Quit sabotaging a game we love

Honestly ask your self devs. Do you want to stay employed? Do you want players to keep playing your game? Your need to keep all and everything random is growing more disparaging by the day.

Please don’t dismiss my minority but vocal voice as just one player. I speak for a large audience who endures World Events instead of enjoying them. You ruin the event by making the tier requirements fluctuating and having to track the best way to score every week. I’ll leave the random troop and weapon selection out of it for the sake of brevity.

But basically this event is a 3/10 stars. The only stars being earned for the magic boosting medals. Everything else feels like a video game created by an AI that doesn’t know any better…oh wait. :frowning:


Ps… The event a lone requires on average 90 battles to complete. No one on your staff has even completed 90 battles so far this year.

So please trust in someone who has actually played your game and paid to enjoy it.


I do not see the number of battles a problem.
90 battles a week is ~13 battles a day, not that much, maybe 1 minute per battle.
Otherwise I agree with your post!

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Only an issue in the context of the devs who make the game worse and worse while also playing the game less and less.

To me, the problem isn’t the number of battles. The problem is that most (if not all) players would have to spend a whopping 500 gems to finish this guild event, while most other guild events only require 100 or 250 gems per player to finish, sometimes even less. Yet the rewards aren’t any better in this guild event than the cheaper ones.


and also … we have that Construct Invasion on weekend do’h :face_with_thermometer:

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I’ll bet the developers don’t even see this as a thing worth addressing. Either they want this as a gem sink for those of us who play more and have more resources squirreled away, or they figure that most guilds and most players don’t really play World Events heavily enough for it to matter to them. Or both.

I understand that this is a thing for a lot of us here in these spaces. But I also wouldn’t take those of us here in these spaces as a representative cross-section of the player base at large. So what matters to us may not really be as much of a thing to the greater community and therefore a thing to the developers who likely care about the greater community (if they care about particular tranches of the player base at all, or at least more than other tranches).

I hate this part in particular. Starting the week, there’s no way for the player to know how far to buy in the shop. Which I suppose is the point, they don’t want us to know when tier II is enough, they want us to aim further by default.

But honestly, if the alternative is to make it require tier IV every week, I would prefer the confusion of sometimes tier II being enough. For a lot of guilds, that’s the only way to see any events completed.

The points per battle being hidden is :poop: . Just put the expected points for the battle on the battle icon already.



I know people have complained about the variety of scoring mechanisms across events, but I think they’re alright because it makes World Events just a tad less repetitive, and goodness knows we could use less repetition. However, the only reason I don’t mind the scoring mechanisms is because I see the event guides sent straight to my Discord.

I’d venture to guess the vast majority of the playerbase doesn’t know those guides exist! They are either playing blindly, assuming the highest rarity/level is best, or hearing about scoring through word of mouth (word of screen?). I can’t for the life of me understand why points are not visible anywhere in the game - at very least, put the scoring rules in the event description or something. IP2 already writes those rules out weekly for the forum posts - put them in-game!

I guess it’s not that I don’t understand why this hasn’t been implemented. Players assuming high-level, high-rarity battles are best AND not knowing how many tiers to buy leads to more gems spent and more losses in battles (leading to more gems spent). I guess I just don’t like it. :roll_eyes:


I don’t even pay to play thats just a waste of money. I rather regrind all the kingdoms again if I could.

I don’t know about you but I work during the day. I have maybe 1 hour at night to play, if I am not sneaking on during the day. 13 battles take me 1 hour. I have not only that group, but the daily tasks, the dungeon, and if it’s delve or pet day that to do as well. Last week I managed to get a lot of battles done because I was waiting for a set of large scans to save to disk. But this week, I’ve just got my account open to collect goodies each hour and MAYBE get a pet rescue.


The minimum tier buy in is the problem for me. We only get so many gems/day without paying for them. Things like this limit what I can do the rest of the week. Limits Faction, Class, and weekend event for example.
Also, this kind of scoring is sooooo slow. I like to pound out full participation on Monday or Tuesday whenever possible. Impossible this week. So, again, I will be limited on TIME for other events as well.


The only good thing about the event is spell damage medals we have to use in said crappy event and cant use outside it. Its like the peanut in the turd


They do turn into epic medals to use on troops, though while letting you use Aranaea to upgrade to Anu

I’m even inclined to bet the developers aren’t even aware that there is something that should be addressed. Posts about an event spontaneously costing triple the participation fee probably get categorized as “random whining about cost”, so it will never reach them.


The devs care about zero other than cash and time away from the office. Unresolved bugs spanning years? Wake up.

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Played this game for about 4-5 years, quit last month and haven’t looked back. I used to love playing Gems, but it became a monotonous chore after a while - instead of getting excited to get new cards and try out new teams, I found my myself grinding day after day. The game lost its way recently, there is just so much random content that it’s lost it’s appeal - and I’m sure there are others out there that feel the same.


You have not looked back, but what are you doing in the game forum? Looks to me that you are not able to leave the game entirely.

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Apparently I forgot to ‘unsubscribe’ from the emails and newsletter, apologies Eika.

I did think a little feedback after so many years of playing and paying into the game wasn’t such a terrible thing.

I will be sure I no longer involve myself in the forums your highness.


It was just a question, no need to take it so very personal. :joy: