Thanks Devs

Since using gems daily is the only realistic way to craft 6 ultra mythics troops. You have made getting players to do your guild events an uphill climb. Those who would benefit from the event rewards are still trying their best. But those who are casual or can’t spend money on the game to keep up with your gems sinks are are choosing individual rewards over team rewards.

Yes human society could do better to think of others. But you can do a hell of a lot better to bring players together rather than to divide them.

Your implementations are thoughtless and only motivated by greed. You are destroying Gems of War and you only have yourselves to blame.

Thank you for removing my fear that one day I will get tired of Gems or War. Everyone else will quit the game long before that can happen.


All true, but…
whoever heavily invests into finishing a guild event like the world events is beyond help. The only positive aspect of a guild event is the thought and execution of teamplay.
f.e. for (normal) world events - buy shop tier 1 with 30 persons and play and most likely finish reward 12. if not you most likely only need a handful more players to “heavily invest” into shop tier 2 and play those sigils.
If for a week like this with screwups it won’t be enough, well then so be it. What are you missing out on? A crappy title noone will ever use or care for, most likely a big brown or green bubble, a 1/9 epic medal and a bit of gold. Just settle for reward 11 and be done. Everyone will be better off to just relax, don’t play more matches than neccessary and relax up until the next vault event comes around.
And yes, this goes especially to the “casuals”: do your relaxing whenever you need to but when there’s vault event, then f… start playing. :wink:


They destroyed teamwork and Guild effort by design. Its up to guilds to collectively prevent the game from self destruction episodes that finish the game for good. But i can’t think of one reason why anyine should.