Guild Wars unfair? cast your votes for the devs to see!

If guild wars does not change they should just take them away!!

you rank in guild wars will be up or down 10 ranks from your actual guild rank by trophies. My guild is rank 48 in guild rank and there is no possible way for us to hit rank 10 let alone rank 1 in guild wars. so this is pretty much lets give the strongest players more gems.

Since there is up to 30 people that may or may not fight and many different amounts of points that can be obtained from one person to another. i feel that all guilds should get the same point bonus from the color of the day, this would give highly active guilds at almost any level the chance to get rank 1, therefor letting devoted newer players catch up to the long time players.

please let me know if you agree, and if any devs see this i especially want you to put your reply.

  • guild wars is completely fair
  • guild wars should not change
  • guild wars favors higher ranked guilds
  • guild wars should be changed to equal point bonuses

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Also instead of no colored unchecked Defense teams GWs should be Color against Color.

Having an uncontrolled and unchecked Defense is just PVP on steriods. It is no better than blind RNG.


I had to be contrary and vote where no one else had.

That being said, I’ll be looking over this discussion and compiling opinions and suggestions. This is the first week of Guild Wars so we are watching how everything plays out. :slight_smile:


Stronger players should receive more. Let it motivate you to do better and strive for more


I definitely think the reward rank should be within the brackets.


There are no “stronger” players. There are older players and newer.
A 1000lvl player can literally close the game for 6 months and still be considered stronger than a 200lvl one.
Dedication should be rewarded somehow, but not with a rigged system just for that purpose.

In my opinion just like Taisiakat mentioned, defense teams should also be of same color.
+% points bonus should be removed entirely. You should either use a full single color team, or forfeit the match.
And rewards based on bracket results and not like the current system.

There is no option for “it’s too early to tell” so I abstain


I agree. Let’s see how it goes for a few weeks before we start dozens of topics requesting changes to GW…


I like that those guilds that have put in years of effort see a reward.

I do thing there should be a way for guilds with lower ranked statues to raise them faster. (Special tasks?)

I can see an argument for capping the bonus points a bit lower, like at Statue bonus 100 or 150. Some place where guilds need to have been established and completing all tasks for a year before they hit the cap.

We haven’t yet seen how bracketing after the first week will work. Teams should be able to climb brackets and fall down brackets.

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The cost/rewards are definitely out of whack and needs to be fixed. There’s just no real motivation to compete if you aren’t in the first bracket other than competition itself and for the cards.

Here’s what I see that needs to be fixed:

  1. The cost of maxing statues within a tier should never cost more than the rewards you can win for coming in 1st in your tier. Example, we’re in tier 2 and the most we can win is 200 gems so the most it should cost us to max our statues is something like 100 gems (not the 375 or so gems it takes now…that just doesn’t make any sense for the cost to exceed the possible rewards).

  2. Slightly reduce the amount of bonus points guild statues give in Guild Wars and (this is the important part), give guilds who haven’t maxed their statues and way to “catch-up” easier. Off the top of my head an easy way to do this is to have Legendary Tasks count towards Statue XP

  3. Give players a way to review defensive battles so they can see how their defensive teams are doing

  4. Make death mark strategic: increase the odds of death mark activating but also increase the delay before it can. Example: Death Mark is cast, cannot trigger for 2 turns, once triggered, it has a 25% of killing a death marked opponent or dispelling each turn.

With those 4 items addressed, Guild Wars should actually be worth playing (bugs not withstanding) for all guilds, not just tier 1 guilds.


I play on console and it makes me wonder what will happen before they release it to us. I am highly active in my guild. I am also as leader, but if my guild cannot keep up it almost gives me motivation to go top ten and be done with it, as I can just pass my guild on. I hope this all sorts out by then tho because I really like my guild as is. Please don’t motivate me to sell out. I think that should be separate rewards for each bracket for higher and lower level guilds Not only the rank on the leaderboard but also guild level. I’m happy PC got it first so I know what to be prepared for.

Good points all except for deathmark. I don’t know a legit solution for DM.


DM just needs to be made more strategic so that it’s not an RNG rage monster. If you add a delay it gives players a chance to counter it after it’s been cast which you can’t do currently. The delay makes it more strategic. In order to keep Death Mark’s power, increase the odds of it killing a troop after the delay, that way players are incentivized to deal with it.

I don’t know if my specific example is the right ratio but something in that direction is really all Death Mark needs.

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When it had 1 turn delay it was considered useless.
I agree with you that it should give player a chance to react.
I think that a calculation can be made where it could have a 1 turn delay with slighty increased chance of happening to compensate for the delay.


Pretty sure it was 2 turn delay.
But I agree with you guys about deathmark, losing 1 or 2 troops without even reacting is very harsh


Making it sound like this effort was not already rewarded by being able to live the Krystaras 1% lifes for those years :wink:


I never had a 1-turn delay, it was 2.

They went from 2 to zero when it should have been 1 all along.


While I don’t necessarily agree with the OP, there is something that I think needs attention.

There really is no chance for guilds outside the top few to get into the top few because those spots are already occupied.

It’s not that the top guilds don’t deserve those rewards (they absolutely do), it’s that until one of them goes belly up and vacates a spot, there’s simply no room for anyone else.

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I probably forgot and it was 2 like others said :slight_smile:

Adding some considerations on your points:
1 - It’s even counter-intuitive to expect players spending more than what they are able to earn if the rewards aren’t better distributed. I’m not against costs with premium currency, but as the system stands, with pretty much no mobility on each tier/bracket because…

2 - … it doesn’t feel like there is a reallistic way for a newer guild to climb the brackets since the max score is settled by the statues, that can’t be upgraded past some limit on each weeks. They could make the legendary tasks count towards one level of a selected statue, but even in this case there’s pretty much a “marsh” where many guilds will be stuck for a long time until they can reach the max bonus… So maybe reducing the total of the statues’s bonus that defines the score limit might be a faster solution.

3 - I’m not sure, but maybe this is possible on Unity. Just a guess.

4 - Death Mark/Devour shouldn’t be “easy to apply” mechanics. They are also extremely unfun… Deathknight is a total disappointment to me… I hate to sacrifice troops, the only exception being the Bombots as they are built for it. I wish Deathknight would have an “Dark Overlord” trait that gives bonus to all Undeads like +2 on all status and all Purple troops starts the battle with 3 manas.