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Why is it that its only 100 for the top..... which means

Just like everything else - the same group of folks pretty much get the goodies?

Mind you 10 Gems is not a whole heck of a lot but still.

If there are over 50k players - why not be a little more open with the ‘rewards’ say top 1000?

Already bored with the Doom - at 11th level. There could have been a lot more guildness to this.


Yup. And, here’s the thing, the only people on (the top of) these Sigil based Leaderboard are almost always the people who are or were in Bracket 1 GW since its started and who did dozens of LTs every week before the Gem Nerf.

These people have 10s of thousands of Gems just sitting around to throw at these Leaderboards. They can afford to dominate them without spending a Dime of real world money. Whereas, if you weren’t in a Top Guild at that tine, getting all those things, you would have to pay 100s of Dollars buying Gems to do what they do every Event.

Honestly, I doubt if any of these people are even remotely affected by buying the umpteenth Tier almost every Day/Week. They probably look at it how most people buy a loaf of bread or gallon of Milk, in the real world (ie, that it’s no big deal to spend 1,000+ Gems on every event). Yet, if you only have a 1,000 or less Gems to your name, every week you feel “strapped” from just buying, say, the new Siegebreaker and Invasion weapon. Let alone trying to do anything fancy like the Leaderboard.

So, in essence, a very small group of people will be dominating things like Sigil Leaderboards for quite awhile all because they played “The Right Gems of War at the Right Time.” But, if you’re new or weren’t in a Top Guild for awhile before Sigil Events and Gem Sinks became a thing, you don’t have a Snowball’s chance on the Sun of beating them… Unless you got 100s, if not thousands of dollars to spend on a Free to Play game.

Welcome to the New Gems of War.


Free to play, pay to compete…


Essentially, man.

And other than bragging rights, how is it Really worth what you spend? You never get those Gems back that you put in. As far as an Orb reward, only the people at the tippy top are guaranteed anything. The rest of them have to play the Chaos Orb lottery and hope they win big.

Even with this Tower event, what do you win? Extra copies of an underwhelming Common troop like all the others Drip fed in a Similar fashion (like the Vault troops and GW ones). You don’t even get more scrolls to Upgrade the weapon that already costs a fortune to get and upgrade, as it is.

And, let’s not even talk about how pitiful those Guild rewards are for killing those Doom Towers. Laughable, at best.

You know, in the old days, I was okay with the carrot and stick game. Like, how we did Mythics and stuff. Was it great? No. Did I always come out on Top? No. But, at least it felt okay, overall, in my opinion.

But now? With the Orbs and Zuul and the Gem Shop and all that attached to every event… The carrot is becoming a lot less appealing to me. It’s why I stopped putting almost any real money into this game and why I don’t play half the events anymore (let alone try for the Leaderboard).

In the old Gems, I felt like I got what I paid for, minus a few exceptions. But, all in all, I felt my time, my money, and my in game resources were well spent and worth it. Now? Every week I feel like I’m paying top dollar (time, resources, or money) just for the chance, the chance to get something decent and it stinks.

I miss the way things used to be, man. I really do. Not to say all new things are bad. I like Gnomes and stuff. But all these events, all these Gem Sinks and Sigil Events, all this carrot and stick garbage is gonna burn me out.

To be honest, some days I wonder why I’m still here. But, I suppose that’s another conversation for a different thread. Sigh.


Every update, I get the feeling its catered to draining those players of resources and everyone else is caught in the crossfire.

Worth noting not everyone Bracket 1 made much profit either, since there was a higher chance they had to buy sentinels.


Couldn’t have worded it better myself. I’m the same without actually putting any money in at all any more, I’m a stubborn sob & these gem sinks just make me dig my heels in & refuse to spend. If it wasn’t for the fact I have a great group of people in my guild I’d be long gone, although with each new annoyance it’s getting harder to stay.

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Exactly. I think that’s the best way to put it.

Fair point, but you know what I mean, man. Guilds like yours or people that have been playing forever like Tacet. You guys got the resources to burn, if you want to. I mean, you have Zuul already, so you know what I’m saying. Lol.

But, yeah, you’re right, it’s a War. The Publisher on one side, people like Tacet and players with even bigger reserves on the other. So, they try to “persuade” you guys to spend your build ups like crazy on these glorified Lottery Tickets to try and “balance the economy”, and get you all down here with the rest of us.

And meanwhile, while that’s going on, the rest of us are struggling just to get things like the Siegebreaker just to give us a Snowball’s chance in Invasions. And, some people don’t even have that to spend. They lucky if they just got the Dragon Armor last week after playing for a month or more. Let alone even think about trying to do Events.

For the record, I say “Rest of Us” and include myself, because while I was in a Top Guild for over a year, it wasnt one of thee Top Guilds. And, I was playing only a little while before Raids and Invasions came in.

Basically, I had just finally got all my troops leveled up and most of them traited before the crap hit the fan. As far as Glory and Gems go, I “wasted” them getting Mythics, because I thought “Hey, I can spend a little extra this week, I’ll just make it back next week.” Well, then everything changed when the Publisher attacked! (Sorry, Avatar: The Last Airbender reference lol).

Nowadays, I’m doing okay only because I stopped playing the game. Well, stopped play anything that cost more than it’s worth. So… 75% or more of the current game? Lol. But, yeah, I’m only “okay” now because I quit playing the game they wanted me to play (ie, burn through all my resources and spend real money).

But not every one has that “sense” or that ability. Especially, New players. Trying to play in this new Gems of War is grueling, at best. I know, because I made another account and it’s hard for me… And I know what I’m doing, because I’ve played this before. So, I have a better understanding of what to do and not to do. But, true newbies? The ones that have never touched this game before in their life? I don’t know how they do it.

I’d be surprised if I played for more than a couple weeks in this current Gems of War, as a “true noob”. Ugh.


Last week I’ve delayed gaining pvp rating of 1900 and when I finally did it on Sunday I was at 108k place. It’s over 100k players with some kind of activity.
First 100 guilds it’s 3k players. GW gives rewards to all, very small rewards at lower brackets but still… Why not give 4 dooms for next 100 guilds after the top 100, 3 dooms for next 200 guilds and so on? It will not change anything but these players will be glad to earn 1 or 2 dooms for their limited activity.


Tell me about it. This is how I feel, myself. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m a GM and that a lot of my current Guild is like family, I would have been gone several “new” events ago. So, yeah, I feel your pain, Mate.


So, Basically, like how GW is done. Oh, no, we couldn’t have that. Because it doesn’t make enough money. Lol.

And to think, man, Towers of Doom was supposed to be similar to GW and a “break” from all the Gem Sinks, in between Raids and Invasions. How Laughable is that, because it just ain’t true. Lol.

As I said on another Tower of Doom related post:

The only likeness to GW I see here is Doom’s Leaderboard… And even thats a stretch. Also, it’s like GW in that they drip-feed copies of the Common troop. But, that shouldn’t be something to be proud of.

As for the rest, I don’t remember having to buy a new Weapon in GW to do well or needing to buy Sigils to do better for the Guild (i just did my set battles and it was cool).

Let’s call Towers what it is: Guild based Delves, with a twist. “Don’t worry though, we made sure to leave in the Gem Sinks, just so you didn’t miss them too much before you go back to Raids.” Pfft.


I think it would be a good idea to expand top 100. I’ve played other games that had to expand their leaderboards after the game got older. The truth is, the number of “endgamers” a game has only grows. They like to be respected for reaching that status.

I don’t think there’s as much ancient wealth as people think, and I don’t think it’s exclusive to the top 3 guilds. I do agree we have a “rich get richer” problem but let’s be serious: the people who consistently chart the leaderboards play the game enough we could say it’s their 2nd job. The top tier rewards should stay disgusting. But if you argued that in 2018 the top 3 guilds represent the same % slice of “highly successful competitive players” as the 2016 top 1 guild, I find that a reasonable statement.

I think if we really had the problem some people see, “the same people do it every week”, we could prove it. But when I look at the leaderboards and try to track how many people are charting in multiple events every week, I don’t see a group of 60 people constantly dominating. What I see instead looks like most people save their gems until they have “enough”, then make an attempt at the leaderboard.

It’s still true that the top 100 is dominated by the upper-tier guilds. But it’s hard to say this is “they get too many rewards”. You can’t be in those guilds if you aren’t very devoted to a not-casual play style. If I had to make a guess which 20 people would be on the leaderboards, I’d start by looking at the rosters of the top 5 guilds.


  • I do think we have a ‘rich get richer’ problem.
  • I think a lot of the people at the top “deserve” some perks for having worked so hard for so long.
  • I think it’s worth a look at what constitutes “the top” and having a discussion as to whether the endgame playerbase has expanded enough to justify moving “the top”.
  • But for full disclosure: my guild is at a level very likely to profit greatly from that.

Anyway, what I saw in the other game was something like:

  • The #1 spot had a unique, even better prize than it did before the reorganization. It was very, very much worth fighting for #1.
  • #2 and 3 were on par with the old #1 rewards.
  • The prizes up to 10 got clear bumps, still represented greatness, but weren’t as good as 1-3.
  • What used to be 11-100 got expanded out to something like 11-1000 with a slight rebalancing that felt “less” compared to what happened at 1-10 but if you put a spreadsheet to it, everyone in this bracket got more prizes.
  • Everything 1001 and below was similar: the bracket was widened and prizes adjusted to reflect the new game economy.

Also hmm, I hate double posts but this is a good enough 2nd thought I think it deserves it.

What if, instead of “the entire guild gets a sick number of gems” as a reward for leaderboard placement, the guild just gets easier access to another event. Maybe GW hands out free sigils to Raid/Invasion. Or it could be “you start the event with these tiers pre-purchased”. Or it could be “a discount in the invasion store”.

Those rewards can’t be easily hoarded. You use them or lose them. And in the case of the discount, they are “the more you spend the more you get”. I think that’s key to the “problem” of endgamers hoarding resources in GoW: finding prizes that can’t be hoarded.


Pay to win aspect? Can buy all the gems you want & compete for top 100, yeah sad… but same things and problems.

If you have all troops, and have no need to buy anything with Gems, what other use of gems, like diamonds, would you have?

The problem is people don’t realize that if they play long enough, they too will have no use for gems, other than to use on events. It has nothing to do with pre-nerf, post nerf. It has to do with the fact some people, like myself, have everything in the game because we have played years… (I do not have Zuul G. but so what?)…

No thanks to this idea.

Some hate raids or invasions or both. I’d rather get gems so that I can invest them in the event that I actually want to play. Or, I can invest those gems in chests. Gems are far more versatile than sigils.

I think the devs are “selling” those “Doom of____” troops too high as rewards in and outside the leaderboards.