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[Investigating] No Defense score added to GW

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC. Steam. Win10
Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Started GW fights today - Red day on PC/Mobile. Won 2 fights then noticed the guild score was low (I was the first to start today).
You can see in the screenshot that the defense team was valid and unique but only getting 2667 points for 2 wins is not right. I don’t check individual fight scores all that often

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
First time for me, another guildie started their fights and their score counted fine.

Steps to make it happen again
I would rather not :sweat_smile:

Trying to summarise what we have so far (which isn’t a lot).

  • Limited to only PC/Mobile - Consoles thus far unaffected

  • Not limited to any one device.

  • Happens at any time of day, not linked to reset.

  • There’s a visual bug where players are getting a 0/0 score on the GW results page for the following day. This is suspect number 1, but also confirmed that someone who had this bug yesterday was unaffected today.

  • I already have seen this 0/0 visual bug for tomorrow again. No idea what causes it, will appear/disappear simply refreshing guild wars pages.

  • Multiple guilds affected, various brackets. Not all members, no common ground found thus far.

  • 7377 for a 5/0 day makes Jeff (and many others) a sad boy(/girl).

  • The 0/0 display bug can be replicated by entering and exiting the Guild wars menu screen.
    Current theory is to refresh the Guild wars page until 0/0 doesn’t appear then head straight to the attack page. Need more willing testers though :sweat_smile:

  • At least one report of seeing a Brown Book defense team on Red day. Defense teams not matching up to the correct days?

Never mind, still random

Possible workaround (Credit to @Fourdottwoone ):

  • Enter Guild Wars screen - Check results page - Find your name

  • If you see a 0/0 where you haven’t done any battles that day, quit out of the Guild Wars screen and repeat step 1.

  • When you are in results page with your own name with no 0/0. Proceed to the Attack page and proceed with battle. Your score should be OK.

  • If anything is found wrong with this process please report back here ASAP so I can delete this.

Support document to follow


Me and another person in my guild had the same thing happen today - the score for the first battle was in the 1200s, even though it should be in 3200s.


Are you on PC/Mobile too?

Yes, PC/mobile.

the same thing happens to me. will it be fixed?

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Same problem here.

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two people in my guild have had the same problem for red day. Both got v. low scores from the first battle, but used red-day teams and their defense setups were correct. They both used the doomed Xbow/Alchemist/Qilin/Gimlet team. Probably coincidence, but odd.

Same problem. The team of the day is faithful, the defenses are differentProcessing: 12…
Processing: 12…


Also missing 2000 points for defense

Best regards, Knights of the Glade. Vadym

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Same/Similar happend to me
Red-day (same) pure red team, unique 24 defense Troops 5/0 got a whopping 7462 points

The defense page says i have earned 4000 pts so far, but apparently it did not count these in.



Не дали сегодня 2000 очков за защиту, большая печалька

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Same here… @Kafka @OminousGMan @Jeto

Could you maybe not break the game for once? That would be nice. :slightly_frowning_face:


I used a completely different team - unless it’s the class then it’s a coincidence.

But if it only happens to some players, that breaks the whole GW day (and ranking within the guild).

I hope there is a fix for that.

Just in case that’s in any form relevant, I did a restart of the game before doing GW.

For anyone experiencing this, I’m curious: what time (relative to daily reset) did you do your guild wars battles?

Так же неверно начислены очки играл в цвет защиты стоят верно

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Is there anybody who has received the defense bonus on the second day? It currently looks like this bug hits everybody.

We have guild members that achievend 9XXX points

Any pattern noticeable? Did all all play before/after the ones that bugged out?

I was the first member of the guild and it affected me. I asked in chat and another guildie did their first fight and it counted fine.
But I did restart the game after daily reset, always do really :sweat_smile: I also did daily dungeons and the new pet rescue before starting, so had been ingame for a little bit.

Been a couple of hours now and I can see one other member has been affected while 2 more have been OK.
Looks random so far.

Same problem here.

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