t seem as displeased, judging by the lack of protestations)


Totally agree with you Magnusimus :ok_hand:

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put me in the indifference category. I’m happy that the rewards have been adjusted down properly, but the actual gameplay hasn’t changed and its whatever.

What bums me is that I can see good ideas in it, and I wish I could do things with it, but its more effort than the devs would probably ever want to do with it.


I’d like it better if they fixed the bloody bug where the locations jitter around all over the place… :frowning:


It’s doable, playing it will help my guildmates and myself to some extent, but it’s nothing NEW or exciting to ANY extent.

If the exclusive medals would remain with us by the end of the event (of course with reduced bonuses) THEN it could be interesting.

I don’t know, there is so much that could be done…

Imagine if these exclusive Medals would be converted into something to be put on troops that are already fully upgraded, it would be like a fourth slot Medal. You can use them in the hero after the event ends, but still a Medal like the previous one increasing the Skull Damage by 30% (Not the original 160% in the event) would be a really nice boost even if it’s for a single troop.

And being something with a single usage that would keep players interested in collecting them during these events (EVEN REPEATING EVENTS), increasing participation, engagement AND an overall gem sink that COULD boost some gem sales.

But what we have is more of the same boring stuff going on…

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I’m not sure if my vote is constructive here… Its not GWs so… By default I must vote no. But that has very little to do with how good the event is otherwise :smiley:

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Better than CoC by a large margin but lag while not as bad is still a thing and while it hasn’t been a problem yet the limited selection of weapons will eventually be a real pain. I don’t hate it but I can’t say I like it either which is deeply unfortunate as the prospect of new game modes excited me but the results have been worse versions of the same old thing.

Would be fun to introduce more board shapes, sizes, or something…switch it up a bit.

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I’m in the indifferent camp.

I’m a bit worried the main takeaway for the devs will be, “Hard rewards bad, easy rewards good!”, which I don’t think sums up everyone’s experiences, even if that’s perhaps the predominant reason this event hasn’t been talked about nearly as much as CoC.


Can’t support an event with Weapon restrictions, because if we start embracing events with restrictions on the Hero, the grind may become exponential.
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If only the instructions about scoring were available in-game and not only on the forums. I already started playing until one of the guild members told me that there’s a page on the forum that shows the amount of rewards per type of battle. This is crucial information and shouldn’t be outside of the game. It’s even not under the in-game “?” because that one still shows the Council of Chiefs “instructions”.

For those that still don’t know what i’m speaking about: Festival of the Sun – Gems of War

Apart from that, it’s a quite boring event. Nothing new, nothing exciting. I’d prefer more tactical events like towers/bosses and especially Bounty, which is my favourite.


They are boring… The battles are ultra easy, especially with the medal. I slapped together a brainless team and haven’t even lost a troop. I’m using the event for random class exp. I like Doom and Guild Wars the most but, I also like Invasion, Bounty, and Raid because I have to think about what team I will use and why…not so much with bounty or Guild Wars but with the other 3 enemy teams are built around a strategy that you have to work against. Doom tops out but Invasion and Raid are constantly switching the team around. …I haven’t even paid attention to what I’m fighting in these new ones.


This event doesdn’t require much thought, thanks to the class weapon or tricksters shot plus the Event Medal magic buff.

If the next Event Medal buffs Life or Armor…I’ll still like it more than Raid or Invasion.

The event is fine… a huge improvement over council of chiefs. Good effort/gem to reward ratio. Not at all challenging for me, but I don’t expect all the content to be designed for 1500+ level players.

Suggestions for improvement

  • Have a more challenging and higher point level option to fight each round.
  • Rather than limit weapon selection, force player to play the class of the particular kingdom. (Thus making every class in the game useful)
  • Base scoring on difficulty level of battle, so purchasing more sigils gives ever increasing points per fight (As happens with raid bosses)

Like others said. Not challenging at all, thanks to unreasoned medal’s bonus.
Better than CoC just for reward adjustment.
Quite annoying graphic’s bug but whatever.

a player could have not yet unlocked the required class and still want to participate in the event; not cool to force an hero go without class.
Just give bonus point for using right hero class (bounty already works like that).

It is quite ridiculous that a lv 250 room awards the same points of the lv 20, same rarity.
Scale it at something like 5 more points every 100 levels; minor but still an achievement.

I like the event, because it can also be done by players below level 1000. The weapon needed is in the soul forge, most of the resources needed to craft it, are supplied by buying the first three tiers.
The increase of difficulty is moderate and the medal gives a great buff, so players below 1000 can reach far and support their guild with more points than in other events.
For veteran players like me it feels sometimes a bit easy, but it is still fun and I will play every sigil I have :slight_smile:

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I think it’s fantastic. I rarely get to play with a lot of the spell-casting troops in high scaling events and they all boil down to “run earth’s fury with a skull converter.” It’s a lot of fun shooting a looping 150+ damage-all spell instead. Not to mention mythics that hardly see use because PVP and explore require really specific cookie-cutter teams to play in any capacity. I haven’t used Suna until now and pulled her months ago. It’s a welcome break and a fun side-excursion after the least fun week of the month for people who aren’t hyper competitive or looking to score bragging rights. The only problem I had with the CoC was the removal of the wolf pelts and not being crazy about Orcs. Fey and Elves are my favorite troop types so this week has been great, I’m only bummed I don’t have the gems to go for the leaderboard.


It will be interesting to see what other event medals there are, if any. We have seen attack buff and spell buff, will it just be those on endless repeat?