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GW every other week

Original post:
Based off something “I didn’t see earlier”.
I for see the devs changing GW to every other week instead of once every 3 weeks.
Which would mean raids is every 4 weeks.
Invasions every 4 weeks as well.
Not a bad plan if that is in fact the case.

New post:
We now know that it’s ^^^^ not gonna happen. But enough people have voiced their concerns either for against my idea. That I’m moving this topic from spoilers into game play chat. And I personally deleted a comment I made about @Saltypatra that I didn’t consider my audience enough prior to me posting my innocent thoughts about her. Nor how she could feel about them. Of which I’m sincerely sorry to her for any hurt feelings I may have caused to her.


I would love it if that happened. But i have a feeling that “what we didn’t see” were just what will be released next time guild wars rolls around. The dates add up. When it was suggested during the last stream i watched they seemed somewhat open to the idea? I’m not trying to be a part pooper, i just don’t see them switching up the schedule of guild events after just one cycle. I would LOVE to be wrong though :slightly_smiling_face:

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Something needs to be done with the raids / invasions. We are losing top players like crazy after 2 weeks of Raids/Towers!

I miss buggy, cheating GWs after playing the 2 new events.



The enemy that you know is better than the enemy that you don’t. I tried to warn y’all. Lol

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I asked this exact question to Sirrian during the last live Twitch stream and he said they would look at it so :crossed_fingers:


So if i’m following correctly, we’d still get glacial peaks next week, then guild wars and “what we didn’t see”?

I totally agree, they’re too similar with invasions and there are a slew of other things i dislike but i’ve went off about that in various other threads. This would be a wonderful thing if they plan on rotating gw/raid/gw/invasion, or just get rid of one of them (preferably raids). I love gw, i miss it, i never wanted it cut back, i hope to god this theory of his is true.


Exactly. :grin:
GW March 26th or my name isn’t MaybeSalty. Lol

And if this isn’t already happening it should.
It’d solve a lot of the issues the new modes have made. At least for the ones lucky enough to get Gems from bracket 1.
You may have to play on mobile/PC to get the MaybeSalty joke. The highest level player in GoW has his name currently as MaybeSirrian.


I’d love more GW and less invasions/raids…


Also, give us something to compensate the experience bonus we only have every other 3 weeks please :frowning:


Maybe it’s just a visual bug, but i’m still showing the special event 100% xp boost.

I much preferred the Raids and Invasion to GW and will be unimpressed if this foretelling indeed comes to pass…


On the bad side, it would increase all the numbers on my projections to acquire Zuul’Goth by an additional 33%, making it all the more broken and unsuitable as a long time chase item and the rewards given even worse by proxy. Personally, I don’t mind Guild Wars all that much because it requires the least amount of participation and attention out of the three events, so now getting a guild wars week (at least in bracket 8-10) feels like a “break” because of the sheer amount of battles I was intended to do for raids and how long each one took. I’d much rather they fix the game flow, rewards, and accessibility issues raids and invasions than cut back on them and leave all the flaws, though. Or maybe a potential cutback so they have more time to tune in between each one? I’d be okay with that, too.


I won’t participate in the invasion/raid events because the rewards aren’t worth it, my guild gets the tiers worth achieving without lots of effort anyways. Zuul’Goth is easy to counter with a silence team so I would just get him for collection purposes. Guild Wars has a lot of room for improvement, but I still prefer it over the newer events. I just hope bounty will be something totally different.
I don’t want another ‘spend all your resources to rank in leaderboards and get resources barely worth it’ kind of situation.


This is good news. Nothing can replace the excitement of Guild Wars Mondays, and having them more frequently will definitely pump players up.

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I disagree. Guild wars are a chore and a pain. I’m just glad that I’m not in a guild so I don’t have to do them.


I have to disagree. The raids and invasions I find to be a pain and far more time consuming then guild wars has ever been.

I want guild wars back to every week much less of a time sink then raids and invasions are, at least in their current form.


I find guild wars boring to the extent that playing is purely optional… I mean at the lower bracketi’m in whether I win or lose for the next 10 gw weeks will not change any of the rewards…

I got better rewards from raid and invasion… they also provided more of a challenge than the slightly diversified PvP that gw offers.


Personally while Raid/Invasion isn’t entirely bad, don’t find much good in it either. Both modes have been very boring so far. GW makes it fun because you also do not have to spend huge amounts of time to do well. Unlike Raid and Invasion that were time sponges. You also get the full use of your troops in customizing a defense team. You also get the full use of your troops to customize for a particular colored day. Not restricted to type or kingdom. Which at times either new mode can have troops that may not work well with your play style. GW you can set up to work with your play style. So its really a mode that functions with how you play. Instead of boxing you in. Some players do not do well when boxed in. Freedom of choice is a better thing for most players.

I just consider the new modes as halfwitted attempts to think of things to absorb a players money. They honestly do not seem that well planned. Because if you want my money you need to make it fun, engaging, actually have a purpose. I do not really see any of that in the new modes, over boredom.

Reading @Lilith 's post I had a few thoughts. I do not understand this ‘challenge’ with the new modes they spoke of. And once you learn how a few troops function its just going braindead across each fight after you defeat each one. Raid we have a boss that did the same thing each and every time. Same with particular troops. So you could set up teams for it and just braindead away. For invasion you could do the same just in the mindset of towers. And more braindead. Challenge was not part of it. GW has a challenge because players develop far different teams from one another. So its always something different to encounter. You can’t just braindead through the week. This overall concept of ‘better’ that I get from that comment is simply because of them being in a lower bracket. And a mode they can soak up better rewards from. That doesn’t have much to do with a challenge though.


Here’s the issue with raids/invasions. I am ina top guild that had the tiers done on Wednesday. After that there was no real reason to play another match. Yes, I could have spent countless resources and money to try to win that leaderboard, but that is a fools errand. And knowing what we know now, our guild will just spend the minimum required in order to max out tiers by Sunday. There is no reason to finish early. So basically you do a little math, figure out where you want to end up and then just go through the motions. Pretty exciting stuff. GW on the other hand gives you a reason to play. You want to win the daily Reward (not much, I know) but in bracket 1 the winner is typically not known until Sunday afternoon at the earliest. That puts some excitement into the event. It brings the guild to work together and then offers real rewards at the end. I would argue the rewards for bracket 4-5 and up are still better than the junk the raids/invasions give you. Plus it motivates you to actually want to get good enough to get in b1 where the great rewards are. I’m honestly shocked they didn’t “adjust” GW rewards, but as of now they haven’t. Of course now that fun will be noticeable in GW I suspect they will quickly move to counter that. Can’t have too much fun in gow. They need to do 2 things. The first is leave GW alone and let us have it, at a minimum every other week, though I would argue there is no reason not to have it every week, even if they had to lower the rewards a little. The second is they need to rework the entire rewards structure of raids/invasions. Both the match rewards and the tier rewards. Along with something for those guilds who finish Wednesday to motivate them to keep playing, similar to legendary tasks. I’m not saying they have to give us game breaking rewards, but something. On one hand they want us to pay…and many things they do reflect that, but then when they have the perfect opportunity to encourage end gamers to spend, they don’t. I lied, there are 3 things…the third is they need to hire a business manager who understands the balance of pay vs play vs rewards. They have zero concept of this, and I’m sure their publisher has a lot of blame in this portion. I could come in and have every single one of you emptying your pockets into this game in a week, and still have a good and rewarding economy where a free player could actually get ahead, but the paying player would not feel like their money is wasted. Don’t believe me? Devs, let’s video conference this out. Call my bluff. I will work on a % of only gained income from when my policies go into effect.


I did suggest this so I hope it happens…it would also help to be able to se your DEF the week you are not doing guild wars because lots of us work and we end up doing it in a hurry because you only have part of a day the way it now stands.

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