September Event Calendar

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Hey all, Here is a look at September* 15th – 19th there will be a Gem sale weekend! *While events are scheduled in advance, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances the events may be swapped or changed last minute. So please be aware that when the schedule is shared, it is also subject to change. Reminder:…


What I would really find helpful in this calendar is dates on which paygated content gets released for everybody to obtain. Things like tarot cards, holiday event troops, legends reborn pets, campaign mythics and such. This is information surprisingly difficult to obtain for players, any chance you could add it?


Great idea 4.21, but how would this even work when we normally get infos like “in 3-4 weeks after the event ends” which normally is one of the more precise mentions. If seemingly devs don’t even know or plan it out beforehand.
I’d obviously also hope for some completely precise dates on certain f2p releases.

Worth mentioning, I looked at [15], for a split second thought there’s something awesome happening, then read it is just a pay4gems situation and went back to not caring for it.

At least we got a “[for now] confirmation” on the next vault event and a new spoiler for end of september vault. lets see if it will be happening when it already is included that “changes can happen last minute”. Well thought through to cover the bases but hopefully it isn’t meant as “skipped completely”.


Is there no Guild Wars during September?

What does the blue color mean starting 11th?

Guild Wars for 2 weeks starting on the 11th? :laughing:

Seriously though, GW wasn’t shown on last month’s calendar either.

Blue represented a holiday event on last calendar but doesn’t seem to be one next month.
Maybe they just copy/pasted the format?

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It could be a legends reborn event.

According Taran’s there’s one starting on the 4th. Maybe that got postponed?


I really appreciate you giving us an event calendar but can’t we just have plain text?

What good does this do if we have to look up what everything means elsewhere anyway?


Yeah, sounds about right. Normal automate all and dont spell check the kingdoms etc. Working as intended

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Still don’t know why the calendar shows weeks beginning on Sundays either. :confused:


This! Weekly reset happens on Monday… no events start on Sunday.
And… can we please have words on the calendar… keep the crests, if you have to. But give us words (names of kingdoms, classes, delves, pets…) too. Please!


Hey all,

The blue was my mistake, I had missed removing some of the colouring from August!

As for the week starting on Sunday, just out of habit from my own calendars :upside_down_face: but I’ll make note of feedback for future calendars!


@Jeto - we can, if we have to, learn to live with a uncommon Sunday start - the main interesting parts/ideas are again linked below…


If we follow up on the calendar it should look something like this for the upcoming

vault event dates:
september 29 - october 01
october 27 - october 29
november 24 - november 26
december 22 - december 24
january 19 - january 22

not an ideal date for the december vault event if we consider christmas to be somehow important for maybe a handful of people.
many countries celebrate christmas on slightly different dates but it would be awesome if vault event of december 22 - december 24 could just be switched (not cancel’d !) with either the arena weekend two weeks prior (december 08 - december 10) or the arena weekend two weeks after (january 05 - january 07).

plenty of time to maybe get a comment on this situation / request (and some further planning).

@Nimhain @Kafka
@Jeto @OminousGMan


And, maybe, also release Mrs Kris Krinkle troop that gives orbs and bans for everyone!


I second that. The bans, not the movement of the event. If I’m not getting banned again, I probably only have time to play over the holidays. :thinking:

There’s a vault every month now, no need to move, just play in the next month.


I agree with this. Now that the vault events are every 4 weeks, I don’t see why it needs to be moved at all. They’re no longer super rare events, so if you miss one, you miss one. Plus I’m sure there are some people for whom the days before Christmas are a better time.


First, thanks for “silently” (seemingly) postponing the Vault event to december 29 - december 31.
My guess is, that it only has to do with the implementation of new kingdom Mydnight and the class weekend event, right? So basically that just got added and nothing else was even considered/done, just coincidence, right? “Very interesting” what “nowadays” all is possible while Kingdom Pass and/or Holiday Event are running as well compared to around a year ago when Vault events just disappeared and vanished completely. :wink:

Can we finally please have a “official” december event calendar?

tldr - thx for reschedule

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Some people are asking for the calendar, why? Before we didn’t have that.

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And we’re not allowed to ask for it… ‘because’?

If you don’t want it, don’t need it, don’t care for it - please just move on. :slight_smile:

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