Sad way to finish the year

The player concerned is in the guild since 50 days. But I would have done the same protest if it have been any other member of my guild.


Exactly, as I said, it’s not like you’re asking for 5,000 Gems for “pain and suffering” due to the incident. You just want the reward you were promised for the work you did, which, in this case, is 1,500 gems. What the reward is shouldn’t matter though, it’s the principle of it all. Who cares if it’s 1,500 Gems, Gold, a major Chaos Orb or whatever. You earned it, you should get what you earned. This should be a plain and simple thing to anyone with common sense.

Not the point, mate. Whether you have 50K Gems or 500, you should get the reward that you worked for. Plain and simple. Plus, like Idle said:


Yeah, man. And, unlike what @sdoherty14 said, it shouldn’t matter how many gems you have or how long the member has been in your guild. If they were in the guild when you won GW, they should get the reward for it, same as the other 29 members.

Honestly, I think the only reason some people aren’t on your/his side, is because it’s “you guys”. If it was any other guild, people would be leaping to defend the person who lost their rewards. But, because it’s someone from “that guild”, they’re all like “Who cares? They’re swimming in Gems anyway.” And, as I said, that’s not the point. I don’t care if you’re in a Top Guild or in one Rank 10,700, if you’re a level 50 or level 1,500, if you put in the work, you should get the reward. Simple as that.


I implore thee @Saltypatra & @Cyrup, please make this right.

To confirm, @anon43026234, this took place over 2-3 days?

Hey everyone,

Firstly welcome back after the New Year.

I wanted to jump in here personally and explain exactly why, some time mid-2018, we had to stop compensating players for missed rewards, when their mailboxes filled up, and what steps we took (and will take) to try and stop that happening. As part of our New Year’s resolution, I wanted to be totally transparent on the process here.

Basically, it comes down to a few things:

  1. We need to be very consistent in the way we deal with any request. When we make an exception, everybody expects that exception to apply to them too.
  2. Checking that all compensation has been correctly received & not missed, takes our customer support team a long time (30-40 minutes per request)
  3. Once word got out that we were potentially providing compensation for overflowing mailboxes, dozens of requests (30-40) would roll in every day, with people telling us they missed rewards. Most days, I believe 90+% of these were mistaken, fraudulent, or “just checking”. Note - I’m not implying that this request was fraudulent, just that most of the other ones we received were.

So… We briefly provided this compensation service in mid-2018, but soon after the first time we did it, we had to stop. We realised, over the course of a few weeks, that it was not viable for us to keep doing this - our support team (Cyrup, Kafka, and Vex) can provide about 24 hours of time per day, and up to 20 hours became filled with this task. As you can imagine, it was harming the level of support we could provide our players in other areas of the game.

Furthermore, there was also, an added pressure, where once top guilds knew we were providing this service, they would complete tasks faster at the beginning of the week, knowing that any members who missed would be compensated. We noticed the number of recovery requests start to trend upwards as that happened.

We had to discontinue this policy at that point.

We resolved to provide the following:

  1. A display of the mailbox limits, so players would know how full their boxes could get
  2. I believe we had also, at some point, increased the mailbox limits as far as was practically possible to 100.

So, while we’re very sorry to hear of Guild of Thieves’ full-mailbox issue here, sadly we’re unable to revisit this policy.

Honestly, I’m not happy about it either - I HATE it when our players’ expectations are not met - and looking to future, I’d like to try and solve the problem, potentially by consolidating Legendary Rewards in the mailbox, like we do with regular Guild Tasks, so it’s not a problem.
There are a couple of code/data-architecture complications with that right now, so it’s not a quick fix, but in much the same way we’ve untangled the server code/data to allow free Hero Class Changes (which will be in 4.2.5, due out soon-ish), this is also something I’d like us to devote some time to early this year.


Woah…“soon-ish” is defined as prior to February in the GoW Dictionary. Noice. :grinning:

Amazing idea. :wink:

So, after Sirrian’s reply, how does it feel to be a casualty of people’s poor choices (taking advantage of the system when they did offer refunds) and a company’s hands more or less being “tied”, due to those poor player choices? Doesn’t it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about all this. I’m flabbergasted, at best. And, it sucks that you have to be their “example” of their (new-ish) “policy”. Doesn’t that just make you feel swell? Almost about as happy as getting a root canal would make one feel.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “bad mouthing” any dev, here. People were making crappy choices with a pre-existing policy, so you had to change the policy. Welcome to life, more often than not, it’s unfair. But, it still doesn’t make any of this “right”, by any means.

Also, I wish this “policy” would have been more public before now. Maybe, had that been the case, things like your situation would have happened, less and less. It could have made people more careful about their mail. But, now it is public, and we all know.

Well, “all” is subjective. “All” is those of us on the forums, right now. But those not on here, or those who come on here 6 months from now, when this thread is buried, will not know. They’ll make a ticket, maybe even a thread (much like this one), and all they’ll get is the canned response of “We don’t offer compensation for this. That’s our policy.” And, maybe someone will even link to this thread, and we’ll all be reminded, once again, just how much life is unfair and rarely does “right” by everyone.

So, here we have it. In short, you’re “just” another statistic. You’re “just” another person we can fill under the “life is unfair” category. And, in the grand scheme of things, life will go on, Gems of War will go on. But, I’m sure people won’t fully forget about this. Especially, because if something doesn’t change, it will happen again and again. And, each time, this thread will be referenced, you’ll be referenced. Almost like a court case that sets a precedent. “Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do”, they’ll say, “This is just our ‘policy’.”


Hi Sirrian!

I thank you for having take on your time to answer about that. I understand the problem of having too many requests from players about that. But here a few points about this case:

It was not just a few Legendary tasks that my member missed but it was 1500 gems from Guild war!!! I can assure you he wouldnt even had contacted your customer support if it was just some LTs missing. He is only asking for his 1500 gems he deservely won in last Guild war.

Also in mailbox its written “Limit of 100 in mailbox”. Nowhere its stated that mail 101 will replace mail 1, then mail 102 will replace mail 2 etc… The first 100 mails should stay and the following mails 101, 102,… should not be able to enter mailbox! At your home, in your real mailbox, if its full, will the mailman remove the oldest mail to then insert a new mail?
I can accept a limit of 100 mails but its unacceptable that the most important mail (Guild war in that case) have been replaced by another mail!

So while I can understand this stand of not giving rewards of missing mails when there have been too many Legendary tasks completed, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS KEEP GIVING THE MISSING GUILD WAR REWARD if any player contact your customer support about that! Its not just a normal mail like any other ones.

Happy new year and long live gems of war!



Starting effective last week. You could start a new policy that any player over a certain VIP level will be reimbursed any missing mail. Tickets already ask for the persons VIP level and it’s not hard to check to make sure they aren’t fibbing about it.
Also, if you have more than one person in a guild abuse the system then just penalize that guild. Not everyone in the game.
Or… Start the policy of ONLY reimbursing missing guild wars rewards from the system if the mail gets deleted.

It’s cool that eventually this issue won’t be a problem. But right now it is. There should be more focus on making loyal customers happy. Sometimes doing what’s “not fair” is actually the most “fair” decision.
This thread should be locked. You should send the player 1500 gems and be done with it. In this one case… Trying to save your support staff time has caused EVERYONES time to be wasted. :grinning:


To think this happened during Christmas, a time where people should be spending time with their loved ones. I know I’d probably quit the game if it happened to me, so I could only imagine how much of a negative experience this will cause Slumzee, especially if he’s buying the Ring of Wonder every month.

What’s the point of playing a live service game where the developers don’t care about their players? shrug

I’m glad that Sirrian posted as it was very informative, but I’ve never been a fan of blanket statement policies. Too many innocent people get caught in the wrong end of arbitrary rulings that screws them even if its barely related to the initial reason the blanket statement was created in the first place.

One day, the servers are going to suffer (more than they have been the last few days) and people are going to not receive completed regular tasks with gems in it and guess what the above says? Piss off, your fault for playing the game.

I mean, I’ve already seen it happen twice, but customer support was amazing back then. So it got resolved. Cyrup and Kafka still are amazing (haven’t met Vex), but they’re going to take the brunt of this hands tied deal with upset players that really doesn’t need to happen.


I’m with the Devs on this one :man_shrugging:. It seems like it was the guild’s doing - that there was both enough time and steps that could have been taken to prevent this from happening. While I think it was worth asking to see if something could be done, I also think expecting to be bailed out is unreasonable.

I agree that players should get rewards they’ve earned - but I guess the truth is that they did, in the mail.

I think supporting the Devs, and the game, means supporting their informed decisions as well (even if you personally disagree), rather than just financially. Their lives, their choices :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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Yeah, the mail that they couldn’t collect. Because, like most people, they were on vacation, spending time with their family.

See, this brings up another issue only we console players have: game play limitations. Any PC/Mobile player, right now, from anywhere with Wi-Fi or a decent data signal can even do something as simple as collect their mail in less than a minute. Heck, they could fly 3,000 miles to be with their family for X-Mas, and ten to one, they would have the ability to log into the game and do whatever. Even just to collect mail while brushing their teeth after X-Mas dinner.

We console players don’t have that. If we are not, metaphorically, chained to our Xbox or PS4, we can’t do squat. We can’t do battles, collect mail, tribute, pets, nothing. We are just SOL for the whole Gems experience. And, you know what, generally, that’s fine. Yes, I would love to do things like collect tributes when I’m “out and about”, but, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not bad.

But, but, when it’s in a situation where you could be 100s to 1000s of miles away from your console for extended periods, this set back in comparison to Mobile players means a lot. Yes, you might say “bring you console with you” or “log into your relatives”. Well, if I’m taking a long trip, like on a plane, I don’t really want to take my Xbox with me. It could be lost or stolen or damaged. And, honestly, it’s a huge pain. Much more than taking a simple smartphone with you. As for the second “option”, not everyone has a current Gen system, and even if they did, no guarantee they have what you play on. They may only have a PS4 but your play on Xbox or whatever.

I know this “tangent” of mine may not seem related to the problem at hand, but I assure you, it is . Things like this don’t just happen for no reason.

As brought up in earlier comments, one reason this happens is the way the mail box limit works. Why erase Mail 1 when Mail 101 wants to come in? Why not just exclude Mail 101 like how every other mail box works in the world, including real ones. Another issue is Leg tasks don’t combine. I understand why, but it is an issue (and hopefully one that will be fixed). But, for console players, this lack of any “on the go” play is an issue as well. And while I “get” why, it is still a problem. And doing anything at all about these issues would help problems like what happened with this player, not occur at all, or at least way less frequently.

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is: this game has its short comings. And while I understand why they are there, it’s not the players fault they are there. It’s not our job to design the game, it is our “job” to play it and support it when we can. But, we shouldn’t be the ones paying for these short comings. I never asked for (nor was never outright told) that Mail 1 deletes when Mail 101 wants to come into the inbox, until today. Yeah, we “all” know now. But, thats a little like closing the barn doors after the horse has already escaped. It doesn’t little good to solve the problem at hand. And, due to the way of running things like this, a player is now out 1,500 Gems that are rightfully his.

How many more players does stuff like this need to happen to before proper action is taken? In my opinion, one is too many. And two is unacceptable. You cant just “sit on your hands” and say things like “sorry to hear that happened to you, but there’s nothing we will do about it” and expect there not to be some outrage. I mean, come on, Sirrian basically outright said they can do something about this, they just won’t. So, of course that will make some people unhappy, and rightfully so.


Sorry Sirrian,

That’s just not an acceptable answer to a VIP level 13 member. He should be fully compensated, and an apology should be issued for his inconvenience.
My wallet is closed until this is resolved satisfactorily.


Ouch. This does seem to be rather a clusterfiretruck of epic proportions.
Not to mention the PR fail.

Just give the dude his 1500 gems and make a stickied thread with all important updates, perhaps with a mail sent out to all players informing them of current policy.

That way, everyone would be aware about it going forward and the upset would settle down.


read through this whole thread im like…he couldnt pop on to pc/phone once a day to collect mail even if on vacation?then started to think abit more, this is an xbox/ps4 player issue isnt it haha #pc masterace

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Yup. We can’t use our phones to play the actual game at all. So, unless we are “chained” to our console, we’re just SOL, apparently


@Sirrian unlike PC and mobile we can’t check our mailboxes when we are away which you clearly know. If you want to make it right. My ingame name on xbox is “Blessed”. Until it’s made right. I am closing my wallet to further purchases and so are quite a few other people. I am VIP 13 and have been a loyal player for quite some time. Hopefully you as the dev’s make the right decision. I even submitted video proof… The desicion you guys make will show what type of developers you guys really are… do you take care of your VIP supporters? We will find out. I should not be the example of this. From this point on this needs to be stickied so others can see this at all times so nobody else has this problem… If you decide to make it right. I thank you for caring about your VIP supporters who help keep the game running.


I was in deep before I realized I screwed myself playing on the XB1 even after all the fanfare of MS allowing games to run on both platforms. Console players definitely get the shaft.

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