New Event Calendar Posts!


Hey all!

With 7.0 released we can also share a small Community plan we have been working on. Each month we plan to release an event calendar with a blog post to give you all an idea of what is to come in the month ahead!

This will include the weekly and weekend event, the Kingdom, Campaign details, the daily events and any other events running throughout the month.

Without further ado, here is August*!

Currently, this will be only for PC, mobile, Xbox & Sony platforms, with plans in future to release a Switch schedule as well.

*While events are scheduled in advance, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances the events may be swapped or changed last minute. So please be aware that when the schedule is shared, it is also subject to change.


We have an article that covers what each of these different icons are, for the various events in Gems of War. As well as links further to a list of the Class, Faction and Kingdom shields!


What’s that weird thing on Sunday, kingdom week? Isn’t that a day early?

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The link for more information sends you to a page where you need to login to be able to get to it.


and it still ends up with a starting page instead of any info


Can I pitch the idea to make weeks Mon - Sun instead of Sun - Sat? I know Sunday being the first day of the week is a thing in many places, but GoW weeks run Mon - Sun, the calendar would make a lot more sense that way.

And thank you for doing this! Helps us plan things :grin:


Not to rain on anyone’s parade but wouldn’t a text version be easier?

I love the idea but I don’t have all the symbols memorized and looking them up every time would be a PITA.

You could do both, too. Pretty please? :cherries:


Ditto for me, too. What’s the point to “more information” if the link merely takes me to the zendesk home screen – even after logging in – and I can’t find any monthly calendar page?

probably a typo. weeks have always started on mondays

well, vault once a month is kind of nice.

Now if only they buffed the Arena event to not be such a waste of time, I’d be sold on the weekend event lineup.

Deciphering the actual calendar:

August 14th is Guild Wars, which is why they have their symbols start on Sunday (even though the next kingdom events start Monday), so they can fit GW in for those weeks with 2 weekly events.

Coincidentally, I have no idea what the symbol is for August 4th. Vault is on the side column.

Conveniently, Legends Reborn starts July 31st, which isn’t part of August and yet is pretty vital to know. :sweat_smile:


Ugh. Me too. I can log in but all I get is a search bar.

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Oh, you mean like this. Because this is crystal clear!


Hey now, not fair to use better community-made products against the devs!
They really are too busy not playing to care about making something usable.


vault event displayed to happen every 4 weeks? awesome!
seems as sus as starting a week with sunday instead of monday.

Has anyone else noticed the new event (captain) troop (Slughorder) for next week’s Invasion event has the Godslayer trait instead of the Siegebreaker trait?

yup, been waiting to see if the Gems team does anything about it.

8-ball would show: Outlook not so good


With a attentive team this shouldn’t happen in the first place. :wink:

It has been mentioned a few times in the forum since weeks, so the “qa team” that is famously “active” in the forum “should” know about the matter. If “they” delivered the news to the “devs” is a question we can’t answer. Yet. Normally “the player-sided” negative pre-assumptions about such processes that aren’t working quite well tend to be accurate, which is worrying.

Benefit of a doubt. And such… Question then would be why it takes so long, why not fix it right away, why wait until last minute possibly, to just let other bugs emerge then due to quickfix-failures.


That’s actually awesome.

I’d like to have that one all the time, please.

This shows dedication to the game, and love for the players this is meant to help.

If here is a person, who’s as stupid as I am, what is light blue days? Guild war?

August 14-27, it’s a Holiday Event

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