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Sad way to finish the year

So to resume, because one of my member was away to visit family for Xmas, he wasnt able to connect the 1st 2 days of the week. In an unconcerted decision, a member of my guild contributed 25 Millions on Legendary tasks, then another one and next day another one…All other 29 members were online to collect all mails except this one member.
The week before, we won the Guild war and the mail with the 1500 gems was not anymore available for him.
He deserve this reward! He leveled his sentinels to 5 and did all the 30 battles.
The answer he received from the IP2 team was “not possible to give you these 1500 gems because it wouldnt be fair for the other players!”. Is that a joke or?
Also why making disappear the oldest mails to begin with? In a real mailbox, if its full, its the newest mails that cannot be added anymore, not the oldest that would disappear!

This decision is sad, impossible to understand and really pathetic! Devs, you can easily check that he really didnt receive these 1500 gems and there is no reason to not give them back to him. It was Xmas time, special time!

As a guild leader, not much I can do but I will take 2 decisions as a protest:

  1. One immediate will be to add as a requirement that its now forbidden to buy Guild seals/keys pack with real money in my guild.

  2. About Guild war, we always had 30 members leveling sentinels to 5 for ALL Guild wars except the very 1st one! That is 10’200 gems investment (30x340) on each Guild war.
    Starting next Guild war, all 30 members of my guild will be leveling sentinels to 3 for a cost of ZERO gems.

Oh I forgot…he received 40 gems from customer support…apparently to apologize to have making him wait before answering… :roll_eyes:

That being said, Happy new year!

@Sirrian @cyrup


He/we should receive Event Prizes without any restriction of time to collect.

The Legendary Tasks expiration is something in which i’m sure my opinion will be unpopular but: Your guild is to blame for that.

It already happened to @awryan’s guilds and if i correctly recall the devs already expanded the number of e-mails we can receive. With that in mind it’s sensible and wise if your whole guild bear this in mind this fact the next time around. You guys can contribute at any time this much gold, and yet you didn’t considered this guildmate who was out with his/her family.

But again, i fully support that Event Prizes shouldn’t expire at all, specially as players can invest a lot into these.

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Why put a limit?

You cannot as guild leader make people not spend money. It’s their money. Everyone knows about the 100 limit and others have lost mail before too. It sucks to lose mail but it’s not the end of the world. Taking sentinels to 5 has never been a requirement.

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There is a tiny chance that too much stuff “archived” can cause issues, like the devs once claimed that opening more than 200 keys can freeze the game.

One could argue, “But i have 10.000 million gold keys and it doesn’t causes any problem.” Yes, but these keys are not being treated like separated items like the tasks rewards are treated. From my shallow understand of coding the keys are variable undefined until open, and the mails are already defined and are using “memory” to be active. I could be wrong of course.

But why do we need to collect rewards? Why not distribute automatically?


You should ask the devs, but my best guess is: It would be very common people being confused about what they think they should have and then they would contact the support increasing the amount of unnecessary tickets and when the support don’t give what they think they are missing a :poop:ton of threads calling them thiefs, unfair, c#nts and whatnot would appear…

Not if you keep the received tab :wink:

I think this would still cause issues as people would argue with support or maybe consume (some) memory i don’t know… As far as this situation is bad, i don’t think the system is flawed because the devs are malicious in any angle. It’s possible to have restrictions in place due code architecture, but the 1500 gems from GW should be refunded in full in my opinion.

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Here’s what I think:

Limits on stuff should cover the very subjective “a reasonable amount” measure. One thing to keep in mind is the devs know roughly how bad having n amounts of mail cached will affect your connection. They’ve decided 100 is “enough”, and we must keep in mind they’re considering people with very bad connections, not just good ones.

But “a reasonable amount” is kind of different for various contexts. But this gets super complex as we take it to extremes.

The “best” implementation would be to just give people their rewards immediately. But most F2P games I’ve played don’t do this. I can only assume there’s some technical or psychological reason why they prefer to use a mail-like construct to distribute rewards, as many games do it. I do think it makes it harder to verify you actually got the rewards.

Next-best, to me, is to have different mailboxes. One mailbox would be LTs. It can probably keep the current limit of 100, most people seem to agree that’s fine. Missing 100 LTs takes a lot of work.

The other mailbox would be event prizes. I think this one should have a special limit. Instead of the limit being a number, the limit is “one mail per kind of event”. So if you for some reason can’t collect your GW prize, you’ve got until the end of the next GW to collect it. Same with each event: you get roughly a month. Pet rescues, well, if you weren’t online you didn’t participate, so they don’t need to stack.

I like that limit because it’s hard to argue if someone’s logging on less than once per month they’re very concerned about those prizes.

At the very least, I’m surprised GW rewards expire within a couple of days. 7 days seems much more reasonable.


Why the hell can’t they group same mails together just like they do with guild tasks? “Your guild has completed a number of tasks” Imagine if every task was a separate mail. Why not do the same with gaining pvp tiers/faction renown/legendary tasks? “Your guild has completed a number of LEGENDARY tasks” for example. I’ve brought this up before but devs don’t truly listen to feedback.


I think the logic behind their policy is that they want to keep everyone logging in as often as possible.


Lol cheers trux happy new year


Booooh…1st flagged post! Now I can die happy! :smile:


Only one way to get guild keys, so our guild did spend money.


Holy crap. You guys definitely contribute to the devs financially. Good for all of you.

Yeah indeed I had not even see the 744 keys! My God! lol but now new req I will set in my guild will stop all real money investment! Thats all the devs have won by refusing the 1500 gems to my member who deserved them. And 10’200 gems not invested every Guild war too…

@UKresistance still dreaming about new gardian. I told him it will never happen and he could spend some seals but he still got hopes :slight_smile:

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Ill have the next 6 guild guardians at mythic… for about a third of my stockpile, maybe less :thinking:

Happy new year from Canada!!!

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