I dread the return of Raid week

This week we got guild wars and it made me remember what I enjoyed about this game. The ability to mix and match teams and play however I want. Do I enjoy color transforming teams, all mythic one shot teams, mana denying slow-down teams…etc Basically, I can play how I like as long as its effective. It is an extension of the game play that brought us all here and continues to keep us here.

Raid and invasion are so monotonous! During a guild wars week we have 5 fights a day for 6 days…it works out to 30 fights of all different teams. With raid and invasion it is usually over 50 fights (with extra seals earned) with the one team! And to make it worse, the fights get longer and longer as the week drags on. So just as you’re getting tired of using the same team you get to use it for longer and longer each day!

The idea behind raid and invasion is sound (kingdom based and race based). But the execution is so frustrating. There’s almost no creativity, you end up using the same team everyone else uses and you never change it…all week! Every week results in a team of godkiller/towerkiller, hero class (with mang or dawnbringer) and the kingdoms best remaining troops. The strategy in team design is so forced that the players creativity is really shut down.

I do not think the new game modes should be removed…I think that the number of raids/invasions should be reduced. It would cut down on the burnout that results from using the same team day after day after day. Make the mode less grind and more fun. Maybe decrease enemy stats later in the week when using new troops or something to encourage creative team design. Give a multiplier for wins in a row or for valravn kills, instead of making me waste nearly an hour if I am “lucky” enough to get extra seals… I just want the new game modes to have some enjoyment rather than just grind, grind, grind all week.

I hope this didn’t come across as completely negative. I am frustrated at the lack of response and just needed to throw this out there… How does everyone else feel?


Me on the other side is looking forward to Raids week. :slight_smile:


I’m dreading the next two weeks too. Your post is spot on, i agree wholeheartedly. Invasions haven’t been quite as bad, so far. Raids are just tedious, i begrudgingly get through my reqs and that’s it.
Extra seals would be nice, but i don’t think that would be enough to make it feel like it’s not a waste of time. I’ve been thinking maybe if they made it so you only get charged a sigil if you lose a fight (or something to that effect) i wouldn’t mind it so much. That’s just crazy fantasy talk though because it’s clearly just a gem sink. The remark about not minding if one leaderboard was p2w* solidified that. (*not exact, but i don’t feel like rummaging around for the thread atm).
As these events draw near i grow very angry and disappointed with the game. I love guild wars, yes it has many flaws but i’ve enjoyed it both in low and top brackets, it’s just fun and actually challenging. I used three different teams yesterday, that’s more than i use all week for raids!! I like the concept, three guild modes, three different team limitations, work together for a goal, but the execution was all wrong. I would LOVE to see the frequency reduced as well.
I find myself incredibly not motivated to play anything beyond reqs these weeks. First time around i tried to fill my time finishing dawnbringer, this time i’d love to finish xathenos but there’s not much point because his acquisition is gated as well and i’m way short on diamonds. I’d speed it up with daily dungeon packs, but i need those gems for this. Frustration upon frustration. The answer to that is usually, “you don’t have to do them, change guilds”, that is not an acceptable alternative, the guild i’m in is awesome, i do well above every other req, rather than downgrade i prefer to be vocal about wanting a change. And if i do step down it’s going to be because i quit the game, which is also a real possibility if nothing changes. I want to want to play. Instead i’ll stream tv from the xbox so i can still collect my hourly tribute. Got to make gems up somehow.
I wouldn’t worry about sounding negative, if people aren’t satisfied they need to speak up, if everyone who’s unhappy pretended all was sunshine and rainbows no change would ever take place.
But from what i’ve seen on the dev streams, this is at the very least on their radar. I got the impression that they may be considering changing the rotation schedule. We probably won’t get a clear yes, no, or eta til it’s already in the process of happening or vetoed entirely. I’m trying my best to be optimistic and praying it does happen, and soon. I’m already counting down to the next gw week, and it can’t come soon enough.


I was not a big fan of guild wars, but when we did not have it, i missed it. And now compared to raid and invasion, I really like it.


This is the big issue to me. Bosses are Immune to all statuses and effects, so there’s no option other than direct damage. ZG kills instantly, unpreventably, and randomly. He also takes every mana color so there’s no chance of starving him. The towers aren’t as bad, but still, once you have a team of 4, every status effect is worthless.

And then the troops that we buy specifically to fight them? Outside of their week, they’re awful. I’d love to use Stoneshaker as a beast team mana generator, but instead of the usually 1-underwhelming 2-okay/good traits, he’s got one completely useless one, one underwhelming one, and Armoured. That’s some Epic.


Gonna wait for the friday troop, collect dungeons everyday and that’s it. Raids are so bad that I’m not even looking for the return of guild wars, and I’ve been playing the game much less than before the patch.


Raid and invasion are both boring beyond belief. The rewards are pathetic for such a time consuming infuriating game mode. Raid and invasion is the same exact mode they just changed the name. Raid and invasion where created to cut the amount of gems they where paying out every week in gw.


I like the idea of these new modes, but they’re just so tedious. Once you get through the starting battles, it’s just a slog with the same team against the same opponent (and some fodder) over and over and over again.

There’s just no room for strategy or individual preference… it’s basically “Weekly troop plus Hero with Mang plus whichever two troop type / kingdom troops don’t completely suck” over and over. Once you get past a certain point there’s essentially one ideal team that you spend the next 5 days getting sick of.

Also, we don’t get any trophies at all for these fights, which really sucks. Makes it super-hard to meet guild requirements, especially when the weekly events involve Explore or Treasure Hunt. Those of us with limited time to play have to either find twice as much time to play to hit the trophy minimums, or just miss them for the week and deal with it. It’s a crappy choice when (for example) you have barely enough real life time for real life, let alone the guild reqs you were easily able to hit before.


Next week we are gonna have a bounty weekend on top of raid week.
why run 1 boring event when you can run 2 right? gj on that one


I really wish Guild Wars would be run every other week. Have the schedule as such:

Guild Wars
Guild Wars

Heck just make Bounty a week-long event and add it to the rotation. GW/Raid/GW/Invasion/GW/Bounty.


even better make raid and invasion weekend only and run them on a cycle with bounty and vault.
and keep the only thing fun in this game ( Guild wars) on every week


Raid & invasion have ruined the game for me. I still play on iPhone but I backed out the guild I was in on Xbox. I can’t invest the amount of time it takes to participate in raid & invasion, & the weak match rewards really don’t make it worth it. I was a level 1000+ casual pay to play VIP level 6 when I quit. Not a whale by any means but they did get real money out of me because I enjoyed the game. These new aspects are geared solely on separating the whales from their wallets by forcing them to spend money on gems to get top tier rewards. While the other casual pay to play or free to play guilds are finding these to be brutally long with with weak rewards earned since they didn’t invest in gems. I have no problem with them trying to make money, since if it wasn’t for the pay to play players their wouldn’t be a game to play. The developers are walking on a razors edge though. Stay in the pockets of the whales, while trying not to lose the casual pay to play player. You lost me so…


If it were not for the Guild, I would pass


Just run them all concurrently I reckon. Make raid/invasion solo events like bounty. Participation then is totally voluntary no need for guild reqs. Drastically reduce # of battles needed for all rewards and reduce rewards accordingly.


I don’t like bounty and raid during the same week. That’s two expensive stores but I’ve only got one gem wallet.

I agree with the OP, of course.

These new modes are BORING. They stifle creativity and add no variety to speak of.

The fact we have to do a ton of them? Not helpful.

The fact there’s a giant gem sink attached? Not helpful.

The fact the leaderboard is based solely on how much you spent on it? Seriously …


The restrictions at least should be easy to fix. GW allows for flexibility because there are only six colors, and lots of overlapping troops. So maybe instead of restricting to one kingdom per event it could be five. And four troop types instead of one. The actual number isn’t critical, just the idea that it’s not so limiting as it is now.

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I prefer these new modes to Guild Wars. Yes they could do with some fine tuning…


I like the new game modes as they propose a new set of game rules, like GW is.

But there are issues:

  • the Boss’s stats level up too much, because of that Mang became one of the best option to win against him
  • solution: it could be like bounties and offer the possibility to play whatever Boss level we want (but you can still unlock higher level by winning): a spinbox for the Boss Level is not so difficult to add… It’s almost possible to do that actually by killing the Boss and then getting killed, but it’s just boring to loose on purpose…
  • battle rewards are crappy, and a lot of members in my guild believe that they are wasting their time doing these modes: no trophy, no glory, few golds
  • solution: add some trophies and/or glory and/or golds
  • no enough troops to choose (even if I like it because it push us to find new teams, even if it’s limited to some variant of Mang and co.). Devs chose a soft limitation for GW (i.e. you are penalized in terms of points but can use other troops). Not sure if GW should be hard limited like the new game modes or the opposite :thinking:.
  • solution: you get Boss Damage*(the number of troops of the good kingdom or Hero)*0.25

That’s the 3rd Raid Boss and devs didn’t tune anything. I understand that they want some data, but 2 weeks should be enough…


Tuning - 1st week raid 8 matches plus no birds appearing thus no sigils

2nd week raid 7 matches to get a sigil bird to show.

A bird appearing doesn’t mean sigils.

No point in playing raid much because of the massive disparity in bird appearances.

Contact support and you just get the bird.

For a support team which is supposed to issue missing rewards once again there is a massive disparity in how that’s done as well, which does rather support the disparity in bird appearances in the first place.