New Event Calendar Posts!

Thanks. Not obvious, as for me

So you wasted time and resources creating an image of a calendar which only a mere fraction of players are able decipher?
And on top of that, it’s practically the same type of spoilers we were fetching from 3rd-party sites for years.


Maybe they used said site data to even create the image? :slight_smile:


I saw it posted on the GoW Alliance Discord

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Hi, can you tell me where you got this calendar? I used it all last month and want to continue when they work on another one. It’s awesome. Thanks.

Hi all,

As we always say spoilers from 3rd party sites aren’t accurate, and were subsequently asked for an official content calendar, Jeto spent the time to make one.

We are revising the readability of the calendar.

Thanks Jeto for taking the time to be able to share the offical content calendar publicly a month in advance, which is something we’ve never been able to do before, and for taking the time to make and post the calendar despite how busy you are <3


It’s great that @Jeto is doing it, don’t get anyone wrong or think we’re ungrateful.

It’s just that the fan made one is way easier to understand.

If you guys would work closer with the community and use our combined abilities, some greatness could be achieved (and it would also be less of a burden on you guys).

I also play one other game and there are community run events that the devs embrace and announce ingame. They even made bundles for those so the players have help promoting their event and the company has help selling special bundles.

Total win-win.

Now you can’t sell an event calendar, obviously, but combine strengths and have an easier way to provide something great for the players.


would be nice, but

  • takes time and you need to have deep knowledge of the game
  • it can’t be measured if this generates the company “income” (but probably would…)
  • consuela: “no. nooo. nooo.”

just imagine if we had a rework of year long existing (useless) troops to actually make them not just slightly better while remaining useless, but make them actually useful by overworking traits and spells. it could’ve even been through voting of several troops in the forums or even ingame somehow.
instead, lets make some of them shiny. but players shall work for that during a yearlong process. ugh…


Well, for thr calendar for example I’m sure it would take less time to give the players already making them the official info and then sharing it on the forums - or to ask them if they’d kindly provide the template.

Of course you’d have to know this even exists.

The company should really invest some of that money they make into a dedicated community manager. Someone who has the time and knowledge to work closely with players and devs.