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[Investigating] No Defense score added to GW

I did my battles ~ 1h after reset - my GM appeared later in the results so he was fighting after me

About 2 to 2.5h after reset (posted on our guild discord about 2.5h after reset).

Likewise, did my battles 1 hour after reset, with a client freshly opened and I got my full score.

Around an hour and a half @sylverscale reported the missing points in a guild channel.

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No defense score added here either. Currently doing my GW battles.


Same issue here. Defense points did not count either :frowning:

Could those who got hit by the bug post a screenshot of their first and second day defense? Maybe there’s some kind of pattern we can figure out.

Mine is up there. Other than those probably being bad defenses, they should be okay. :thinking::sweat_smile:

I won’t post my def here, but neither AT nor DEF teams match with the posted ones.

Another Guild member received no def points, but another played between both with “no def points” and got the points, so it is not hitting everyone, but seems to be kinda random.

As we are in bracket 2 we really need to be that points caculated correctly.

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We’re only in 8 and it already sucks. Sister guild is in 2 as well where it’s really even more important.

Would be “whatever” if everyone got hit but it being random just sucks and needs to be corrected asap.

Wild guess, any chance your GW progress yesterday already showed 0/0 for the second day?

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shows me sometimes tomorrow 0/0

We had some reports for people being shown as 0/0 for day 2 yesterday - but not on my account - unsure if the 0/0 are affected as well

I didn’t play my red day battles yet but I saw that:

That 0/0 is fixed by restart. Probably it’s somehow related to the bug


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Same with my husbands account too. 2000 points down and has everything set up right. Maybe should have left new kingdom releases etc to a None guild war week :frowning:

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It’s perfectly matches any other release: never release without some serious bug.

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I had that yesterday (the 0/0 showing up for the next day) didn’t affect my gw-score at all. And was lucky enough to not get hit by the “not getting the 2k-defense points”-bug too.


Тоже сегодня защита не засчиталась в первом бою. Steam platform.

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