After a week of Guild Wars

I know people are probably tired of complaints about Guild Wars, but here’s my 2 cents after the first week.

To be honest, I don’t much care for it for a couple of reasons.

  1. I don’t feel like I can play Gems of War at my own pace anymore. I play a bunch, but in spurts when I can. I’m more active on weeknights than on the weekends. Now I feel like I have to make sure to not only log in every do to do my 5 battles, but put a lot of dedication into making sure I win with the best teams possible, and have defenses setup. It’s taking a casual game that I’ve loved for the past 6 months or so, and added a pile of stress that it never needed.

  2. I get what the devs were trying to do with the color days, getting people to use a bigger variety of teams. But there are a couple of issues with that. For one, it’s somewhat punishing to players who either haven’t been playing for years, or don’t spend buckets of money.

I play every day, but I lack the souls (and traits) to really level up enough troops. Earning souls is a massive grind, especially compared to gold. It’s really hard to experiment with different troops sets, when the majority of your troops aren’t level to the point of being useful. What that means is I basically have a choice to either go with a standard invade army, sacrificing points, or level up troops I normally wouldn’t use in the hopes of getting a full color team. But rarely would I have enough to do that for each day of the 6 day spread. It’s just not possible short of throwing buckets of money at the game.

This is compound by the face that rarely do people as much effort on defensive teams. Most of the time, it’s whatever the current meta/cheese team. Right now, death knight or devour teams. So battles in Guild Wars are far from even fun.

  1. Which brings me to the 5 match limit. I’m glad the devs put a cap on the daily battles, as I really didn’t want to have to spend hours griding GW daily. Yet, due to the wacky points system, losing even one battle basically screws you. All the points are mostly gained from battle #5. Which leaves me the option of trying to go for color points with a daily thematic team, or just going with my standard invade team in the hopes of making it through all 5 battles.

  2. We had a guild member leave this week, and it was our paragon member. So we are basically screwed now as we are down a man have been losing each match since. Again, the point system is not really good.

  3. Honest, I think GW would be better as a random event than this daily grind. Do it once a month and let us get excited about it. Or, retool it to let people play at their own pace all week. In general, I don’t feel like I’m battling another guild, but still just grinding against random people in a more limited version of PVP.

I’m sure I could leave my current guild and join one that doesn’t care about GW, but I’ve been with them for a long time and I enjoy being in it. So the options are, stick with the grind, which may end up just driving me away from the game, or join a new guild and hope they don’t care about GW.

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Yes. DEFENSE teams need to be motivated to be changed. I’m not even going with the mono color teams anymore because of how many cheese dice roll (DM, devour) defense teams there are.

GW has already just become pvp all over again for me, I just use one if my standard pvp teams and go for the win because I just get too close to uninstalling when I try mono color teams that have buttcheeks for synergy in my attempt to get a good score, only to lose because one of my guys gets killed by DM or devour and I get steamrolled from there. It’s bad enough that I’m already gimping my team to share a color that I still have to deal with freaking no skill “dice roll instakill” defenses.

I really have found GW more enjoyable with my standard pvp teams. Khorvash stuns deathknight’s bs trait and drains devour luck troops in the first two slots. Famine can murder scumbags in the back.

I’d like to see some things for GW:
-Make it a one week event once each month. A little less pressure.
-Make defense teams change SOMEHOW. Maybe defenders must have at least 2-3 of the war’s colored troops.
-Don’t associate the friggin’ statue to the bonus amount of points we get for using each day’s color troops. Make it a flat bonus for EVERYONE.

I refuse to try using a different invade team for GW until the cheese defense teams stop. I don’t care about getting less points in GW, I want to kick cheap a** defense teams to the curb with my standard pvp team. Gotta stop writing now before I go on a raging rant…

There’s already a 50 post thread for feedback after week 1.