Event planning

So, if the planning on taransworld is right, next week ( nov 7th) we are going to have a new kingdom, the tower, legend reborn, GW and invasion.

Ok… you guys think it fine like this?


Not a new kingdom, it a “Broken Spire Rework”, a kingdom pass.

Whatever it is, I’m so dissappointed. Trying to catch up with all the events becomes too difficult for me.


Thank you for the clarification.

Since we are focused GW, We prefer our week more on the quiet side :sweat_smile:

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You mean you have other things to do next week and can’t play gems 24/7?

Huh… :thinking::man_facepalming:

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Did the devs put in every possible event on this ToD week?

Oh, there could have been a pet rescue Saturday on top of everything…
And maybe a Journey event too?


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This week event wise is reminding me of the Cabin scene from My Cousin Vinny.

I’d say it feels like a spit in the face, but vomiting seems more appropriate with the volume.

So many events in one week is insane, especially after a reasonable holiday event that showed how it can be done well. This is overloading on the FOMO and even the paywall has issues with a repeat pet and weapon that may or may not be craftable later on.


I don’t know why one week we have only one guild event. And this week we have 3 guild event with kingdom events, that take even more time. I don’t have so much time for all. Really crazy schedule. In my guild, everyone gets tired of so many events.