Guild event scoring/rewards

I’ve posted it in a few topics already, but I feel like it should be its own at this point. The new scoring and rewards thresholds for guild events are incredibly unfriendly to those guilds that didn’t previously complete the events. Moving the 3 celestial traitstones to tier 13 put them completely out of reach for any guild that does not have full participation, and that was my guild’s weekly goal, since they were massively beneficial to the newer players that we enjoyed helping.

I really like my guild, but only getting 1 shiny key per week from the events means that my only options as an achievement hunter are to spend 10/20 dollars per week on the offer, or to leave the guild I’m in and join one that actually does require full participation. The choice would be incredibly easy if it wasn’t for the fact that I enjoyed helping newer players. By having ~5 people in the guild I’m in push hard in the events, other people could spend their time how they wanted and still get decent rewards. Since this is not the case anymore, I now have to leave the guild in order to earn any meaningful rewards, and them losing one of the people that pushed events will hurt the newer players that much more.

So thanks, GoW, for making me choose between saving my wallet or sticking with friends and helping new players. Making us have to work harder to reach the same tier reward each week, and then having those rewards be worse than they used to be was such a negative change. It would have been fine if all the added score requirements had been added on to just the end tiers (13-16), giving the high participation guilds more goals to strive for, but instead, you just made it harder for middling guilds to get any kind of rewards at all.

tl/dr: GoW is effectively making some people choose between friends or progress, and thats pretty crappy.

Also, when are we going to hear anything about easing the gem dragon situation? i just opened my 7th green dragon and if theres anything thats going to stop me from spending gems on dragonite its the fear of opening an 8th.


+1 hear, hear! I feel like we are in identical situations. You pretty much described my situation and guild perfectly!


I’d like to add that even for seasoned guilds with required event participation the new scoring is hard and most of all - time consuming! I’ve got two accounts, one in a guild that has completed every event practically forever, and one in a guild that usually reached reward 10/11, depending on the week and event. The lower guild is able to reach 10/11, but it takes more effort from people who play, more event tiers purchased, than before, contrary to what the devs promised. The higher guild still finishes the events, but it’s no longer on a Friday (so that we can have a free weekend), it’s usually Saturday evening or Sunday after weekly reset. I know that having two accounts is my choice, but in all honesty - people are EXHAUSTED. Even those who only have one account. I have two because I wanted to help younger players, just like Schaafy. But this is getting harder and harder, and more time consuming. And, in all honesty, without players like us, who make it a point to HELP the new players, the playerbase would be shrinking even more than it seems to be shrinking at the moment. Do you really want that, dear devs?

My take is this: it takes MUCH more time to play the battles needed to reach all rewards, but it is also more time consuming to reach the old 10/11 (not to mention the optics - 10/11 out of 12 doesn’t look bad and promises that if people grow, that last reward WILL be within reach. 10/11 out of 16 - this looks horrible!!!).

We should now stop for a moment and think WHY. Why is this all taking so long?

  1. event medals were taken away - battles take longer
  2. we have to play more battles altogether - and the difficulty spike is the same as before, so we play more battles with higher difficulty levels - and so, battles take longer
  3. in ToD - the forced use of event weapon is BAD BAD BAD, effectively forcing us to create a 3-troop team - making it all take longer, again
  4. in invasion - the number of towers to kill, even with score doubling, is absurdly high;
  5. in Journey - the players are actively punished by lower score when the battles get harder - and now we need to play more battles than in the pre-7.0 version
  6. the only event which hasn’t suffered all that much thanks to how scoring is designed is Raid Boss, but it still takes many, many difficult battles per person to reach rewards.

All the above - takes more than the new-ish players have to give, both in terms of troops (and stat points) and gems for tier purchases.

We got double scoring, but the points needed to reach the new 13-16 rewards (and in all honesty, even the old 12 is now harder for the people in guilds where not everyone buys in high tiers and plays everything) are much higher than the double scoring. Not to mention the effort. It takes so. much. time. So much time. So, so much time. I practically haven’t played PvP (except Vault weekend and getting to tier 1 on Sunday) in weeks, or months, ever since 7.0 I no longer have the time, because weekly guild events take so much of the time I can dedicate to GoW. I no longer have time to play any explores. Is this really intentional? Do you really want to burn out your players?

Dear devs. We are people. We have lives. Work. Friends. Children. Parents. We have reached the point where people have to start choosing: friends in real life or friends in the game. And no, buying headstart offer to ease the grind a little bit isn’t a solution for most, even for those who do spend money on your game.

These new rules in guild events are not just unfriendly to those guilds that didn’t previously complete the events, they are out of touch with reality and with how much time people can dedicate to what is, for all intents and purposes, a match-3 game with extra twists.


We’ve completed every event since I joined my guild nearly 4 years ago. But we’re definitely having to push harder to clear all rewards now.

And we lost one of our OG members, one of only a handful who had been in the guild longer than I have. Quit the game over the harder events. I’m not exaggerating when I say I cried when he left.


I will repeat what I posted in another thread. End-level players now have to spend more time and more money, yet they are not getting what they seek the most - books. Even the new Underspire does not give any books. So they feel they are spending more but still not making any more progress. I am a mid-level player still but have spoken to a few end-level players since I will reach that stage soon - and I am worried this game is not one for end-level players. It is almost as if this was done on purpose to get rid of older players.

Then mid-level players like myself do not benefit much from guild event rewards either. Plus the lengthened events have become way too expensive, yet many guilds insist on completing them and expect you to buy extra tiers. I could not join many guilds when I was searching for one because of this requirement. I cannot afford extra tiers every damn week for paltry rewards to boot.

Yet I do not want to play in a completely dead and inactive guild, so it was hard to find and active one that is not fanatical about events.


I feel you. The Journey Event is the only event where we really push hard on because that is the only way to get those Deed Books in this game without spending cash.

We were all very happy when we got two books from the last event. LOL.
Would really be great to get more of those rewards that we can’t get from the Vault.