This week has hit rock-bottom

Today is a holiday here at my place, so cheers, I could start with events and tasks right in the morning. This week we have:

  • An arena event without weapons but with an absolutely amazing one-hitting troop preset.
  • A campaign that forces you to play that arena. Yeah!
  • Two arena events this week. Double yeah!!
  • A campaingn forcing you to play a treasure hunt. Luckily I had that one single last map left, so I could do it right away. And luckily there is arena, so treasure hunts are NOT the worst game mode in the game. (You might disagree in this point, but you are wrong.)
  • A campaign with a 2-days-blocker… so much joy on a single day would have been to much anyways, good I’ve got something left to do tomorrow, after a full day of work, after delving
  • A world event forcing you to play with Divinion field troops. Widely known to be one of the best - almost overpowered - kingdoms, which troops are used in Guild Wars, Tower and Delving all the time.
  • A world event forcing you to play with Oracle hero. You know that we all have Oracle on 100 because it is so good, what a pity for the wasted XP.
  • A world event against webbing, respawning, +skull damage when webbed teams. Thank god we can use the best troops, heros and weapons in our arsenal to fight those dasdartly beasts.

So I have done all of the above (except day 2 of the campagin…), because I wanted the campagin done and my guild wants the the greater orb. But the fun in the game has not just diminished, weeks and events like this are plain punishment. This week is not playing a game, this is tedious work.

I’m pissed and I’m mad.


You’re not forced to play this game.


The players are not forced to play the game for sure. But the game’s USP was you could play it at your pace. I don’t think that is applicable anymore. OP got a point and it would be wise to acknowledge the same, because we know it is true.


Going by global recruiting activities I believe guild leaders have been hearing this very phrase unusually often in the recent past. I really hope there is some secret master plan in place to address the situation, a lot of players currently seem to feel they need to force themselves to play the game.


Thankfully I only had to fight the remaining two battles from the Arena I started last week. I’m still not happy about it tho.

Troops might not be the best, but at least the medal buffs both attack and magic.

I’m trying to think of other positive things to say…um, drawing a blank. I try to think but nothing happens.


that’s not realy true - you can use any class you want… only troops and weapons are restricted to DP, but yeah… some people might not like it :slight_smile:

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Spooky Imp is definitely not one-shotting. Haven’t read further yet, but that’s so off-base I doubt I’ll bother to.


True. Imp needs a buff to one shot. But hey doomskulls don’t need any excuse to wipe your team. A long standing bug takes care of that

I actually like this week’s world event a lot, maybe the best we had so far, precisely because we finally got an almost challenging one.

Campaign tasks are just the usual weekly chores.

I agree on the lack of excitement for arena events, which I’ll therefore ditch. Just a feedback for devs: the only thing worse than arena is arena with a constrained troop. It goes straight against the only enjoyable point of arena right now, which is diversity.


The summoning is annoying but apart from that this event really isn’t too bad. It’s actually pretty easy.

I say that after winning 136 battles and having Webspinner at level 800+