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Last Guild Wars + Compensation

Hello Adventurers,

We hope everyone had a good time over the Holiday period, and happy new year to you all.

We have an update on what’s going on with Guild Wars and the compensation for the last guild wars.

We spent the end of the year discussing with the team, about a few possibilities for Guild Wars. This included whether we could revert Guild Wars to have the same setup as the start of the previous Guild Wars.

However after some investigation, the agreement within the team was that attempting this change was going to be high risk with potential to introduce more bugs within the Guild Wars than it would solve.

This means that when Guild Wars goes ahead next week, it will be with the results from the last Guild Wars. We apologize to any Guild that feels they were affected by the defense team issue.

As compensation for the defense team issues in the last Guild Wars, we will be sending a global mail out to all players in the next 24hrs.

For clarity, a fix has been implemented to the issues that were happening with Guild Wars.

We’ll be keeping a close eye of Guild Wars next week to make sure the fix is working correctly.


Is GW defense bug fixed?


Have you fixed the Defense issue or are the scores going to mess up all over again?


I don’t wish to be rude, but this is actually and urgent question because, as a Bracket 1 guild, we dropped due to your broken game and we are not very happy about this tbh.

So we need to KNOW if and what exactly you have fixed/broken moving forward prior to next weeks guild wars?

Details please?


50 gem compensation for missing out on 1500 for a B1 winning guild?
Good lord…


I also worry their compensation for this will just be a handful of gems once again. When the “compensation” costs them so little and doesn’t actually mean anything it doesn’t exactly give the impression that this type of major issue will not just occur again.


It is not about the “Gems compensation” it is the time/effort and stress of GWs, especially in BR1. Now we have to fight to get our place back through no fault of our own?

Although 50 Gems would be an insult…

The absence of any form of details, i would predict they have done naff all and fixed nothing!


50 gems would really be an insult and yes it would not even cover the costs of fully leveled sentinels that most of us in B1-B5 put every war.

we also dropped 1 bracket bcz of the heavy losses on def points with some ppl being hit 2 or 3 times. we were B5 and dropped to B6 due to this.

and yes, i personally don’t appreciate the lack of details and beating around the bushes : Has it been fixed ot not? are we going to wars with the same bug or not? i appreciate that this is not important for all GoW player base but IT IS important for some of us and i believe many of us made this quite clear !

we would kindly and politely request a response on this question since it’s already been asked quite a few times i’d say !

ty in advance and i most sincerely hope we won’t be dissapointed again !


sorry, although i speak english, apparently my english is not good enough to understand these few sentences…

can anyone put it in a simpler word?

did you fix the bug or will it still exist in this coming war? (because you said attempting this change was going to be high risk bla bla bla)


The bug report still has status “Investigating”, which means the issue hasn’t even been found yet. Assuming that they are at least still updating bug reports that have a high visibility.


That reads to me like it’s not been fixed.

It would be better with a more transparent message; that says something along the lines of ’ after testing we found that xxxx was causing xxxx and not counting the defence scores when xxxx did xxxx - we have fixed this issue that went out in the latest patch’…

If GW isn’t fixed properly, then there is absolutely no point to it. If it’s still broke, delay it again - please.

I can only imagine people just quitting mid wars if the random score bug remains.

Let’s hope we get a clearer message tomorrow…


The risky change was them trying to remove the buggy wars scores. So Octobers GW would be the starting point going forward, but messing around with that was deemed too risky so we will have to deal with any bracket changes resulting from the buggy wars as that will not be altered.

Whether the bug is fixed is anybodys guess :grin:

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Postpone it again then please if the issue has not been fixed.


The whole post can be summarized in:
We haven’t done anything, and too lazy to revert gw, you will get 50 gems so shut up!


So you (STILL) havn’t fixed the bug​:scream::scream:
And you are going ahead and letting a bugged Guild Wars play out next week?.. because you thought that a compensation would…help…???


Our guild also dropped out of B1 because of the bug and whatever the compensation is it won’t be enough, especially if wars will go on with the same bug. What is the point of playing if players may or may not get the proper score. The stress and time team planning in B1, or now B2, isn’t worth it if scores won’t calculate correctly.


Sorry but BS has to be called out here. Why exactly would restoring a database backup for GW scores break anything? You were adequately warned about this issue so you could have very easily saved a copy of your backups, even if you only keep 1 week of backups, which would be horrifying enough.

Additional questions are:
How long did this conversation last?
Why did it take so long to happen?
What options were discussed?

This is a new low even for GoW…


Seems more important to talk about giving out a few gems then the actual issues at hand. Either its fixed or no? Simple enough to answer. Not fixed? postpone and FIX IT. No excuses about holidays now, just do it.


What about the bug?
We can’t play another bugged GW.
If there is no fix yet GW needs to be postponed again.


All resources spent on sentinels wasted? At least full refund please