Goodbye Gems of War

I’m not bitter but I am just not having fun anymore. With the Defense nerf and the fact that there are only three or four teams that most end gamers use has ruined this game for me. I’ve enjoyed this game for almost a year and donated hundreds of dollars(VIP 8) to the cause in the process. This is a fun enjoyable game and the road has been great.

Shout out to DruidsGlade as they have made the experience even better. If anyone is looking for a top notch guild of friendly and helpful players they will have an extra spot on Monday.

With over 300 troop cards, the end game should not wind down to the same teams every week and every day.

Guild wars is fun but again, Same teams every single day and skill can’t combat a Kerberos devour from matching three purple. It happened twice today and I just gave up and realized this is not for me anymore.

I may revisit in the future if some major changes are made but it will most likely be awhile.

Good luck everyone and I hope you can keep finding a reason to play!



I honestly don’t understand these “Dear John” letters in the forums. If you’re gonna peace-out, just go. Sounds like you’re just bored, OP, which happens with any game. Good luck in your future gaming.


Its an attention grab


It’s not an attention grab. Its a game and community that I’ve spent a year caring about and I’d like to say goodbye and say why. Also, the developers see these posts and I’d like for them to see why a premium $ player wants to quit giving them money.


Then send them a PM to those players you care about and the devs. There are other tools where you can provide feedback and say “bye.” :wink:


Yeah one of those tools are these forums. This is a place for feedback.


Ok but to what end? What are you hoping to accomplish? Its a bit of hubris to think that the devs will see your post and freak out in response and run around yelling “we gotta change things NOW! Dave is gonna leave the game!”


The man is aloud to have as much of a say as anyone, and where he wants ! Nobody forced you guys to read this post !!!


Have fun in your future gaming.

Just as a personal story. I took a few months break from Gems.

  1. Resigned from my Guild a few days after they asked me to GM it (I knew I was burned out).
  2. Joined an active but super casual low level Guild, told them I was ONLY going to donate 100-200k per week, No Seals, No Trophies.
  3. Never played a single battle.
  4. Signed in once in a while to collect Tribute, and the daily reward, Guild rewards, etc.
  5. Once a week I would buy the Glory troop, Donate weekly pile of Gold.

When I retuned months later I rejoined my original Guild, and the only real down side after a week or two from returning was a gaping hole in my Mythic collection.

So consider, going ‘inactive’ until 3.05 or 3.1.


I feel the same way. I’m not quitting, but GoW has its ebbs and flows with all of the new troops and features they come out with. Every couple months troops are getting nerfed/buffed, and there will almost always be those annoying “defense/flavor of the month” teams. Shrug I just wait for the light at the end of the tunnel, especially for this devour/DM era that we currently suffer with.


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

We will certainly miss you at DruidsGlade @daveis23! We’ve really enjoyed climbing the ranks with you. I wish you great things in Real Life. As you are well aware, please contact me if you decide you would like to return :slight_smile:



I absolutely agree that he is allowed to say whatever he wants to as long as it doesnt violate community guidelines

That being said… I am allowed to respond however i like as long as it doesnt violate community guidelines and when you make a post like “im leaving because ____________…” you should expect some responses like mine…


Before quitting, you could try this:

Join a new, low level guild.
They will appreciate the donation you can provide, they will love your tips and advice, and your GW opponent will be a lot more varied as you sit on the Paragon throne.
Sure, you get less keys and stuff, but do you really need it?


Whatever you say Mr.Forum Policeman Sir !


“Please don’t go out of your way to deliberately provoke, attack or insult other members of the community.”

Questionable actions. You really don’t think you were provoking Vangor?

Let them give feedback in peace.


I agree with all that are stating he has a right to voice his reason for leaving. I also feel frustration at the way this game is going and the devs blatent refusal to address end game meta defenses. GW was supposed to be fun, instead its a huge point of irritation/frustration/aggravation at the end game due to constant Famine/Kerberos meta defense teams.

I am VIP level 9 and have contributed more money to this game then any other in my life other then WOW and EQ and it feels like the Devs don’t give a crap about losing me as a customer.
If enough posts like this come out and the company who pays the devs salary see a decrease in profits due to poorly thought out development decisions then maybe the bean counters can make the devs see the light.


@sdoherty14 @HKdirewolf Ok so i am to understand that i am not allowed to respond to ppl if i disagree… Ok no problem this “mr forumpoliceman sir” is done being disagreeable i shall from this point forward ONLY post things that go along with the crowd regardless of what i actually think… And im the “mr forumpoliceman”? Pfft…


Goodbye post was respectful, kept it short, shoutout to his mates… nothing wrong with stating why one leaves a game as long as it doesn’t turn out to be rambling and ranting, which it didn’t.

So take care.


I second @Venar’s comments. I’ve been in a top 10 guild, I’ve been in a brand new guild and shared their climb from only having a few members to completing legendary tasks.

Now? Not so much. I play about 30 minutes a day, which is enough to complete guild war battles, and I get enough gold to donate about 200,000 a week to my casual mid-level guild.

Some days, real life gets in the way, and the only thing I do is log in to collect my daily rewards. And because it’s a casual guild, that’s okay.

I was this close to burnout. But now I’m enjoying the game casually, without any pressure, and I’m having a load of fun again.