GW every 3rd weeks what do you think about that?

Yup it’s just been announced in the last Q/A, what do you think about that?

Personally i am not happy about this, i really like to play my 5 battles every day. i hope the 2 other modes will be really cool and the rewards also need to be nice to compensate for the 2 week lost


I’m going to wait and see. Personally I think i’ll be fine with it as will my guild if the other 2 weekly events are fun / engaging. My largest concern is we are only going up 20 ranks a week now and now instead of 80 a month it will be 20 a month so it’s going to take 18 months what would have been 6 months as far as advancement :thinking:


Terrible idea!! I dread 3.3 now. I love gw, i love our guild, i really hope we don’t lose too many.


I am fine with GW every 3rd week. Hope the other events/modes will be fun! :smiley:


I can see this upsetting a lot of players

In it’s current state…I will welcome it. There’s no need in rehashing what many are upset and concerned about here lately, so I’ll leave that be. Maybe during this time it can be improved and make it a better experience for everyone.


Please be aware that there will be other game modes being rotated with Guild Wars. Raid Bosses will be one of these new modes, and I think you will all really enjoy playing them with your guildmates.

There willn also be rewards available for these different game modes. Give them a try before you form a firm judgement. :slight_smile:


I think raid boss will be cool but would like to know more about that for sure i got small idea how it gonna work i just hope it won’t be another money grabber like other game i played this mode

I think it’s a bad idea especially for end game players. It’s what we keep playing for.


Will these new modes compensate for the loss of gems gained from weekly guild wars?


There will be different rewards available, so you’ll have to wait and see what they are. We won’t be offering more sneak peeks yet.

That’s why “some” endgamers still play. It is not an important game aspect for me. And, I know others that just plan despise it. Everyone has a different view on what aspects of the game are the most important.

Anywho, I’m glad that they are reducing it, and adding more diverse game modes. I just hope the rewards are thought out well.


The 3 week schedule will only start in the next update middle frebruary?

Can we know at least if the rewards will be given according to a learderboard or not?

The problem @Saltypatra is I don’t think you realize how much you are taking away from players in the guild wars.

Guild Wars does so much for our guilds communication, we talk daily about them and are constantly working on team builds, with this change it will kill end game players and guilds.

This really so something that needs to have a lot more discussion. I also think we need more details about raids ASAP or players will be raging on the forums.


These new game modes will still involve guilds and guild communication. :slight_smile:

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I feel like people need to actually wait until the changes happen before they can start complaining about them.


@Saltypatra I possibly missed it, but when can we expect these two new game modes as well as GW every 3rd week to enter the game? Thanks!

With the 3.3 update

I agree im just curious and since i really like gw i hope the 2 other more will be really cool