Tower of Doom is now the worst guild event

Congratulations devs. Unity is karma for all the changes you have made to what was an amazing Gems of War game.

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My least favourite events/modes:

  1. Guild War
  2. Journey
  3. Bounty
  4. Treasure Hunt
  5. Vault Weekend
  6. Kingdom Reborn campaign
  7. Underspire
  8. Tower after floor 25

Not even close…


Wait, you didn’t mention Arena…please don’t tell me that you like Arena? :scream: :rofl:


No, that’s just a non-event. :rofl: A free weekend if you will.


Its way better than GW still in my opinion


If we are strictly talking sigil-based events then my least favorite is probably Class Challenge.

OP stated “guild event,” so only GW/Invasion/Journey/Raid/ToD/World events count?

Everything else is a solo thing.

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Guild Wars is best if you are a competitive person. I loathe TOD because Luck is worth less and weapon restrictions makes it tedious which is opposite of challenging to me at least. I lose valravens now. Bounty and arena are boring and I don’t even bother with those modes


You mean 25 free gems mode? :thinking:

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All guild events have become kind of tedious.

Not sure yet which one is the worst, but I don’t really enjoy tower of doom with being forced to use a weapon that is subpar.

The troops we’re forced to use for the other guild events are at least really useful. They get extra magic and have skills that impact the battles are (though I wonder if we’ll get the same kind of journey troop forever now).

But the weapons are just bad.

If they also at least had a boosted effect of any kind but not even that. They just take up a team spot…


I can’t believe they didn’t realize the new ToD was going to be bad before they forced an awful weapon with no use other than being a meatshield on everyone. I figured they were smart enough after the first failure not to carbon copy the weapon with a different color and do it again.

We went from being a top 2 or 3 guild every Doom event to not caring real fast.


Oh I won’t say “no” to a few easy Gems, but still.

I gotta say for me it’s definitely a real slog. I do not look forward to doing this event with the restrictions it currently has.


The scouting and telling your guild is the real slog. It should be once a member defeats the room it reveals it to everyone else in the guild.


Our guild is fine with this event. We finished all tiers Thursday. We alternate scouting. Posting is tedious and OP suggestion is warranted. We’ve come up with decent teams.

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I hate ToD.

So time consuming - lousey rewards.


The other issue is if you play later in week the scouting disappears from guild chat. So folks are forced to use other methods or have to scout again. Once scouted I like idea of being able to see rooms like someone suggested. Scouting sucks because of having to post it places.

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very true, unless you luck out in one of those guilds which reposts all the rooms for you at the end of the week for the weekend warriors. :wink:

I agree. Being forced into using the event weapon, pretty much means we are all stuck playing 3 slot teams instead of 4. So now the mode is pretty tedious.

The real head scratcher for me is, WHY? I can completely understand the changes to Raid and Invasion. Maybe I’m in a weird guild, but we are all still buying the same tier or (ironically) lower than we bought in the old ToD. Meanwhile, I’m seeing more people just sort of getting to a “respectable” score and then stopping.


Yea i just left my old guild and joined a new one on sunday, i had like 110 points and my old guild BARELY reached teir 10, and i joined a new one where about 7 people had 100 points (and many others with decent numbers of points), and they BARELY got tier 13, the scoring on ToD needs to be looked at ASAP, its completely unsustainable for how garbage the scoring is with needing to use a 3-troop team since the weapons are complete garbage right now.