Hey DEVS ! Thanks but no thanks

You wanna purposely have me run out sigils and expect me to use gems to get orb for last stage of fraction yet you wanna rip off my teammate of 1500 gems that was well deserved for 1st in guild wars. I am disgusted by the whole issue so I will NOT!!! be spending gems sorry



If you didn’t lost a round at the event and you made all rooms, then you usually end up at level 90 and this amount of points. So its also enough to buy shop tier 1, which are only 30 gems. This amount is easily farmed by just collecting your tribute every hour. So no need to spend any money there.

I think the most are aware of the issue with your guildmate and the 1.500 gems, so it’s not really helpful if you create such topics due to your frustration now.

I am sure solutions will be found in future :wink:


Sirrian has written a reply about Guild of Thieves mail issue over here:

As such I will be closing this thread. If you wish to discuss this further please, do so in that thread.