Why are we being punished?

Feel the devs are punishing it’s player base. With the recent upgrade, when games switched back to week long Invasions and Raids, the game have gotten so difficult, and take such a long time, it seriously makes the game hard to enjoy.

I’ve played for years, now, starting when the only guild even was Guild Wars. While they game has grown and added play, none of it as been as overwhelming as the last few months. IN our guild family, the lower guild, which used to consistently close Stage 10 and get 3 Celestial Traitstones, can barely close 10, and doesn’t get that kind of reward anymore.

So I ask… why are we being punished? Why must this be so player unfriendly? Moreover, why must we play for hours on end to finish any event anymore?


I’ll copy my post from a while back, which got hidden in a different thread, but I think it deserves digging up, and so does the entire discussion in it as well.

Just to add on it - WEs now suffer the same fate: longer battles, more battles.

This is not our day job, this is entertainment…


Not to mention that even if you can handle the upper levels, it is BORING to play the same game mode that much.


That was my main problem last week, Journey was so incredibly boring! Fill Sir, cast Sir, cast Sir, cast Sir, cast Sir, shake, repeat. I was going stir crazy. Thank RNGsuses we don’t have to worry about breaking the loop and being punished this week, so I don’t have to use Chalcedony…


All of the events are pretty bad now.
Journey is terrible. Having score tied to turns pretty much forces you to play exactly “this way” the entire event. What fun!
TOD is a joke with the req to bring a useless weapon.
WEs have no way to double your score but the scores needed to complete stages, don’t reflect that.
Invasion and Raid are not as annoying to play but good luck clearing stages.

ALL of them seem way more time consuming. When you add in things like the Underspire and Epic trials, a “normal” week can get draining. If something else is running like Legends reborn or a holiday event, better forget having a life if you want to do everything.


I suggest taking a break from the game if you are no longer having fun. FOMO gets exhausting after a while. You can always come back to the game, and most of the time you can catch up after a short while. Tarot cards can be a pain though.


I don’t think it’s burn out tbh. I am very casual but Ive been playing since way back when. I just play an hour or 2 a day on my phone when Im doing mundane activities where my hands are free. And I feel it too. Things have changed for the worse recently. :confused:


I wouldn’t start getting burned out, if it weren’t for the absurd requirements and tough, long, boring battles for guild events, which leave little to no time for anything else that I’d actually LIKE to play in GoW.

This game used to be very generous in that it allowed us to play what we wanted and how we wanted, with a few daily event battles for guild events daily, which didn’t took much time. Now the event battles take forever and one day. There needs to be more battles played per player and as a result - they reach higher levels and take longer (and not all event modes have mechanisms that actually help win these higher level battles, some are downright punishing to the player). This is what’s getting to me, not the game itself. I still like to match-3…


Over the years, more and more stuff got added and regularly still gets newly added that “should” be acvtivated/played daily.
The worst is time limited events (duration of 1-2 weeks) you “should play daily” because of otherwise complete daily resets / sigil loss that’s also otherwise play-limited due to completely fantasy overpriced gem exchange costs for additional sigils if you want to play more on a certain day - or has otherwise general restrictions - so if you have a competitve nature or want to complete it, it basically forces you to play daily.

They know exactly what players would like to do: play through a whole event on day 1, or freely play completely flexible (no expiring sigils, no team restrictions, etc). Peasant players, that shall cost you!

That isn’t necessarily just explained with “fomo” to make it “the players fault”, that’s a bit too easy. You enjoy the game, but parts of it are just designed in this toxic way. If you don’t want to or can’t play daily for some events you only have the more or less reasonable options of

  • still playing daily
  • a braindead expensive gem exchange rate if you want to play more on a certain day
  • “buying” with real money and fantasy pricings
  • settle for less and be dissatisfied
  • skipping completely because “a partial play won’t be enough and is therefore basically useless”

The only way for me to master this with a outside world job, family and other time consuming interests is to take regular looks at the spoiler schedules and play my stuff in a planned through way, f.e. tuesday, wednesday, thursday are “off days” for me, because underworld, pets, classes are all maxed and the rewards are just sad so it isn’t even play-worthy. No GW, no underspire except f2p kill boss2. monday and ~during weekend (maybe even including friday) you play your guild event chores and maybe some weekend new faction release or a vault weekend. Just do the absolute bare minimum in everything and otherwise play freely explore1/explore12 if you have additional time and will to do so.
I have to admit ~2016 and the following years of gameplay were way more fun. Everything is just crowded nowadays. How cool would it be instead of weekly new releases to get old troops and weapons “overworked” to eventually be “playable”. Just too much of everything and you still only play Diamantina - if you’re able to.


Happy players are bad customers. Someone, who enjoys the game, has no incentive to pay money except for gratitude.
The goal is to make regular gameplay a degree of suffering, that is high enough to “encourage” financial relief, while not hitting the mark, where a critical amount of players leave the game (non-paying players leaving would not be a bad thing in itself, but might discourage paying players, if they are the only ones left).

I imagine, a notable share of profits goes towards some marketing algorithms, that determine how to push players just that liiiitle bit further.

I’ve been criticising the concept of cancer games, that grow without reason until they collapse under their own weight, for years. Makes some good advertisement, if you can push out “content” updates every other month, and may see a short burst in money and ressources spent, but kills the game ultimately.

And just wait until they notice, that they could run multiple guild events at once every week and have the rewards unlocked by the combined score.
Or until they turn bounty, vault and arena into guild events too to increase the peer pressure.

This game has taught me never to begin one again, where I don’t have to pay in advance.


The last paragraph says it all. Yes, the majority of us are being punished. Only those high level players will complete the new events – you know, the ones who would always complete them, and the ones who don’t need the extra resources those events bring guilds. The rest of us were deemed unworthy and punished.

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problem for me is: that last paragraph is just wrong!
t12 in WE isn’t achievable with roughly the same amount as usual now.
they changed scoring for raid and invasion, after we showed them that there scoring is wrong, but now they refuse to do it for WE!

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Raid and Invasion reward thresholds weren’t changed recently? (not since 7.0 update) Only Journey.

World event ones are too high now though :frowning_face:

I agree with you guys. The game feels more and more like work with every new patch they release. More stuff to do means more opportunities for them to throw money offers at us. It has gone too far.

But you know what’s funny about this?

They can’t increase the number of real money offers for Switch users because Nintendo has a policy that prevents the developers from adding any more to the game.

Thank God. It has to stop.

When I look at other platforms and all the events, requirements, and other things you want to do, it is overwhelming. Lock yourself inside and don’t talk to anyone because you have no life if you want to keep up and finish everything.

“Hey, you want to go out drinking with us?”

“No, I have to play gems of war…”

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sorry, you are right, they changed only journey scoring.
they do so many bugs and wrong decisions lately that i was confused

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i think switch users were and still are punished enough by devs, lol

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I am now anticipating the “darkest timeline” where World events are restored to almost every week, requiring tier VI for all members in a full guild for all rewards.

Invasion & Raid moved back to weekend events again, new thresholds also applied.

:fearful: :laughing:

Even the changed scoring for RB and Invasion, and Journey, is still absurd and too high for most people, considering the sheer TIME needed to complete more difficult battles. I haven’t suddenly gained more time to play when the 7.0 update dropped, just to accommodate more difficult and longer battles in my daily schedule. When will the devs understand that? Will they ever?

If the devs really wanted to give the top of the top guilds something extra to do, I’m sure they had (and likely still have) tons of ideas that don’t actively punish the other 98% players and don’t put excessive and REALLY UNNECESSARY pressure to people who aren’t at the end game yet. Instead, this is what we got. And really, dear devs, if you think reward 12 now requires a similar effort - think again, or better yet, ASK your playerbase. The same playerbase that’s been reporting that the new-old events require excessively more time than it would seem straight from the points needed to complete everything ever since the new-old events went live. This week’s WE is just icing on the cake.


Maybe “roughly the same amount of effort” refers to the total amount of gems and time spent among all active players (with said amount of players dropping steadily). After all, that’s the bit, that is relevant to the people behind the game.

Once they remove Jeto and Bramble from the paylist to save money, so that Kafka has to deal with “roughly the same amount” of work, I won’t feel sorry.


You are lacking phantasy, if that’s the worst you can picture.

How about that: Early event tiers, let’s say up to 7, give negative rewards, with guilds breaking even at around 10-12, and getting most of the stuff on the final two tiers.
I bet, that would “encourage” guilds to be more “active” (at least once the one inevitable dummy who does not read the chat has brought them into minus).

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