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Would you like Guld Wars to be run every week, even in the case of reduced rewards?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care

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Just for clarification, i said no because “reduced rewards” is vague, and when people asked for more gnomes with reduced rewards it was pretty sucky. The rewards in lower brackets are small and should never be reduced. If rewards were left alone, i’d pick every week, if i knew what the reduced rewards were and they were reasonable, i’d pick every week. I do not trust the devs with unknown nerfs to anything.


That’s exactly what I wanted to write. I don’t trust devs, not anymore. I used to like the devs and support but right now every contact with them makes me only more angry and frustrated. Also after the change of UI I fear the every next update because I feel that with each one they take something from us, not giving anything in exchange. So definitely I wouldn’t like the outcome of their possible tinkering with GW rewards.


We need gems more than ever,so reducing the rewards would be catastrophic,and most people already hate GW,making the rewards worse will increase the hatred even more.


No because of the “reduced rewards”. Even though I one of the people who pointed out how counterproductive it was to have gems be part of the prize pots and have sentinels act as potential gem sinks, and am still of the opinion that gems should have never been part of the rewards table here at any tier, taking them away or reducing them in any manner at this point would do more harm than good to the game economy via player psychology, even if (especially if) they were replaced with items based on the highly suspect “gem value” calculation.

Take it away forever. It was a bolted-on game mode that was implemented before it was designed. It has more bugs than an African termite mound.

I’m not one to speak for others, but nearly every single person I know IRL and online detests and resents GW.

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I’d be more than happy if it ran zero weeks.

i detest and resent invasion and raid also, just for other reasons xD


I just want to have something somewhat interesting to do in the game when i log in daily and GW at least provides me with 5 battles a day that have some stakes and excitement.

Dungeons are heavily undertuned (yeah i get newer players need to be able to do them, doesn’t change the fact that they prove no excitement whatsoever and are without challenge or stakes for me).

Invasions are an untuned mess where it is more important for your overall success how many Valravens/extra sigils you happen to get than how you play them ('cause the game needed less player agenda and more rng determining outcomes, am i right?..). Also it seems for this mode the most effort went into designing the stupid gem shop.
Haven’t seen Raids yet, i was on vacation, so maybe Raids could prove some fun but from what i read on here they seem to be just like Invasions, so i don’t hold my breath.

So for now, GW offers the only games that somewhat still excite me, so it is either that for me or Invasions(Raids) get some redesigns in the future making them exciting too.


I said “No” because I do not like Guild Wars.

Until this month, the majority of discussion on the forums concerned how broken Guild Wars was, how everybody hated it, and how it needed a top-to-bottom rewrite to make anyone happy.

I get why RBs/Invasions don’t appeal: they favor individual accomplishment and the guild’s participation is downplayed. But I think they also do a good job of presenting a kind of gameplay that’s different than “5 scored PvP matches”.

I would love to see many of the suggested improvements to Guild Wars, but I have a feeling we’re more likely to get a new game mode that replaces Guild Wars. I’m not against that. I’m pretty certain no move the devs can make will satisfy all of the players.

And I’m also certain it’s likely the forums’ status, at any given time, reflects the people most against whatever state the game is in. People don’t tend to post a lot when they’re happy. It’s when they’re angry that they say the most. This has a bit of a feedback effect: people who would otherwise be quiet are happy to join the conversation once they see others making points they agree with. Meanwhile, the dissent doesn’t tend to show up, because disagreeing with a thread’s main tilt is a good way to get dogpiled. In the end, it makes the forums a bad measure of player sentiment. But it’s the only one we have.

I said “No” because, while I like GW, I don’t want to do it every week. Simple as that. Every 3 weeks seems like a good balance, it’s long enough to give me a proper break from it, but not long enough to forget how to play.


I said “No” because I wouldn’t want GW to run concurrently with other events, and it seems clear that Raid and Invasion are not going anywhere. One per week is more than enough.

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I said no because I would like to see GW reworked with a focus on being fun instead of the pain in the ass that it is.

I think I’m in the minority here, but I voted no because it’s Guild Wars. It’s been nice of having two weeks of events where the rewards weren’t predetermined before the event started and having scoring systems that we can understand. I also agree that I don’t like the idea of concurrent events.


I like the Guild Wars, but they are best when you have some time to invest, so the on/off might be a good idea. Once in every three weeks is maybe a bit less than I would like, but it’s not running long enough to have formed a solid opinion on it. I do find the GW much, much, much more interesting than the other two events.

I haven’t voted in the poll, no option fits my opinion well enough.

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I’m someone that has always found GW stressful and don’t really care for it. That being said, I’m not exactly jumping on the “Raids and Invasions are awesome” bandwagon, either.

Also, what I do not like is that Raids and Invasions are very similar. So, having them back to back is a bit of a burn out in regards to time, gem depletion, and battle quantity.

So, this is what I would propose: Guild Wars every other week opposite Invasions and Raids. By this, I mean, they alternate. Such as: GW (Week 1), Raids (Week 2), GW (Week 3), Invasions (Week 4), rinse and repeat.

This way, we don’t have GW back to back like the old days and we also don’t have the similar Raids and Invasions back to back either. I think it would make the GW people happy and for those who want a break from that, we have Invasions or Raids (depending on the week) before the next GW.

Now, for those of us (like me), who don’t really care for GW or either of the new game modes, I don’t really have a solution to that problem other than: Don’t play them. But, I also know that is easier said than done, especially, in Top Guilds.

But, anyway, just a thought.


The results to these options doesn’t really provide any valuable answers


I would love GW every week even if the rewards were worse than raids/invasions. I don’t care about the rewards at all I just want the fun of GW. With GW back this week I have had more fun with this game than I have in the past 2 weeks with the boring raidvasions.


I wish they would run gw every other week. Gw - raid - gw - inv. This way it favors both sides. Also leave the rewards alone.

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No I do not want another Nerf! Do I want to be hit in the eye even if I don’t get a black eye? The answer to that is no as well.

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