After two weeks away


I am reminded how much I dislike Guild Wars.


That is your choice.


I very much missed them. Lot of useful troops released since the last GW. Also kicks up guild communication again which is nice.


I missed guild wars. I’d rather fight another guilds lineup instead of a stupid boss or stupid towers over and over again.


After Raid boss and Invasion weeks, I realize now how much more time and money have been spent by the devs/publisher for creating Guild war compared to these 2 new game modes (should I say this game mode as they are so similar).
With GW, there is competition till Sunday. 2 other game modes, its just who will win the sale by auction by dropping 500 more gems to buy tokens until the hammer knock down 3 times.

GW: 7/10
Raid: 3/10
Invasion: 4/10


After having a break from GW for two weeks, I’m actually a bit excited to play it again. I’m glad they went with an every 3 weeks schedule. For me, it helps prevent burn out on a high pressure mode.


Great decision by the devs to run it every 3rd week. :+1:


Every third week is good.

Keep the schedule as it is and work on improving each mode.


Add another new mode and run it once a month, you cannot have enough variety.


I wonder If GW will ever become pay to win. Pay x amount of gems for a “do over” match. :thinking: lol.